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  1. I'd say dark green. Just google their F-102's and F-16's. Cheers, John
  2. Hi Andrew, Here is a shot of a Vermont T-33 of the same era and markings. The inboard side of the tip tanks do not have the anti-glare black painted on them. Vermont ANG T-33 Cheers, John
  3. No only that but each engine has a 400-ampere DC generator as well. Totally different Bus architecture. Cheers, John
  4. The 4 blade Hamilton Standard 54H60 props on the A models were the only change to the power package. The A's still had the early QECU's with different cooling vents and the clamshell doors, exhaust and breadpans were particular to the A version. The only A model I worked on was S/N 3004 on a DLIR. Amazing how many structural, mechanical and electrical/avionic differences there are on the A compared to the B and subsequent models. Cheers, John
  5. Relax! Just clarifying for those that don't know what PVA is since Quinta has very specific instructions on what to use. Cheers, John
  6. PVA and white glue are one and the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyvinyl_acetate Cheers, John
  7. No self adhesive. It's a water-slide 3D decal that requires a specific process to apply which is covered in the instructions. You do need to apply an adhesive such as PVA, MicroScale Metal Foil Adhesive or CYA-gel when applying the decal. Whatever you do, DO-NOT use any decal setting solutions. Cheers, John
  8. GWH is the most accurate but it has its flaws too. The aft fuselage is wrong in that it is straight sided and the lower fuselage contours under the wing are off as well. There are size and shape issues with the horizontal and vertical stabs but in the end it looks like a T-33 when built. Cheers, John
  9. Very interesting. Care to share your source of information? Cheers, John
  10. The F-104 at the Museum of Flight is actually F-104C 56-0934 that never flew with NASA. They painted it to represent a NASA F-104 so I wouldn't use it as an accurate reference. The real NASA 820, F-104A 56-0790 was modified to a G for weapons shape testing and is now on display at Edwards AFB. Cheers, John
  11. Never knew the Luftwaffe Sabres had a ground attack role. Pretty sure their Canadair Sabre 5/6's were for daytime air defense and the F-86K's were all-weather interceptors. I could be wrong and would like to see photos as well if this is the case. Maybe it was the Fiat G-91 you saw as this was used in the fighter-bomber role? Cheers, John
  12. There is no database on which seats were installed at delivery. It's a fact that all F-104A's were delivered with the C-1 seat. All F-104A's that survived in service past approximately 1960 had the C-1 seat replaced with the C-2 seat. Cheers, John
  13. The NF-104A's had the C-2 ejection seat. As for the NASA JF-104A's, this is where photo references will come in to determine the correct seat for any particular NASA JF-104A depending on date. 1. 55-2961/N818NA delivered with the C-1 and subsequently modified with the C-2. 2. 56-734 delivered with a C-1 seat and has a C-2 seat as a QF-104A. 3. 56-745 delivered with a C-1 seat and has a C-2 seat as a QF-104A. 4. 56-749 delivered with a C-1 seat. Would have had a C-2 seat installed before it crashed in 1962. Hope this helps. Cheers,
  14. Hi Scott, The strut that angles aft is the drag strut. The actual NLG actuator is quite small in comparison and is located forward of the gear up in the wheel well. It's the drag strut that locks the gear in the extend position. here is a link to some info on the nose gear. http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-detail-gearnose.htm Cheers, John
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