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  1. Not in the medical field per se, but I fly an air ambulance helicopter. The limited education we have gotten isn't much but this is important... The masks Dr's and Nurses wear regularly, is to protect others from THEM, not THEM from others. The N95, if fitted properly on a clean shaven face will protect THEM from OTHERS. When everyone hoards masks and wear them fit incorrectly it can increase their OWN risk of getting ill, as you may get virus inside the mask and keep breathing that. The fitting process for N95 masks isn't a trivial put it on in a flash thing, it takes a while to fit it properly. Hoarding anything is stupid and causes panic, Stocking your pantry for a couple of weeks, and limiting your time outside seem like a good idea, and I will do that when I go home from shift. Cheers.
  2. My wife has one, I have made and used masks that I cut on that... Simply amazing what you can do!
  3. Could make artwork and cut most out as masks as well, the kit should be large enough in 32nd to paint almost everything except perhaps tiny logo markings... Maybe someone you know owns a Silhouette Cameo cutter to cut the masks...
  4. Externally the only differences of the A and the C are lumps and bumps, most of which can be acquired in aftermarket sets, or you could go for the Hobby Boss or Italeri A-10A/C kits and just modify the instrument panel. I doubt Tamiya would retool their A-10A kit any time soon. But there are decent kits out there.
  5. All I know is, it's a mistake very often, to do the same work as your spouse. it causes animosity and jealousy when one gets promoted ahead of, or trained on different equipment with more "prestige" etc. It turned my previous relationship sour very fast...
  6. I have a love for modeling tools.... They are all organized and in order, and I have tools for most anything. Now for the models... I have about 120 of them, in the 5 main scales from 144th to 32nd, I build from 5 to 15 in a year, depending on where I start at years end! Life just gets in the way, also I work away from home, 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, and there never seems to be enough time to all the stuff I want to do. I also tend to bite over more than I can chew for my skill level, and plan waay to intricate models for my patience so a few end their days stripped of any useful parts and hurled in the circular file on the floor. Cheers H.
  7. Hobbysense in Winnipeg has fixed shipping at $9.99 for domestic. And good selections (meaning the entire line) of Vallejo and Vallejo Model Air. www.hobbysense.ca
  8. I have the set, and it's got a few air bubbles, I guess can be fixed. The exhausts are so-so, I prefer the Cutting Edge.
  9. https://www.verticalmag.com/features/goingsolo/ Admittedly this article is from 2015, but still...
  10. I do believe Kaman Aerospace has a HH-43 that they use for training for the future K-Max pilots, as it is single seat.
  11. So since my Birthday is fast approaching and my wife took pity on me as I will be away at work well past that date, I picked up the EARLY G model and promptly ordered the Modelcollect G/H upgrade and Caracal 72077. From the box i can say this: the Flaps now have tracks, from scratch, and the early kit has both early and late tails as well as 3 styles of gun, 2 different quad 20's and an M-61. The kit also has the instructor pilot seat, but unfortunately still has the wrong ejection seats, but as I mentioned earlier, you can use the two seats from downstairs up front, as they look lots closer. The kit comes with 8 B28FI bombs, but I am thinking of loading full wing pylons with ALCM, full bomb bay with B28FI's and SIOP 3 green camo. load may be fictitious, but it is hard to get information on stuff that may still be classified information, so I'll run with it. this gives a loadout weight of 60.000 lbs, so fuel will be restricted to keep below the max takeoff weight of 488.000lbs... 80.000 lbs of fuel will have to be tanked at the positive control point I suppose... ( I did some math, and at the fuel load it would still have an endurance of 10+ hours, so this puppy aint no slouch...) Anyway, Now I'll need to figure out how to do a paint mask for it... Cheers Harald
  12. Thanks both. I'm conflicted whether to get a G with update, or an H, either way the Caracal SIOP scheme decals seem the only way to go. I can just mix and match serials to make it work, no biggie. Regardless, I'd like the ALCM set up, or perhaps SRAM and that limits me to a G? Anyway, still in dreamstage. Cheers Harald!
  13. @Paul Boyer (Can't believe i'm communicating with THE Paul Boyer...) The seats from the Nav compartment can be utilized up top as they have the correct headrest, but they lack the arm rests and parachute pack/survival kit. This may be moot as extremely little appears to be visible through the windows. Anybody know the size of the star/bar for wings and fuselage, and USAF titles for wings for SIOP camouflage? Cheers Harald
  14. Saw a thing with regards to the seats, if you use the NAV and Radar Nav seats from the "ground floor" as you won't see them anyway... They have the correct headrest shape and just may need a little work on Ejection triggers and arm rests. I'm wanting a G or H in SIOP Camo for sure, and that may be the ONLY part visible through the windows... Cheers H.
  15. Academy!! their new one looks a treat for sure!!
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