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  1. Stefan buysse

    Top cover Spitfire

    Thanks, she looks even better now with some paint on her. I used Mrpaint from Slovakia, so that went on pretty nicely. I need to do some small touch-ups and then I'll post another picture. Then, it'll be time for the invasion stripes. I'm not sure what the orders were for the stripes, so I went with the illustration for the decals. With the corresponding panel lines of the models, that measured out to nearly 20 mm. I'll go with 4mm for each stripe. The orders must have been somewhat flexible to keep the proportional for several types, I have decals for P-47 Invasion stripes that are 8mm per stripe. Cheers, Stefan.
  2. Stefan buysse

    CD48150 - F-15 Eagle - The Early Years

    Hi, I was going to have to ask the same question or find better references. My impression was that the dogtooth was an addition, making the surface larger. Just an impression, though. Cheers, Stefan.
  3. Stefan buysse

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    Hi, Yes, it does. It's a white metal part. Not as refined as the "Master" pitot tubes, but it's there. It's not too bad in the case of the boom, but the vanes are also white metal parts, so they're a bit thick. I bought mine second-hand at a show, just wanting an F-15C. Cheers, Stefan.
  4. Stefan buysse

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    Thanks, Charlie. Sounds interesting, I will look out for a copy. Along the lines of what Anders wrote, I think beautiful models could be built without being totally accurate. In my case, if I get around to it, I have 1 Monogram Eagle in the stash. I'd go for the first prototype and mess with the wingtips and the horizontal stabs. I would minimize what I do to the airbrake: I'd probably cut it in half to create the extra panel line, but I would probably not attempt to backdate the surrounding area. Cheers, Stefan.
  5. Stefan buysse

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    Nice picture, Gregg. It looks like the large bullet fairing is on both tails! Charlie D, Is that a book you'd recommend for the early Eagles? After a google search, I read some reviews on Amazon and one called it a "waste of money" and another found it "totally briljant". Cheers, Stefan.
  6. Stefan buysse

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    Hi, I have some more questions about those early Eagles. What is out there as reference material? Are there good references for the short airbrake with an external stiffener, the stabs without a dogtooth or the square wingtips? Maybe an old Detail & Scale book? I wonder if the square wingtips can be achieved by cutting the curved bit off a later wing? Or should material be added to a later wing to make it square one? Some options are for F-15B's. I'm not aware of a lot of 1/48th B model kits. Maybe the best way is a Hasegawa F-15D or E with A-model wheels? Cheers, Stefan.
  7. Stefan buysse

    CD48150 - F-15 Eagle - The Early Years

    Hi, This is another great sheet, Kursad. Have you considered doing the early F-14's as well? There is a Steel Beach conversion set for the early Tomcats with the higher fences and the earliest gun muzzle. That first dozen Tomcats had some pretty neat markings, but there are (to my knowledge) no decals for them. It would be an awesome series of sheets if you did an "early years" series for all 4 of the F-teen fighters of the 1970's. Cheers, Stefan.
  8. Stefan buysse

    M-36 cluster bomb

    Hi, I've never seen it associated with Sarin gas. I believe it's a thermite bomblet dispenser. You don't want to be near when it goes off. I remember reading it was a highly desirable item for use against the trucks on the Ho Chi Minh trail. It was also somewhat old (described as a Korean war item) and rare. Good for B-57's, A26's, A-1's and black-bellied F-4's going to the trail. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Stefan buysse

    Top cover Spitfire

    Hi, Here's the Spitfire waiting for paint. It's not been entirely easy, I try to build with everything well alligned but at times things are different after the glue has dried. At least 'Im satisfied with the guns pointing pretty much in the same direction. Maybe if I build one of those new Tamiya Mk I's, I'll feel a bit less hamfisted. Spitfire 23rd of April P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr I'm still keen to have the top cover ready on the 6th of June. Cheers, Stefan.
  10. Stefan buysse

    Difference between the F-15C&E horizontal stab

    Hi, Bernie. So, you did find a GWH F-15 yesterday. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think that there is a size difference. I've never heard one mentioned. Cheers, Stefan.
  11. Stefan buysse

    My third Furball Tiger

    Hi, Luckily, this one did not need a lot of decals. Top Gun 03March-1P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr I hope to finish the others I started later on. They are not exactly the best models around, but grouped together (and from a distance) they may look kinda cool. The on in the back needs to be repainted entirely. Top Gun 03March-4P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Cheers, Stefan.
  12. Stefan buysse

    The TOPGUN Trophy - Display Case

    Hi, Here's the last one I managed to finish in time. Quite a contrast with Kurt H's beautiful 1/48 model of the same aircraft. Top Gun 03March-3P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Top Gun 03March-2P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Top Gun 03March-1P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Cheers, Stefan.
  13. Stefan buysse

    My third Furball Tiger

    Hi, Am I glad that the finish date is the 3rd of March, not the 1st! I had a busy week and didn't think I'd be able to finish this one in time. This one should be done by sunday night. The two other Tigers not, but I'll post pictures of them in their threads when they're done (not in the gallery). Cheers, Stefan.
  14. Stefan buysse

    Revell F-5E as Bogey 25

    Hi, That looks fine. If I come across one of these Revell/Monogram F-5E's at a swap meet, I'll pounce. Never had one of them. Are you doing one the black schemes of your "Desert Bogeys" sheet? Cheers, Stefan.
  15. Stefan buysse

    Furball F-5E

    Hi, The good news is that I'll have a chance to really do better on the camo... The bad news is that I looked at the instructions and noticed that I've used FS 36495 instead of FS 36375 for the light grey. I'm not sure I'll get this one done before the end of the GB. The one with the sharknose has a much better chance of making it befor the 1st of March, there are already some decals on that one. Cheers, Stefan.