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  1. Bump! Sold items removed. Fell free to make an offer if there's something you like. You never know. Cheers, John
  2. The outer wing on the C-130 joins just outboard of the inboard engines and the dihedral angle from this point to the tip is constant in the case of a fully defueled aircraft. The outer wing is angled upward from this joint. Cheers, John
  3. I'll preface my answer by stating I have 10 years heavy maintenance and overhaul experience on the C-130/L-100. The wing thickness does indeed change from the inboard engines to the tips on the outer wings. A C-130 without any fuel on board will have a noticeable dihedral on the outer wings. The 2° 30' of dihedral is for a fully equipped but empty aircraft. When fully fueled there is a noticeable droop to the wings. The following photo illustrates an empty aircraft. Cheers, John
  4. Not much interest at the 50% off price.. Tough crowd Taking 10% more off the asking prices as I really need to get these moved out. Cheers, John
  5. I'll second the Northstar Models wheel recommendation. They are great! Cheers, John
  6. Bump back to page 1. Also reasonable offers will be considered. Cheers, John
  7. I'm building 3 GWH F-15's and the Aires #4336 exhausts for the Hasegawa kit fit fine. The diameter of the part that fits into the fuselage is a bit on the small side but this can be enlarged with tape or styrene stock. I'll post photos of my kit later. Cheers, John
  8. For Sale USS Missouri, WW II late war fit super detail package. I had the intention of building a late war USS Missouri and had acquired this kit and aftermarket to do so. I'm severely downsizing so this one has got to go. The Tamiya kit and Yankee Modelworks items are both discontinued and my asking price is reflective of what they are currently getting on the open market. With that mentioned, you would have to spend around $425 to get all of these items listed today. Not withstanding the discontinued items, I am pricing the remainder at more than 50% off. PayPal payment preferred and buyer pays shipping. No trades on this one. Please send a PM if interested. $250 USD plus shipping. Tamiya 1/350 USS Missouri kit 78018 (Discontinued) Box open, 4 sprues in bags. Remainder of sprues not in bags. Kit is complete. Eduard PE detail set 53 021 Pontos wooden deck (Blue Deck) 35002WD1 Artwox Model wooden deck (Blue Deck) AW10039 Yankee Modelworks resin main 16” turrets and 5” mounts with white metal barrels and bits (Discontinued) Master 16”/50 turned aluminum barrels SM-350-041 L'Arsenal 40 mm Bofors quad mounts (4 sets giving 24 mounts) AC350 07 L'Arsenal 20 mm Oerlikon guns (3 sets giving 60 guns) AC 350 38 L'Arsenal Mk.51 Gun Director (2 sets giving 20 directors) AC 350 11 L'Arsenal Mk.37 Gun Director Mod.17 (1 set giving 5 directors) AC 350 28 L'Arsenal Foredeck upgrade set KC 350 01 Thanks for looking. Cheers, John