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  1. via Gmail, and it is actually 4 different sets, nigelsmodellingbench @ gmail.com (remove the spaces) Cheers H.
  2. You CAN assemble both levels, but tough to see behind the Radar Nav console... I have it, and I have started cleaning up the resin. Lots of resin... I too wish there was some form of fuselage section for it. It's unbelievably huge! Oh and it'd be a stretch to model Slim Pickens' plane. This is a fairly recent mod H, with Gunner controls removed, but prior to the latest modernizations, Possibly somewhere in the early 2000's is where this kit is. Superb details, Anyz could make it even better!
  3. Hope someone will help edit the Imgur link, Obviosuly I've become old, as I can't seem to figure that out. It doesn't work as before.
  4. So Model Collect's research team seem to have been not paying attention in class leading to a couple of small errors, that if not corrected will leave some fairly visible errors if you will. There are 3 glaring errors and 8 smaller errors that these particular sets will correct. The first problem we encounter, it the nose shape. There is a fairly large thread on here that discusses this issue, and this correction was a direct result of that. I wasn't originally going to get it, as I had convinced myself that it was "good enough" as it was corrected by MC. I changed my m
  5. Double article, please delete
  6. I wish someone would come out with AGM 28 Pylons and missiles...
  7. if you look on the videos, his email is posted
  8. I'd put a like on your pictures, but there is no like... so """"LIKE""""
  9. rotor goes the wrong way, otherwise a superb rendition of an H-19A
  10. Very nice representation of a super difficult model!
  11. @MarkN that's a relief. Only been 6 months! lol Cheers Harald
  12. PM me your email and I will!
  13. I'll email to @Nigelr32 later, but the dash-1 (pilots flight manual) may explain the more "uppy" nose with regards to some of the sensor antennas. May also be in the RNAV or EWO dash-1s... Thank Uncle Sam for freedom of information!
  14. Yup. As soon as I can afford and you have the nose with the bumps for the MC set, I'm in! Cheers H.
  15. Bump, will listen to serious offers, what can we do to see this monster onto your bench?
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