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  1. Like title says, looking for Canadian decals for F-86 in 32nd. as appropriate for RCAF jet. Any help is appreciated. I'm in Canada.
  2. I found a sheet that was OOP and I believe it was "Draw Decal" that produced the actual sheets although I might be wrong. Whomever it was still had some copies of other sheets in the Wolfpak decals range. I believe the original owner passed on. Found it: https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/decals/aircraft-decals/wolfpak-decals/1-48-scale-wollfpack-decals/ This is the site, unfortunately looks like the sheet you want is indeed "unobtainium"... Sorry!
  3. Sten's Hobby in Bodoe, Norway. I'd go there after my birthday to pick up a kit, and beg for a catalogue...
  4. The front piece of the float is a rubber bumper. Looks to be an EDO float, probably the same as the one for the 185 Cessna.
  5. Thecolor of the rear bulkhead is dull metal, titanium likely since it is abutting the hot (VERY HOT) section of the engine. the work platform is cured fibreglass/
  6. Ok for sale the following list, all prices USD, haggle if you must, shipping at cost. Paypal goods and services or E-transfer if within Canada: 1/32 Tamiya F-4J With CAM Exhaust, VF41 Decals, Stars and Bars and Walkways, $100 Pending Trumpeter A-10A with Cutting Edge Cockpit, Exterior, Dual Rail Adapter (Sidewinder Rails), Eduard Exterior and Mask, Squadron Canopy x2, GT Resin Intakes, QB Seat, Blackbox Cockpit, AMS Limited Edition A-10C Instrument Panel and Antenna, Master Barrel Cannon, Olimp A-10 weapons set and decals, Speedhunter decals, 2Bobs decals, $350
  7. I have a SH-60B and an F to do, so good to see yours come together! got some Reskit stuff on the way too!
  8. Latest completed model, The Lancaster cockpit section from HK Models. This is quite large, and I can't begin to imagine how large the whole thing is! I'm not as accomplished as most of you here, but I did a for me, good job. tried some weathering techniques inside, with some worn off metal by chipping the floors and desks etc. hard to see from outside. I used the Eduard Cockpit set as the kit comes with nothing. Surprised really, but I guess we can't get everything we want! Canadian subject because Canada! Anyway, I started this this summer, and completed it today!
  9. Definitely looks to be a B. Short cord tail fin, Tail rotor on the left side. The rest is more difficult. I don't know if the B models had the thumper turret and carried rocket pods, or if they had a sand filter. But the experts will likely take that and run with it. Would be fun as a once in the career project, but it is pricy.
  10. They are indeed both Harward's made to look like Zero's.
  11. Good on ya, I didn't realize it was that much. There is a thread on it somewhere out there by Woody, who made the decals. I'd just leave them myself...
  12. Well... Archer Fine Details has a complete rivet pattern for ya! https://www.archertransfers.com/AR88174.html Cheers H.
  13. To make the sticky mats sticky again, there is a Krylon spray adhesive that the papercrafters use. They mask the edges off with masking tape and respray. My wife does that. I got the Dspiae "intro" version, just because it's easier than making the mask, annoying the wife for use of the machine, etc.
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