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  1. Stefan buysse

    Pair of Jugs

    Great work on a great kit here. I love Thunderbolts and have a couple in the stash. When i get around to building them, this thread is going to be a good reference. Neat link for the engine wiring too. Cheers, Stefan.
  2. Stefan buysse

    Top cover Spitfire

    Hi, Some work was done on the Spitfire. I ran into a bit of a dilemma: I saw in the Victory Productions decal instructions that "the rear window meets the canopy rail on the Mk VII". Knowing me, there's likely to be a bit of a mess if try to replicate that. I could also choose to ignore it and build a prettier but less accurate Spitfire Mk VII. As can be seen in the picture, I went for accuracy and shaved away the plastic that would be in the way of the rear window meeting the canopy rail. The metal bit on the canopy rail is a PE part from the Brengun set. You can also make out the special air intake for the pressurised cockpit. Spitfire 13Jan by StefanBuysse, on Flickr I have a set of Quickboost exhausts for the Hasegawa Mk IX that I'll be using on this build. Cheers, Stefan.
  3. Stefan buysse

    HB 1/48 LCM-3 in D-Day Markings

    Hi, No, I did not design the Molotow pen. On the contrary, I was not aware of its existence and I was glad you mentioned it because I could use something like that on oleo struts. Now I know what to look for. Cheers, Stefan.
  4. Stefan buysse

    F-4EJ questioon

    Hi, I haven't seen a picture of an F-4EJ with a Falcon either. Back in the 1970's, the F-4EJ's that made the most real QRA intercepts were probably from Chitose. They were undoubtedly photographed from the Russian aircraft that they intercepted. Maybe there are pictures on websites with Russian input. I haven't been surfing to these kind of sites, but perhaps someone with Russian language skills could find something. The relative remoteness of Chitose could explain that few pictures were made by outside photographers. I've been to the new Chitose (during the F-15J era) and I have met Japanese photographers there, but maybe there weren't many in the 1970's. Cheers, Stefan.
  5. Stefan buysse

    HB 1/48 LCM-3 in D-Day Markings

    Hi, Interesting build and great work on the scratchbuilt parts. Thanks for mentioning the Molotow pen. Cheers, Stefan.
  6. Stefan buysse

    F-5E/F question

    Thanks, Darren. That does look like them. Cheers, Stefan.
  7. Stefan buysse

    F-5E/F question

    Hi, While putting the decals on a 1/72 F-5F recently, I saw two groups of 5 tiny white stripes on the Furball Top Gun Tigers and Talons 48-056 sheet. I haven't found them on instructions, but they are included for all the F-5's on that sheet. Does anyone know where they should go? Cheers, Stefan.
  8. Stefan buysse

    Top cover Spitfire

    Hi, With one Tiger from the Top Gun GB finished and the other two clamped up, I started on this Spitfire. I had a look at the info that came with the Victory Productions decal set. Pete Brothers was a Battle of Britain ace who lead the Culmhead Wing during the D-Day period. With their presurised Spitfire Mk VII's they were given the task of top cover for D-Day. MD188 was his personal Spitfire with his initials on the side. With the lack of enemies at high altitude, they went on to fly a lot of low-altitude combat after D-Day. Flying MD188, Pete Brothers shot down an Fw 190 on the 7th of August 1944. By then, MD188 had lost her high altitude camo and had had the high-altitude wingtips replaced by standard ones. I plan to build her in the D-Day configuration What a view of the action these guys must have had. My Hasegawa Spitifre is boxing # 09587 "Sptifire Mk VIII Italian Theatre". I'm not sure if Hasegawa ever released a dedicated Mk VII boxing, but this one contains a special sprue F. It is marked "1/48 Spit Mk 7". Only the wingtips are needed for the Italian theatre subjects, but there are other Mk VII parts on that sprue. I will be using these parts, no need to remove the casting block from the Brengun resin part or use CA glue then. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Stefan buysse

    HMCS Kitchener K225

    Cool! You have beaten it into submission by the looks of it. If it were me, that thing might well have ended up on the shelf of doom with its warped hull. Cheers, Stefan.
  10. Hi, When I was kid, I saw a picture a USAAF Recce Mosquito. I've always found it fabulous. I gather that this is a variant that's not been done by Tamiya. In the box, it almost looks like two kits: Airfix added the needed new parts to an older classic Mosquito. Mosquito PR Mk XVI 05 Jan by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Cheers, Stefan.
  11. Stefan buysse

    Planned Builds

    Hi, I'd also like to build an Airfix Mosquito PR Mk XIV. Mosquito PR Mk XVI 05 Jan by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Cheers, Stefan.
  12. Stefan buysse

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Hi, Great work on that Tiger, Kurt. Cheers, Stefan.
  13. Stefan buysse

    The TOPGUN Trophy - Display Case

    Hi, Here's my first Top Gun Tiger. Top Gun F-5F 04Jan-3P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Top Gun F-5F 04Jan-2P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Until Ichitoe posts his F-16N here, the display case is a Tiger's den. Cheers, Stefan;
  14. Stefan buysse

    Furball Tiger 1/72

    Hi, She's done. I hope my other Top Gun Tigers end up looking a bit better. Top Gun F-5F 04Jan-4P by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Top Gun F-5F 04JanP by StefanBuysse, on Flickr A more pleasing image, I'm glad to have a model with the Top Gun badge on the tail. Beautifully printed. Top Gun F-5F tailP by StefanBuysse, on Flickr I'll post a couple more shots in the thread for the finished builds. Cheers, Stefan.
  15. Phantastic, Gary! I had missed the first version of this set and now it's an even improved version. It's going to be one of the biggest modeling projects of my life. Cheers, Stefan.