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YB-60 1/72nd scale conversion

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Hello All

After 11 months, I have completed the conversion of the Monogram B-36 to the YB-60 Jet engined prototype.

It has been a long slog, with the USAF SIG's anniversary show at Telford as the must do by date.

The easiest part of the conversion was the fuselage with small changes on the nose and tail being required. The wings and tail empennage not so simple. I think I used 5 or 6 tubes of Milliput for that. The engines were donated by an old B-52 kit. The engine pylons were adapted B-52 pylons as well. The wings were kit wings modified by removing the original engines and a lot of filling.

Undercarriage is the SAC metal legs for added strength (it is kind of heavy). A new leg at the rear was fashioned from brass tube. Without that it would be a tail sitter, so thank you Convair for adding that.

Paint is Halfords Aluminium, with various other paints for contrast.

The markings are hand painted with decals for national markings.


I hope you like it.


















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