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  1. According to "The Modern Eagle Guide" by Jake Melampy, the round exhaust is for the Regenerative Heat Exchanger. Factory installed on all Eagles up to F-15E 96-0200. Later Eagles had a change to the ECS which negated the round exhaust. Many earlier Eagles have been modified to also remove this exhaust which is what happened to 090 in the photos. Best to check photo references for the particular jet being modeled. Cheers, John
  2. Nice build. Just so you know, there are 2 sub forums here to display your built models. The Display Case and Critique Corner. Links below. THE DISPLAY CASE CRITIQUE CORNER Regards, John
  3. And this is what can happen as a result. Alaska F-15 shoots AIM-9 at another F-15 Cheers, John
  4. More likely an alert barn since the jets are armed and look ready to go. If you look at a google earth photo of Eielson, there's a 4 bay Alert barn off the threshold of runway 32. Cheers, John
  5. Hi Marc, No TCS pod on the early blocks. The TCS wasn't on a production jet until FY82 (Block 125). If you're going to model an F-14A around the 1976 time frame you could find up to Block 90 jets. The Tamiya kit builds a late block 75 through block 100 with standard beaver tail, 7 hole gun vent and ALQ-100 chin pod. All blocks up to the early block 75 had the original beaver tail and variations of the IRST/ALQ-100 pod. The following link gives a good breakdown of block numbers with beaver tail, gun vents, chin pods and ECM gear. F-14 Block variant list In th
  6. Those illustrations aren't the greatest modeling reference. Always best to use photographic reference of the subject aircraft you're modeling if you want to be accurate. The illustration of the grey over white F-14A shows the wrong pod and has no BuNo. The only VF-2 Modex NK215 I could find was F-14A BuNo 158996 which was a block 70 jet. The block 70 had either the IRST/ALQ-100 or just the ALQ-100 chin pods. The TCS pod didn't show up until the Block 140 jets. Cheers, John
  7. Quote from the linked article. ”Normally we train F/A-18 against the F-5. This helps us to distinguish blue air from red air. The F-5 has a single tail fin whereas the Hornet has a double one, but still during a fight it is quite difficult to see that. We therefore often equip F-5s with orange fuel tanks and missiles to identify them as part of red air, so we don’t have blue air shooting other blue air jets. Generally, we only fly F/A-18 versus F/A-18 in Beyond Visual Range combats.” Click here ALPINE TIGERS article Cheers, John
  8. Look 4 posts up. Arnaud stated he will be releasing a PAV-1 conversion set and a PAV-2 upgrade set. Cheers, John
  9. That's great. I'll be ordering when available. In the meantime I'll be watching this build closely. Cheers, John
  10. Looking good Arnaud. Any chance you're going to offer the PAV-1 vents for sale? They look great! John
  11. It also has no relevance to the new kit. Bringing it up in this discussion is just muddying an already murky pond. Regards, John
  12. I totally forgot about the Armycast decal sheet. I also forgot I had it in my stash. I ordered the Tauro low vis stencil set and am going to try to track down the Sky Models sheet as it looks like it has some good content. Cheers, John
  13. Hi All, As the title states, I'm looking for options in 1/48 scale for the ITAF F-104S ASA-M low vis markings. I have the Kinetic F-104S kit and am doing a bit of preplanning and research before I start the build. I like the looks of the weathered low vis grey so this is where I'm headed. The kit markings are a bit limited so I've been doing some google searching and have come across a few sheets by Tauro (TM 48-569 and 570), Xtradecal (X48208) and EagleStrike (48-057 OOP and expensive). For those in the know, am I missing anything that's a jewel out there? Any and all
  14. Both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have translating tools. They're located in the right side of the address bar. Here's 2 links to help. Translate in Google Translate in Microsoft Edge Cheers, John
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