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  1. oh good memories of him, put together like 8 of them 😄
  2. Hi Oliver I hope everyone is well, our hobby will give us a lot of peace, for this I treasure it, best greetings fo all
  3. Hi Oliver magnificent plan you have, I provide you with a photograph that I found at the time, already 10 years ago when I put together my model
  4. without words, enjoying your work. Excellent Oliver
  5. excellent, will we have to make other changes to the fuselage?
  6. Beautiful box art, I loved it. Congratulations as I don't see the FAM version, I share them here:
  7. Oliver I imagine rubbing his hands, devising, enjoying his new plan, making his H-34 a reality, yes I remember correctly, Fly announced, do not take out conversion of his magnificent wessex soon, so, go ahead, you have demonstrated the power
  8. Of course, there is enough space to take advantage of the gears and they are perfectly functional, the photos are from my construction a few years ago
  9. Congratulations Oliver, well done, pure, clean, armed to the teeth, breathless, .... well, I don't know what else to say, the only thing is that we hope to return to the Super Frelon!
  10. incredible Oliver, already in the final stretch of this long adventure, every minute enjoyed 😄
  12. Hello, Rod Now that I will start armed with my version of UH-1M, but I am interested in the helo marked with the number 231 that I see that the El Salvador roundels use I remembered your excellent work last year and found your post .... More lively I am in building, but I have doubts, I would like to know your opinion, is the Photograph correct or later to its operational life was the roundels added? Is the photo color correct? Saludos desde Mexico Amigo!
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