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Welcome to The Helicopter Group Build!  This build is being moderated by Winnie and myself (falcon20driver).  The rules are very simple for this group build:


1: Build a Helicopter

2: No tilt rotors 

3: Any color scheme from any country 

4: What ifs are allowed assuming again,   it is a helicopter only.

5: Have fun!


The build will end on July 1st, and it has not been finalized whether there will be a prize yet.  Stay tuned for any announcement on that. 

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48 minutes ago, falcon20driver said:

Stefan, I talked with someone about this last night.  I decided they could join but you need to post in your thread that you are stepping aside from any prize consideration.  Have fun.




I'll make sure to make the statement in the thread.

Maybe I'll add some other helicopters after the Heavies and the Strike/Attack GB's.


Cheers, Stefan.

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 can not resist the enthusiasm to participate, by the time of the group I think I could with a crazy post apocalyptic idea: 

What defense options would you have with helicopter parts?


Only that I want to add inclination rotors as post-apocalyptic solutions (just fun)

Could start  participate as a What if 1/35?

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AS long as it is a proper HELICOPTER and not TILT-ROTOR/Vertical Lift category you should be ok. So a primary LIFT ROTOR, or many.... A rotodyne is a GYROCOPTER but still uses a rotor for lift, so if you can keep it within those guidelines you should be ok.




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Ahh so it becomes my turn to ask!


I have a 212 that I am building fr a frien as sort of a "Commission" build, and I started it just before XMAS. I am wondering if my cohort can judge if this is too far along for the groupbuild?





If not I will do this one first...



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I, as Winnie and Stefan above, also want to comlpleat a helicopter I started building for the SAR GB in 2015. Most of the small detailing and scrachbuilding is done. So I'm hoping that I'll be able to compleat it in this GB. Isn't that ok? Of course I will not count me in the raffle consideration.


Best regards


Grétar W. G. :wave:

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