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CD48117 - 1/48 F-16C "Dark Vipers" Part 2

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CD48117 will be the follow-on to the very successful Have Glass V F-16 sheet. "Dark Vipers Part 2" will feature markings for three more units that recently painted some of their aircraft in the new Have Glass V scheme.


The aircraft on this sheet are:

-F-16C Block 42  90-0702, Ohio ANG (112 FS)

-F-16C Block 42  88-0539, Oklahoma ANG (125 FS)

-F-16C Block 40  88-0422, South Dakota ANG (175 FS)


Just like the first sheet, there are two sets of stencils and national insignia to allow you to build any two of the three options. Coming in the late January batch due in a couple of weeks.

It will be available simultaneously with a new 1/72 sheet that will have 5 Have Glass V options - see separate thread for CD72060.



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I received mine today and very nice they are too.

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