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  1. A data link provides a means to send your "picture" from sensors to other users and Operations Control. It allows many assets sharing information giving way better Situational Awareness. In NATO circumstances they use Link 11, 14 and 16 to transmit this info. A Targeting pod allows the carrier to aim a "smart weapon" that it doesn't have internally. Like Sniper on an F-16 (in the good old days) as opposed to an F-35 who has some targeting ability built into the airframe. Cheers H.
  2. Phase Hangar Resin was making a 32nd A-10C cockpit. I believe a 1/12 as well...
  3. For the ejection seats, if you take the lower 2 seats, add armrests to them, then you have the pilot/copilot seats. It's weird that they chose the ACES style seat for the MC kit, but there we are. Nigel has quite a few upgrades for the kit, horizontal stabs, engine mods for the G, new nose pieces to correct the EVS and radome, wing fuel tanks and wheel bays, I have them all, but unfortunately my kit is packed away due to moves. (Also got fed up, as my AGM-69 load didn't work with the rotary launcher, so I'll have to go back to 4 B28 load... I suppose I could add the ALCM to mine.
  4. The quality of Nigel's stuff is excellent. few if any bubbles, and well executed parts. The accuracy is quite good as well!
  5. Nigel from the youtube channel "nigels modelling bench" made some B-52 fixes for the G and H. It has the newer nose section, corrected wheel bays, corrected tail planes and an engine update if you use the Eduard set. I have those sets but the model is packed away at the moment awaiting another move. If you go to his channel and search B-52 he has several videos detailing the builds. Also search on here, there was quite a discussion with regards to the B-52 from modelcollect. Cheers H.
  6. It is in the mold yes. Not impossible, but a pain for sure.
  7. It would require some big mods on the fuselage... But for us Westland fans this is fantastic news!
  8. Festooned is a word that fits this aircraft well... It is 'FESTOONED' with lumps and bumps...
  9. RCNFAN, if you do a search there was a a Photo Etch kit that did tail fold and airstair door. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FHP48101?result-token=Kqw7i There it is. It's a fine set.
  10. 72nd, and whichever scheme is the newer one. Not after a specific bird, but am after a specific unit, 415 Sqn RCAF.
  11. Looking for a sheet of the canuckmodels CP-140 decals please! Let me know if yo have a set and are willing to sell. I am in Canada.
  12. Like title says, looking for Canadian decals for F-86 in 32nd. as appropriate for RCAF jet. Any help is appreciated. I'm in Canada.
  13. I found a sheet that was OOP and I believe it was "Draw Decal" that produced the actual sheets although I might be wrong. Whomever it was still had some copies of other sheets in the Wolfpak decals range. I believe the original owner passed on. Found it: https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/decals/aircraft-decals/wolfpak-decals/1-48-scale-wollfpack-decals/ This is the site, unfortunately looks like the sheet you want is indeed "unobtainium"... Sorry!
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