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  1. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. PARKED

    I worked on C & D model F-15’s and this is one of the most realistic planes I’ve ever seen on here. AMAZING WORK!
  2. 14th FS Vipers Way Cool Video 2017

    Samari Wood!!
  3. Mc Donnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II - Academy 1:48

    As a past Wolfpack member and a lover of Phantom's this is an amazing build. Wonderful job Col Old's would be proud.
  4. EA-18G Growler

    Great build, it's sooo tiny. That unit came to Aviano to help in OOD/OUP with less than 200hrs and a brand new paint job. They parked that specific aircraft in my units hanger (the 510th) for fuels maintenance and my crew chiefs drew a huge male appendage on one of the external fuel tanks . Needless to say the units Master Chief Petty Officer came over and gave my leadership an earful. Again, great build.
  5. Nice looking job, I worked this aircraft at Nellis and have tons of 16 experience if you have any questions.
  6. Hasegawa F-16C Night Falcon

    Really nice job.
  7. 1/48 F-15C ONG 75th Anniversary

    Beautiful build. I worked 041 when she was at Nellis in the Flanker unit. This goes to show and can put lipstick on a pig. Wonderful build. I wish the active duty AF would allow more paint jobs like this.
  8. 1/48 Revell F/A-18F VX-23 Salty Dogs

    For a Cubs fan that's a nice F-18. ;-)
  9. 1/72 F-16CJ Wild Weasel--Col. Dan Hampton

    Nice build! That jet probably sat broke with the rest of the Gambler's while Misawa was down the tarmac taking care of business 😜.
  10. Amazing build. I love the razorback P-47.
  11. So yesterday this pic I took during OOD popped up on my screen saver and it gives a great look at a "real world" ALE-50 loaded. Enjoy.
  12. JASDF F-4 sea camo

    Great build, I loved seeing these when I was stationed at Misawa, I love the F-4.
  13. It's the two small squares on the back. The training mod slides out and the real would decoys are slid in. I wish I could find a pic for you but no luck. The rest of the back remains gray.
  14. I always thought the SEAD loadout was the baddest looking loadouut. I know this isn't the "Critique Corner" but ust one small thing I noticed and most people don't realize this. Your ALE-50 is painted on the back as a training load, it would be black with a "real world" load. Training: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ALE-50_towed_decoy_system#/media/File%3AF-16CM_2030_Turku_Airshow_2015_04_pylon.JPG Real world: https://topwar.ru/12650-buksiruemye-lozhnye-celi-raytheon-v-ale-50.html it's not the best pic but look at the back of the TF-3 launcher in pic about halfway down the page. Ih the dessert when they "walk'ed the dog" we'd have to go and search the runway for those stupid things, it was a pain in the fool. I was impressed with the back of your AGM-88's most people make the back red for some reason, the cap is always black. Again Awesome work.
  15. I saw this in the "In-Progress-Pics" and it's amazing. Probably the best block 50 Viper I've ever seen on here. Wish it was Misawa WW tail 90-812 though ;-). Amazing job!