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  1. Thanks! Yes I did find some examples of the SIOP Camo on early G's so that will have to be the answer. the only thing that will be difficult for an early G SIOP is trying to find 2 Hound dog with pylons... AGM-28's were used as I have seen pictures of that. There were SIOP Camo G models used in Vietnam as seen in the "Crewdogs" book I'm currently reading, so that is a help. Only negative is I REALLY wanted the ALCM and EVS mods, but Modelcollect seem to not sell the nose upgrade anymore, and even though I ordered in January, I have seen nothing, and heard less... so I may have to end up buying a second kit, or just build an H SIOP as well... But where to put them... I am also ordering the HpH Cockpit in 32nd... as a side piece of art. Cheers Harald
  2. How is the MC shape incorrect? I couldn't tell the difference? @Dutch Also another question When did the G models receive the 40' plug in the aft section? I Go the Early G and it comes complete with 2 different tails and I don't believe either is the "D" tail they had earlier. My goal is to either do a SIOP G with ALCM and 4 B28FI in the belly with EVS, but I MAU end up trying to model HOBO 28 that crashed near Thule, that ended Chrome Dome. I have one picture that shows it in the SIOP Camo, nevermind. it's in Chrome Dome Silver and white... but I don't know if it had the extended tail or not (oops it didn't). That changes my plan, next up is One of the G's that did Vietnam duty but also SIOP Camo. Cheers for your help
  3. I believe they split up in Mig's nasty divorce... I agree about the cost, I got the large bottle of flow improver and have been using about half and half with thinner lately, but as soon as my next bottle is empty I'll make a batch like you say! Can't wait!
  4. Thanks, I do basically the same, Just to clarify, the Vallejo retarder, is the really sticky goopy stuff? I have used thattoo, but I find using MIG's thinner works real well, bet it is exactly the formula you just mentioned...
  5. After a little research I DID find i can actually do an early G model with SIOP paint... hmmm quandries for sure. It's not next on the bench yet so I will hang for a while to see if I get the Modern G nose, but good to know.
  6. I ordered and paid for the "Nose correction kit" in January, but have heard nothing since, and the website shows "in process" and no amount of emails and pokes have done anything. Hence the request.
  7. Hi kind people! I'm looking for the corrected modern nose with EVS for my modelcollect B-52G, I have the early nose, but I'm specifically looking for the later nose. I plan to build a SIOP bird with a full load of 4 B28, And ALCM, but right now I'm limited to Chrome Dome, and that's boring... So, if anyone want's an EARLY G nose, and want to trade for a LATE G W. EVS I am your guy! I'm in Canada and ship anywhere if we can make a deal! Cheers Harald
  8. Nobody has been on this one for a while, searched for info on the Chrome Dome and ended here (again!) Anyway, I have the early B-52G from Model-collect and it has the silver paint scheme the Palomares bird if I'm correct, and 4 B28RFI in a "clip" config. but no Quail unfortunately. I have ordered the updated nose, as I want a SIOP bird, not Chrome Dome, but if anyone want to swap nose [arts with me, I'd be happy to oblige! I need the later nose with EWS, this is the earlier style. Funnily they have both types of tail and proper flaps with track though! Cheers Harald
  9. DSPIAE... Best drill ever, and you can get the bits for dirt cheap. H.
  10. I had no issues with Hannants, got decals, and a model, 2 parcels and all arrived within 3 weeks of ordering.
  11. Not in the medical field per se, but I fly an air ambulance helicopter. The limited education we have gotten isn't much but this is important... The masks Dr's and Nurses wear regularly, is to protect others from THEM, not THEM from others. The N95, if fitted properly on a clean shaven face will protect THEM from OTHERS. When everyone hoards masks and wear them fit incorrectly it can increase their OWN risk of getting ill, as you may get virus inside the mask and keep breathing that. The fitting process for N95 masks isn't a trivial put it on in a flash thing, it takes a while to fit it properly. Hoarding anything is stupid and causes panic, Stocking your pantry for a couple of weeks, and limiting your time outside seem like a good idea, and I will do that when I go home from shift. Cheers.
  12. My wife has one, I have made and used masks that I cut on that... Simply amazing what you can do!
  13. Could make artwork and cut most out as masks as well, the kit should be large enough in 32nd to paint almost everything except perhaps tiny logo markings... Maybe someone you know owns a Silhouette Cameo cutter to cut the masks...
  14. Externally the only differences of the A and the C are lumps and bumps, most of which can be acquired in aftermarket sets, or you could go for the Hobby Boss or Italeri A-10A/C kits and just modify the instrument panel. I doubt Tamiya would retool their A-10A kit any time soon. But there are decent kits out there.
  15. All I know is, it's a mistake very often, to do the same work as your spouse. it causes animosity and jealousy when one gets promoted ahead of, or trained on different equipment with more "prestige" etc. It turned my previous relationship sour very fast...
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