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  1. Good news, Bryan. There is a big red USAF on CD 144-04, it's near the bottom of the sheet, above the 2 yellow stripes. There are two big red USAF's on CD 72-070, on the sheet with the national insignia. Cheers, Stefan.
  2. Hi, I never owned one of those and I don't think I'd find one easily. I seem to remember from discussions on ARC that the Kiddyland model is good for a very early F-16. I had never heard of Kiddyland before and I don't think they're readily available either. Cheers, Stefan.
  3. I would not know where to find a decent FSD or prototype F-16 kit, but that sheet did rather well. My F4H-1 conversion set came without any markings.
  4. Thanks again, Chris. I'll look out for a Revell B-52G. I don't recall seeing one around here, but I might get lucky. Cheers, Stefan.
  5. Thank you very much, Chris. I do like that moose on the tail. Am I right in thinking that there is no ALCM modified B-52G kit that has the strakelets out of the box? Cheers, Stefan.
  6. Hi, I bought this sheet before I owned any B-52G's. Now, I found some GWH B-52G's at a discount in a Czech webshop and they're on the way over here. 🙂 The GWH kit is a B-52G without the "strakelets" at the wingroot. Could some of the B-52 experts here please help with the question of which of the G-model subjects on the sheet have the "strakelets"? Option 1 (57-6475): pretty sure yes because it's a Secret Squirrel mission aircraft. Option 2 (58-0177): pretty sure yes because it's a Secret Squirrel mission aircraft. Option 3 (58-0195): ? Option
  7. Thanks for the reference on the early F4H ejection seats, Bryan. I see that you have the Cutting Edge package. And that like me with my Brigade Models set, you find the project a bit daunting. My set is designed the Academy F-4B kit, with a Tamiya F-4B, I'd be even more nervous about cutting it up. The ones from the early test projects and record breaking flights are interesting and colorful, but I intend to go for the actual prototype. Cool story and pictures of the RF-4C's too. Cheers, Stefan.
  8. Yes! The F-4 early years sheet. I have the Brigade Models F4H-1 prototype conversion set waiting for that one. Bryan, Thanks for sharing these cool shots. The Edwards AFB snackbar story made me laugh. I'm glad you got away with it. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Great work! Thanks for sharing that. Cheers, Stefan.
  10. Thanks, Jari. Definitely an interesting photo. Imagine going out to drop 750 pound bombs at night with the help of flares that you drop yourself! Cheers, Stefan.
  11. Hi, RichB63 already answered the question, but that's a pretty neat picture. That looks like Zuni rocket pods under the starboard wing to me and I don't recall seeing Zuni's on a USAF F-4 before. I also don't recall seeing them on the aft stations of a MER before. Cheers, Stefan.
  12. Hi, As far as I know Eldorado Canyon (1986) was F-111F's only, no E's. The only combat for the F-111E that I can think of was Desert Storm in 1991, flying from Turkey. Cheers, Stefan.
  13. Hi, Thanks for starting this interesting thread, Deniz. I've had a look at my Kinetic F-104S and (unless I've overlooked it) that particular catamaran part is not in there. It looks like a stronger structure than the Sidewinder catamarans. I would guess that it was only used for bombs. The scene at the museum also seems to hint at that. I do not have an Esci F-104S. I have an Esci F-104C with a sprue which I think is common to other Esci F-104 kits. The part is not in there. The kit shows its age and even if the part was in the F-104S box, it would be o
  14. Hi, This one may have encountered some delays. I'm really hoping that there will be a 1/72 version as well. Cheers, Stefan.
  15. Thanks for the good news, Mike. This is the first place where I see it. Pretty cool that they're planning a thin-wing RF-4B, not just a boxing with decals for the last couple of RF-4B's with thick wings. Cheers, Stefan.
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