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  1. Missing one throttle, other than that, yup, civvy too. The Pilots collective is missing the cable route too.
  2. YES YES YES. It isn't a terribly difficult machine to get right, and KH seem to have the idea, but they are making the kits too technical, and then screw the pooch in some issues. In this case, the swash plate, the rear nub is for the horizontal stab and is connected via a lever and springs, collective actuator under swash plate is behind to the left when seen from above. The swash plate to control tubes are on the opposite side to what the assembly is, the scissors, a great issue, but they are usually flush, or one up, one down, never both down, it is physically impossible. the blades... come on, huge difference. The cockpit, ok they got the main panel ok, the overhead I'm not too sure on, I didn't see a good enough rendition to critique it. The collective levers are both for the single engine machine. The rear bench, has the wrong number of supports in the wrong spots. It's frustrating when things like these show up. They had some expertise, and could have asked others, but they chose the cheap option because "It's just an upgraded Huey"... Disappointing to say the least. Now, an apology to Dave, obviously this is a KH problem, and nothing to do with your build as it is as per usual very good! Cheers Harald Previous Bell 212 Pilot.
  3. Two things I noted immediately, the Scissors attached to the stab bar can't physically both be down, it's not possible unless the collective is full pitch up. and even then I doubt it, the stab bar makes the helicopter more stable by acting as a gyroscope. Also the Collective levers are for the UH-1D/H, with single twist grip and small control head, it needs the bigger square chunk at the end. and like you previously noted, the rotor blades.... The T400 engines look nice though.... doh!
  4. And I have several stellar trades with DonG as well, never, a fault.
  5. Originally the same color green as the Canadian Starfighters, later some color they found in a paint store in town... no lies!
  6. Find a Kinetic F-5A, and work from there, so front end from the F-5, arse from the F-20, and landing gear from an F-16?. My math isn't woking but you could cheat... lol Cheers H.
  7. Norway had CF-104D's. In fact one is in flying condition now look up www.starfighter.no for more info
  8. 157 years eh? well could happen?? lol
  9. AirMedical (Hey, you a pilot? EC145??) Anyway, I have a UH-1D kit, Italeri that I won't finish, it has the rotor in it, But I am in Canada, and at work, so won't be able to send after 1 May, but you can have it for the shipping cost, If I can find it. Cheers Harald (EC135P2+ guy)
  10. So, I like the Flory Videos, but I cringe at the technical knowledge. Being a pilot of whirly-choppers it's hard to hear terms like "foot-Window" or crash seat, particularly when it's interspersed with "Swash Plate" etc... kinda funny. I'd be happy to give a course in nomenclature... On the other hand, what a stunner of a kit... I have a few of the KH models, and now I want more!! Cheers H.
  11. I can't find it on Amazon Prime, but it is on Vimeo
  12. Th 300 CB had the same small triangular fin. The main rotor lead/lag dampeners were stacked bent washers, but was changed to an elastomeric dampener in the 300 CB, and those were retrofitted around the fleet. I have almost 1900 hours in the 300 series...
  13. That "T" tank with seats... the back of a 500 is not a comfortable ride on any given day, but on THAT thing?? lol even worse. You can LEGALLY fit 7 (SEVEN) people in the the 500C, I doubt it'd get off the ground, but legally you could. 4 in the back, head to head, 2 forwards and 2 backwards. and also squeeze in 3 in the front, hence the left side PIC. And the max weight is 200 less than the 206A...
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