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  1. Thanks, Paul. I'll watch out for that sheet. I see that it's in stock at Hannant's, but with Brexit I tend to wait a bit before ordering from them. That's another great model you built there. Cheers, Stefan.
  2. Hi, I have the Muroc conversion set for the small-nose Crusaders and what I'd really love to see decal-wise is VF-84 with the flames and the eyes done well. Cheers, Stefan.
  3. Hi, Interesting that 71-0237 was one of the few with slats and TISEO that made it to Korat. I had just read in the thread about the Meng F-4G here that the F-4E's built with the slats didn't have the external strap on the belly but had reinforcements below the skin. So, I wondered if I could find which one was the first one built with slats. I found it in the good old "Spirit in the skies" book...it was 71-0237. I hope to get around to building this one, in my case with 3rd TFW markings from 1987. Cheers, Stefan.
  4. Hi, Great to see that this sheet will go ahead. Back in the dark days of late February when I thought that Ukraine was going to get crushed, I bought a couple of Ukranian kits including an F-82. I don't mind at all that the sheet is going to be loaded with Korean war subjects...I look forward to the F-86 sheets as well. Cheers, Stefan.
  5. Hi, That looks great, Don. I also could not see the images earlier on, now I can. Cheers, Stefan.
  6. Hi, Sorry to hear about the fall, Dutch. I hope you get better soon. Thanks for doing this build, I'll be following with intrest. Cheers, Stefan.
  7. Cool! Really looking forward to this. Cheers, Stefan.
  8. Thanks for the review, Dutch. According to Robert S Hopkins III, these probes on the wingtips are not HF aerials. They are static booms. The cheeks and the hognose change the airflow around the forward fuselage where static ports and pitot heads are normally located. To get a more accurate static pressure readings, these booms were installed on the wingtips. The overwing aerial was indeed a HF antenna. Until it was mentioned here, I hadn't paid attention to it but there are indeed pictures of RAF "Airseekers" without overwing HF antenna's in Robert Hopkins' book.
  9. Hi, I think I saw on FB that Fightertown Decals will reissue their sheet with some new markings for the new added as well. Possibly they were aiming for a release arouund the US Nats. Cheers, Stefan.
  10. Hi, With all the program names that exist and that I forgot about, I had to google Lisa Ann to see that it was a previous name for Rivet Amber. I did know Rivet Amber and the connection with our friend Drifterdon. Especially on the 5th of June, I'd give Drifterdon a big hug. Stefan.
  11. Hi, The black tails for the Cambodia invasion were news for me when I read it in the Special Hobby instructions. If I had seen a picture of such a Cobra, I would have assumed that it had flown a lot and had accumulated a lot of soot from the exhaust. Does anyone know if the Hueys and Chinooks had their markings painted out as well? Cheers, Stefan.
  12. Hi, My B-36 sheets arrived safely and they're beautiful. I had been postponing the purchase of the Roden B-36. Now that Russia invaded Ukraine, I bought a couple before they became even rarer than the Hobbycraft ones. The Roden B-36B does not include the jet engines and only has the props with rounded tips. The Roden B-36D/F/H/J has both types of prop and the sprue with the jet engines is in there twice! So, if you have both kits, you could build two B-36's with the jet engines. I'm not too sure about which type of prop was used at what time. I know
  13. Fabulous! Thank you very much for sharing this great piece of work, Rémi. Cheers, Stefan.
  14. Hi, Good decision and a good choice of kit. I'm not sure if anyone will have the XM-35 bits to spare. Maybe you could buy the ICM "AH-1G (late production)" kit ICM 32-061 as well? As things look like now, the ICM kit will not be available for a while (maybe forever☹️) and Special Hobby won't be able to offer a re-boxed one with their nice upgrade parts. Maybe Special Hobby will release their upgrade parts separately one day. This may become the only way to sell them and there are probably some owners of a "bare" ICM kit who would be keen to obtain them.
  15. Hi, There seem to be sets for Tamiya kit 61120 (the P-38f/G). 1/48 Recon Lightning - Konwersje - CMK - KFS-miniatures I don't own any of these sets and I have no idea if they are suitable for recce variants that were based on the P-38J. Cheers, Stefan.
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