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1/48 F-20A Freedom Model Kit

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So I am going to try and post this build here.  I don't know how frequent the updates will be.  This is going to be the 3rd prototype (not sure which finish yet) and will be canopy down


So as far as the kit it seems generally nice detail and the plastic seems easy to work with so far 


Started with the cockpit.  Not very much detail on the sides (but i don't think there was much to start with).  The raised detail is nice but i used the decals.  With Microsol and Microset (i did 3 applications) they went down well I am leaving the seat and the clear piece for the HUD glass off for now




Seat is basic as well but passable for a canopy down build (for me).  I need to add belts





Fit of the front fuselage is pretty good.  I knocked down the alignment pins a bit and had to sand the cockpit sides (about 20 swipes with a fine sanding stick each side) and got this.  Some minor cleanup.  Note i was able to glue it from the inside for the most part 







The area in front of the IP gets another piece.  Has to sand it a little go get the HUD to fit in the notch for it.  Also a test fit for the nose piece with the guns and the random shown no major issues








That is it for now it for now 





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ok so had a few mins while the floor was drying (its cleaning day here) and got the nose on (and the RWR).  The RWR have 2 holes that need to be drilled (best before you put the 2 sides together) and they are different sizes (noted in the instructions).  The instructions are a little weird in that it says optional and gives you 2 part # and to do the same on the other side.  The optional part is adding the antennas.  The parts are the same for each side.  There are not 2 sets of parts just one so whichever one you dont use on one side is used for the other





Now the cover with the guns.  Careful test fitting is required. I sanded both the top and bottom 




also for this section i shaves some of the attachment point in front of the cockpit as it seemed that there was too much material for the lip on the part.  Be careful though this is one of the main attachment points (and there are only 2 top and bottom).  I thought about adding a strip of plastic but there is a curve and it would not have helped 



And now completely done.  It is not bad.  A little Valajio putty or Mr Surfacer should deal with the small issue







Overall pleased with the fit so far


Thanks for looking.  More to come 


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Works fine for me for the last 3 hours. Have you tried reloading the forum page?


Edit: I should not have clicked on the browser's refresh button after I typed the last sentence. Now they are gone here, too.

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Ok on to the next part.  These photos are on the new hosting site


Next up in the inner walls of the intakes.  These attached to the bottom of the fuselage are 2 pieces and have some optional photo etch








Here is the PE removed form the fret and installed 








More work in the next post 


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Ok this is adding the intake walls and wing halves


Some views after it is all together.  








There are pre done holes for the center line and the option to open up the holes for the 2 pylons on each wing.  I opened them all but may not uses them.  All of these holes have poly caps in them.  I had one fall out.  As usual i knocked down the locator pins.








Wings on Top and Bottom.  Control surfaces are separate pieces 






The intakes just end in blanks.  I may do something about that.  Not sure yet


Next is the fuselage but may take a little time.  I decided to order a resin nozzle and engine details (https://www.redstarscalemodels.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=K48085) This is a new to me company and they have some nice items so I wanted to try this one over the Wolfpack one.  The engine detail gets installed inside of the fuselage before gluing it in (can't just slip it in) 


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