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  1. Hi, The builds are progressing. These are the Nitto kits. The nearly complete one isn't part of the GB, I'm just finishing this one that the original owner started. The 2 objects below it are the ski's. I intend this one to have ski's and an arctic scheme. I've looked at some pictures of real aircraft with ski's and they seem to have fairings that these ski's retract to, probably for aerodynamic reasons. I'm not going to attempt to scratchbuild that. I have test-fitted the windscreen and I wonder how that's going to go. Maybe it will snap into place when I apply much more force? Maybe it's better to cut the windshield into separate pieces and glue them in place. This is the Italeri kit with the underside sprayed in Tamiya XF-23. This was done to see where some putty would be welcome and I wanted something lighter than the kit plastic to spray my Neutral Grey onto. Test-fitting of the windscreen on this one revealed that it's not going to be easy either, something that I can also see on my first Italeri Dakota from over 30 years ago. The corona virus got a lot of activities canceled. Next week-end, we would have done a commerorative jump for Operation Varsity (26th of March 1945). I'd have found it very special to do that with "Drag'em Oot" as she was there for Varsity in 1945 as well. So, there is nowhere to go for the moment and I have an 1/72 Airfix Dakota on the way. I wonder how the windscreen will fit on that one. Cheers, Stefan.
  2. Hi, Indeed. When I wrote that, I had looked up the BuNo in Jake Melampy's "The Modern Super Hornet Guide". I believe there's an error on page 75 because it says that the bard stacks were installed at the factory from BuNo 166598. I looked at the instructions of FTD 48-005 "VFA-103 Jolly Rogers First Combat Cruise" and the heat blankets are clearly visible in Jeff Stoermer's inflight picture of "AG 204". Cheers, Stefan.
  3. Hi, Apart from the timeframe, you should look for an aircraft with a BuNo below 166598 (starting with 166598 they had the pipes from the factory). Also, from BuNo 166449, F/A-18F's had the Advanced Crew Station. Decal-wise, you would do well to find the old Afterburner Decals like for VFA-211 and VFA-41. I think VFA-103 (Fightertown and Furball decals) had aircraft with the ACS and the pipes from the start. Cheers, Stefan.
  4. Hi, Maybe Caracal could make a sheet for the Boeing 307 Stratoliner in 1/144? I knew it was a very significant aeroplane as it can be seen as the grandfather of all of Boeing's pressurised airliners. Now there is an injected plastic 1/144 scale kit by Roden. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ROD339?result-token=6I6qJ The description of the kit at Hannant's taught me some fascinating new facts about the Stratoliner, like that it was the type used to fly the surviving Doolittle Raiders (and indeed Jimmy Doolittle himself) out of China. I was also amazed that they were used in France until the mid-1970's. There were very few built but they could easily fil a sheet with the pre-war TWA and Pan Am schemes, the USAAF C-75 scheme, the post-war TWA and French schemes. This is what the French schemes looked like: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FR4484?result-token=6I6qJ and https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FR4496?result-token=6I6qJ I find it absolutely facinating that they may been seen together with 707's and 747's at places like Orly in the early 1970's. Cheers, Stefan.
  5. Very sorry to hear of your loss, Terry. My sincere condolences. Stefan.
  6. Hi, You're on a roll with exciting new stuff, Dave. I really hope you'll make a decal for the "service with a smile/ LCPL Roof" grafitti. Cheers, Stefan.
  7. Hi, I've never heard of Kiddyland. Are these still available? Were they re-boxed by anyone? Charlie D. mentioned the Monogram kit. Did they ever release a real F-16A, or is any 1/48 F-16A in a Monogram box a YF-16? Cheers, Stefan.
  8. Hi, When I saw the title of this thread, I immediately thought of the "Super Mikes". I hesitated to suggest them for the sheet because many other cool options are to be done and a really accurate "Super Mike" is not available as far as I know. Not even with the parts from Hasegawa's "Last Skyhawk" boxing. When my interest in the "Super Mike" was at its peak, about 15 years ago, I asked around about them. David Aungst told me that "while Hasegawa did provide some updates to attempt to make a "Super Mike" kit, they did not get it totally right. To do it right, they needed to make a whole new wing bottom. The "canoes" that are the landing gear fairings changed all the way back to the wing flap line, not just in the area of the large wheel well doors. The revised "canoes" are more tapered on their sides and faired more into the lower wing. Hasegawa maintained the original wing bottom in the kit and thus the original "canoes". In their attempt to make the new main landing gear doors match the original wing bottoms, they put too much of a kink in the rear sections. On the real aircraft, the main gear doors were more of a constant dome shape without the corner kinks at their back portions". David also told me that the 24 "Super Mikes" mostly served together in the squadrons that had them. VMA-223, VMA-311 and VMA-331 had them at one time or other, possibly other squadrons too. During times of transition to another block of Skyhawks, they could, be seen mixed with other A-4M's of the squadron on the flightline. Maybe that's a solution for the Caracal sheet: provide a BuNo and Modex for both a "Regular Mike" and a "Super Mike" for these squadrons. That way, the modeller can decide what's close enough to a Super Mike or just go with the Regular Mike. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Hi, Dutch. Thanks for telling that the conversion was in stock at Hannant's. I would use the Academy kit with the "Brigade Models" conversion. Mostly because that is what it was designed for. I can easily imagine that there could be dimensional differences between the kits resulting in "steps" and all sorts of trouble. Another (minor) reason is that on the Academy F-4B, the trunnion covers on top of the wing are optional. If you want an early F-4B, simply do not install them. Maybe it's just me..."step elimination" and "trunnion cover removal" tend to look messy when I do it. I know about trunnion cover removal because of the Hasegawa 1/48 F-4E and F-4G kits which use the wings of their F-4J and F-4S. Cheers, Stefan.
  10. Thanks for the comprehensive review, Dutch. It does look like a fine conversion set. Cheers, Stefan.
  11. Hi, I think that the Superscale sheet with the TAC F-15E's is 48-401, with SJ, WA and LF tailcodes. I'm not sure, but I seem to recall that the Desert Storm missions may have been flown with the crew names painted out. Cheers, Stefan.
  12. Hi, I'm pretty sure that 149405/06 had unslotted stabilisers at that time. Slotted stabilisers were an item that was retro-fitted to F-4B's starting around 1967. The thin metal strip that we see on the leading edge of the stabs of these F-110's was just Coroguard. Cheers, Stefan.
  13. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for all the cool stuff you produced and I wish you all the best during the hectic season ahead. Cheers, Stefan.
  14. Hi, For me, these early Phantoms are so cool that I would definitely buy the sheet. Even if the possibility of me ever building one are quite remote. That said,... Dutch, what is the Brigade Models conversion set like? Does it feel like a high quality product? To me (and most of us I guess), 39.99£ is not exactly cheap. Does it look like you have everything in there to make an F4H-1? Cheers, Stefan.
  15. Hi, That's unexpected news, but very good news for me. To me, it is a very interesting aircraft and there seems to have been very little going on for the Vigilante since the Trumpeter kits (1/72 and 1/48) and the couple of sheets that came out for it. This being Caracal, there might even be a 1/72 sheet in the future. The thread title says "A-5" and not "RA-5C". I know of no available mainstream 1/48 A-5 kit. Do you know something we don't, Kursad? Cheers, Stefan.
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