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  1. No need to take offence and be a jerk. All I did was add clarity and balance with some facts with no ill intent. Maybe someone even took away a bit of insight into the helmet competition which was the sole intent of my reply. Looking over my post, I honestly can't understand what upset you so much. If that's all it takes to upset you, then it's not my issue. Ciao, JR
  2. I just added the information to clarify your post title which said, "USAF New Pilot Helmet - Way Cool". It will be the NEW USAF helmet if they win the contract competition but at this time it's just a prototype under test. Cheers, John
  3. The USAF has yet to award a production contract for their next generation fixed wing flight helmet. Both LIFT Airborne and Gentex are fielding prototype helmets for testing and final contract award which is not complete. Here's the offering from Gentex: Gentex NGFWH Regardless, they both will radically change the look of fixed wing flight helmets. Cheers, John
  4. Looks like a Cubic ACMI pod. Don't know of any available in 1/48 though. Cubic ACMI pdf Google "cubic acmi pod" search" Cheers, John
  5. I don't think there's a hard fast rule for this as I've seen photos of both configurations. That being said, there's a lot more photo evidence out there showing the AIM-9X on the outboard launcher while the inboard has the AIM-120C. A couple links for your F-15C viewing. https://i.insider.com/57b4cd19db5ce949188b74ba?width=1136&format=jpeg https://sofrep.com/fightersweep/boeing-f-15c-eagle/ Cheers, John
  6. This is on eBay by a reputable seller. It's the 1/48 GWH F-15C MSIP II for only $50 US plus shipping. Although the GWH may cost more, it has more of what you're looking for "in the box". It has the LAU-128 rails, AN/ALQ-135 antenna and a fairly good cockpit (although the seat is too big). The exhaust could use an aftermarket replacement but all the kit needs is to replace the oversized struts on the nozzles for a decent representation. Here's a link to the box contents and instructions. Cheers, John
  7. Wet sanding with 2000 grit should do the job. Going above that has limited returns for scale models. Cheers, John
  8. Absolutely not. That would be the worst thing for paints. Honestly I feel it's a continuing issue with the AKAN acrylic range with the packaging not having a very positive air seal as some of my latest purchases from last year are doing the same thing in the newer plastic bottles. It would appear that this drying out is not an isolated event as a web search brings up quite a few others having the same issue. In comparison, I've never had issues with Model Master, Tamiya, Mr Color, Vallejo etc.... Anyway, no word from Hobby Colours yet (not surprising) but I've decided to bin all 8
  9. Hi Arnaud, Just bringing this back into view as I'm interested in hearing if you are going to proceed with the corrected stabilizers? I have 3 GWH F-15C's in the stash which would benefit from this correction. Cheers, John
  10. Feel free to do what you want. But if you're looking for the worn look of a stealth aircraft, the F-22 should be your first stop. It's been in service long enough to get some of the weathering you're looking for. As for the fasteners, they would predominantly be titanium into composite skins/frames etc. and smoothed with RAM putty in preparation for the RAM exterior coatings. This fastener/composite skin structure/exterior finish does not react the same as steel Hi-Lok fasteners or aluminum rivets in aluminum structure with a commercial paint finish so I wouldn't base any weatheri
  11. Hi All, Anyone hear from Dave if this problem is sorted? I received 4 various F-4B fin caps and all were too short? I contacted Dave over 5 weeks ago about the issue and he replied that they were working on it. Tried contacting him last week on his post HERE and this week via email without a reply. Anyone else having issues contacting Dave? Cheers, John
  12. Just bringing this back to the top with an update. I did try the Tamiya X-20A trick and it worked for some but not all of the dried out bottles. The ones it didn't work on just turned into a gooey sludge that will not mix with the X-20A. I ordered some new AKAN acrylic paints last year from Hobby Colours, 29 bottles in fact, and about 6 are still okay with the rest showing signs of thickening in the bottle. I'll be contacting them to see what my options are as using AKAN acrylic paints is getting too expensive if they have no shelf life. Might just have to move over
  13. The CFT's for the E and C/D have the same fuel capacity and shape but have other external differences beyond the obvious weapons pylons. The C/D CFT's have more access panels in the lower part of the CFT than on the E's and the PW-229 and GE powered E's have an air scoop as well. If you have a bare CFT with proper pylons and panel lines/air scoops don't matter to you then an E CFT will fit a C/D. Cheers, John
  14. Hi Dave, Just wondering if you have an update on this issue? Cheers, John
  15. Hello All, I have a set of Canuck Models WVD 48-009, CF-101 Special markings decals that I would like to trade for the same set in 1/72 scale which is WVD 72-009. If you happen to have a set to trade or purchase outright, please let me know. The decals are in perfect condition and I am looking for the same in the 1/72 set. The set has markings for 4 CF-101 Voodoo aircraft * 409 Sqn Hawk One * 414 Sqn EF-101 Electric Voodoo * 416 Sqn Lnyx Squadron Canada * 425 Sqn Lark One Also includes maintenance and warning markings and canopy edge decals
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