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  1. Thanks Dave. That solves one decision for me. I've never seen a photo of an IRIS-T on a Phantom other than one photo of a test round on a German WTD 61 trials aircraft, so I guessed that might be the case; but was not sure.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the IRIS-T air-to-air missile achieved operational status with any units that flew the F-4 Phantom? Perhaps German or Greek squadrons late in their service life?
  3. Thanks guys, your comments are very helpful! I think I will mount AIM-4D Falcons on my F-4EJ. A followup question if I may: Does anyone know which model of sidewinder replaced the AIM-4D? I'm presuming this took place sometime in the mid-70's so likely preceded their eventual use of the AIM-9L. I'd guess either the -9E or -9J, but haven't seen photos to confirm.
  4. I am preparing to model a Japanese F-4EJ Phantom. I would like to load it with AIM-4 Falcons if this is a realistic operational load; but am not sure it is. I have seen several photos of F-4EJ aircraft with the AIM-4 specific launcher (LAU-42) mounted, but I have never seen a photo of a Japanese Phantom with the actual AIM-4 missile mounted. Makes me wonder if the Falcon ever reached operational status with the JASDF Phantom squadrons. ?Perhaps those photos were of a trial fit or a bit of intentional misinformation by the intelligence lads? Can anyone confirm that JASDF F-4 units did indeed have AIM-4 Falcons as an operational load early in their careers? And roughly when they switched over to the more effective AIM-9 sidewinder? A photo perhaps? Thank you.
  5. I am planning a modelling project of a West German F-4F Phantom of the early 1980"s vintage and looking for an unusual load for it. Can anyone tell me if West German Phantoms were tasked with dual key nuclear armed "Victor Alert"? If so, which Jagdbombergeschwader might have been so tasked? Luftwaffe F-104's were so assigned, and there are some published accounts and photos, but I've never seen mention of German Phantoms in that role. I think a German F-4 with a white training shape or silver live weapon would make an unconventional model (shameless pun?).
  6. Thank you! Just what I needed.
  7. Does anyone have a drawing with dimenesions of the Aero 3B launch rail on F-4D Phantoms? I am working with these launch rails from the 1/48 Hasegawa kit and to my eye they seem waaaay to long. But I don't have any drawings with dimensions to confirm this. One of my few minor beefs with the new Zoukei Mura F-4D kit is that it doesn't include these launch rails, which were very common on the D model Phantoms; so I'm trying to use those from the Hasegawa kit. Thanks for any help offered.
  8. I like this idea. Hope it is very successful for you. Hope you consider doing some stencilling for 1/32 weapons. Other than a few of the more common missiles, kit weapons stencils are either poorly done or missing altogether. In that larger scale it is very conspicuous.
  9. Hoping you will release some 1/32 F-5E decals for the new Kittyhawk kit. Lots of export operators and interesting color schemes and markings. Any chance?
  10. In addition to the TwoBobs sheets, AOA Decals do nice 1/32 decals for Mk 20 Rockeye and Mk 77 napalm bomb. Sure wish some decal producer would see a market for additional 1/32 ordnance sets: Mk 82, AGM-65, various GBU bombs. LAU rocket pods, CBUs, and just about every item of British and French ordnance.
  11. Yes, I already have your 32019 decal, and it is very nice. I should have been more specific in my question. What I would really like to know is if you plan to release a 1/32 decal for the F-5EM version with the green and gray camo?
  12. Another question if I may .......... Will you soon be releasing decals for Brazilian F-5E aircraft in 1/32 scale?
  13. Thank you MoFo, that helps a bunch. I'll give it a shot and see how it works out. Good advice on the body diameter. I calipered the two bodies and they were within .003" of each other. A little sanding after assembly should do the trick. (I had hoped Eduard would follow up with more 1/32 sidewinders, but I got tired of waiting.)
  14. Can anyone tell me if the forward fins (canards?) on the AIM-9E were the same fins as used on the AIM-9B; and located at the same position on the body? I am trying to make a 1/32 AIM-9E by grafting the nose of the -9J (Cutting Edge) onto the body of the -9B (Eduard) . The rear fins (wings?) are the same and I can adjust the length by how much nose I graft on to the body, but I'm unsure if the forward fins of the -9B are the correct size and shape for the -9E and if they are located at the same place on the body. Anyone know of detailed scaled drawings of missiles on line?
  15. Ranger626

    Pacific B-26s

    If you are modelling 1/48, Lonestar Models used to sell both a conversion set and a decal set for early short wing Marauders, but they have been out of production for quite a while now. You might still find one on the secondary market if you are lucky. The decals were sold under the Red Gekko brand and number was RG 007.48. It included several (4 or 5?) Pacific theater 22nd Bomb Group B-26 aircraft, including an interesting NMF "Silver Fleet" a/c. I think this decal sheet was also available in 1/72, but I'm not sure (as I'm a 1/48 guy). Might be hard to find, but if you are persistent you might get lucky. Hope this helps.
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