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  1. is this the sheet with the REALLY faded jet on it? (68-464)
  2. so.... did anything ever come of this?
  3. It's not actual MEK anymore but trichloretane
  4. I have used Slater's mek-pak for ages now. https://slatersplastikard.com/plastikard/mekpak.php This and some thicker type glue are all I have.
  5. Saw some pics on of a trip some guys made. A really cool E with SEA, lizard and grey (egypt) camo on it.....all very worn so itwas all mixed up.... Very very cool.looking
  6. No pics atm, but basically I cut a hole in the side of a large container, used some spare rubber profile to cover the edges and stuck the hose in there. Use double sided tape to hold the mould in place put the cover on and turn on the vac.
  7. With regards to the airbubbles... I have always used a tupperware container connected to a vacuumcleaner....always worked a treat.
  8. So happy.....I noticed the badly registered stars on some pics...nice to know you'll be doing a great job! Now I'll just have to finish the damn thing.....
  9. Is there a newsletter of some kind we can subscribe to? And please don't forget the 'combat tree' stencil that is supposed to be on the splitter! It's on none of the pics I could find, but both his -D and -E were thus equipped.
  10. so...how do we get Fightertown to do another run of 48014? I have two healthy kidney's!
  11. Hi, anybody have this sheet and willing to part with it? I need a sharkmouthed Lightning on my shelf.
  12. sorry to revive this old thread......but would anybody still have these pics and be willing to share for personal use? regards, Sudesh
  13. 3 months is good......will give the Xtracolour time to dry......
  14. Good news this, is it just for the E? I'm working on his D and don't mind waiting for a few weeks......any timescale?
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