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  1. Thanks for the reply Kursad. I'm looking forward to the December release.
  2. I am much looking forward to this sheet. Two questions: 1) can you say when it will be released? 2) your original post for this mentioned the 511TFS aircraft 79-0224 "Have Gun Will Travel" as a subject, but the later post listing Desert Storm aircraft did not list this one, and the decal sheet appears not to include it. Has it been dropped? Keep doing what you're doing! It seems like every few months include a Caracal sheet I just have to have.
  3. My best reference source is Iraqi Fighters by Sadik & Cooper 2008. It has some info pertinent to your questions: * color was light gray (FS 26373) and gray-green (FS 35352) * standard armament configuration was two each R-27R (inboard) and R-60MK (outboard) * it makes no positive statement about drop tanks, but none of the photos or artwork show them. Since it was utilized as an interceptor, it probably could correctly be shown with one centerline tank or without any external tanks. * For decals there is the Linden Hill sheet which you mentioned (that is wh
  4. Does anyone have the instructions for the old Fireball Models 1/32 UH-1H/V Medivac Interior (kit FMR-006) that they could scan and post (or copy and mail)? I'm researching a 1/48 build using the Kittyhawk kit and having a hard time finding interior photos of the UH-1V layout and equipment. The instructions for this 1/32 resin conversion may well be my best information source. Grateful thanks for any help.
  5. If you are modeling in 1/48 and have access to a Tamiya F-16 kit, I "think" there is a pylon for GPU-5/A in those kits. It is a small part not used or identified in instructions and easy to miss. It's Part 25 on Runner J. There is also a much larger J2/J21 centerline pylon used for the belly tank or ECM pods-----not that one. I would value a confirming or contradicting note from an F-16 Guru, as I'm not absolutely sure that J25 is indeed a GPU-5/A pylon. Darren, if you are one of the few modelers who do not have the lovely 1/48 Tamiya F-16 kit, then send me your
  6. Three ANG F-4 units that I don't think were ever covered by 1/48 decals: 1) District of Columbia F-4D 2) Georgia F-4D 3) Vermont F-4D A few other ANG F-4 units flew several models of Phantom, but only have decals available for one model. I have your previous ANG F-4 sheets, but will probably purchase the updates if there are new aircraft / new units included. I like your products!
  7. Has anyone yet tried mating the Hasegawa strut to the Kinetic fuselage? (My pre-order Kinetic kits are still in the mail.) I wonder if this might work for a CF-104 landing gear on the Kinetic F-104G? I have a few Hasegawa kits in my stash and will probably use some of their parts to upgrade certain areas of the Kinetic kit (early version wheels, control stick, CF-104 RWR, maybe others).
  8. Sleepy, can you bird dog us to your concerns about the upcoming Xtradecals F-104 sheets? I'm a 104 fan and am planning to purchase these sheets. I've taken a quick look at the Hannants posting, but did not see problems that jumped out at me. If you could point out what you've seen it would help me evaluate how much the problem bothers me, whether I could correct it by mixing in decals from other sheets, and whether to purchase these sheets. Thank you for raising the "heads up!", but a little more info please.
  9. Thanks Dave. That solves one decision for me. I've never seen a photo of an IRIS-T on a Phantom other than one photo of a test round on a German WTD 61 trials aircraft, so I guessed that might be the case; but was not sure.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the IRIS-T air-to-air missile achieved operational status with any units that flew the F-4 Phantom? Perhaps German or Greek squadrons late in their service life?
  11. Thanks guys, your comments are very helpful! I think I will mount AIM-4D Falcons on my F-4EJ. A followup question if I may: Does anyone know which model of sidewinder replaced the AIM-4D? I'm presuming this took place sometime in the mid-70's so likely preceded their eventual use of the AIM-9L. I'd guess either the -9E or -9J, but haven't seen photos to confirm.
  12. I am preparing to model a Japanese F-4EJ Phantom. I would like to load it with AIM-4 Falcons if this is a realistic operational load; but am not sure it is. I have seen several photos of F-4EJ aircraft with the AIM-4 specific launcher (LAU-42) mounted, but I have never seen a photo of a Japanese Phantom with the actual AIM-4 missile mounted. Makes me wonder if the Falcon ever reached operational status with the JASDF Phantom squadrons. ?Perhaps those photos were of a trial fit or a bit of intentional misinformation by the intelligence lads? Can anyone confirm tha
  13. I am planning a modelling project of a West German F-4F Phantom of the early 1980"s vintage and looking for an unusual load for it. Can anyone tell me if West German Phantoms were tasked with dual key nuclear armed "Victor Alert"? If so, which Jagdbombergeschwader might have been so tasked? Luftwaffe F-104's were so assigned, and there are some published accounts and photos, but I've never seen mention of German Phantoms in that role. I think a German F-4 with a white training shape or silver live weapon would make an unconventional model (shameless pun?).
  14. Thank you! Just what I needed.
  15. Does anyone have a drawing with dimenesions of the Aero 3B launch rail on F-4D Phantoms? I am working with these launch rails from the 1/48 Hasegawa kit and to my eye they seem waaaay to long. But I don't have any drawings with dimensions to confirm this. One of my few minor beefs with the new Zoukei Mura F-4D kit is that it doesn't include these launch rails, which were very common on the D model Phantoms; so I'm trying to use those from the Hasegawa kit. Thanks for any help offered.
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