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  1. Where’s the PDU and LEF tubes?? Your LEFS aren’t going to work 😂
  2. Looks like a real viper not one just off the factory floor. Great work!
  3. Oh, I was talking OIF out of PSAB, I was deployed there Dec 02 - May 03. Sent birds in for “shock and awe”. We did carry One HARM and and a CBU-105 towards the end when all the SAM sites were knocked out.
  4. The loads depended on the mission that day. It was mostly one or two bags double LAU-118s with no AMG-88’s. Some times we’d fly one HARM but with no fins 🤷🏼‍♂️. Always 120’s on 1 & 9 and an AIM-9 on 2 or 8 and an ECMI pod on the opposite. Remember if your doing OIF markings the HTS pod needs to be on the pilots right.
  5. We got that POS from Edward’s when I was there, along with 844 a POS D-model. The cockpits were in really bad shape and the seats were constantly out to look for FOD.
  6. 812 is the 14 Fighter Squadron flagship, I was the Crew Chief on it back from 03-04. At that time it still had the “Let’s Roll” patch on the inlet. http://www.f-16.net/aircraft-database/F-16/airframe-profile/3184/ I see 886 on here a lot, that’s the “War Horse” from PSAB. If if you have any questions let me know.
  7. What tail number are going to do? I worked them all. I suggest 812 😀.
  8. I thought the caption should be, “If you hit that start switch I’m going to thump you in the f%#cking head with this mag light”. I had that happen one time on a 16, I wasn’t happy.
  9. It’s missing an AFTO 244! Some poor maintainer going to spend 12 looking for it and filling out a lost tool report 🤦🏼‍♂️😜. Awesome job.
  10. Beautiful work! Drop those GBU’s and put up a HARM! 😜
  11. Man, just like the DED panel these are amazing. You'll need to break off one of the tabs on the dim lever to make them look authentic. Than I can spend a 12 hr shift searching the cockpit for a tiny piece of metal. 😉 Amazing work.
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