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  1. This is an awesome build. My only to critiques would be if the gear is down and it's on the ground the Leading Edge Flaps should be at 2 degrees nose up, usually about 2 inches above the centerline. I'm guessing you'd have to cut them off and reattach them, though so I understand. My other is your IFR door is way to clean. The boom scathes the hell out of those things. Still, great work and an amazing build.
  2. I don’t know him. Once in a while I’ll see a name of someone I know on the side of the canopy on here.
  3. GD! That's one of the best Vipers I've ever seen on here. What's the name on the right side the canopy (The Crew Chief)?
  4. Great build. There's a really good book out there called "Viper's In the Storm" about the squadron during Desert Storm I'd highly suggest reading it. One of the guys friends was my Squadron Commander when I was stationed at Luke AFB.
  5. That’s really cool. The first jet I was a crew chief on (83-128) was camouflaged back in the 80’s was a test to see if F-16’s could do the A-10 mission. They carried a large gun pod on the cenertline station. From what understand it didn’t work well. http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd48056.html
  6. Amazing work so far. I crew F-16's for 20 years. I finished up at Langley AFB, and the original F-16 is hanging up at the Virgina Air and Space Mususem in Hampton. I remember looking at her and seeing the differences between all the C/D models I crewed.
  7. Great build. Don't forget your ACAP Pod (L-8222)on the front left missile station. https://phasehangarresin.com/products/48039-acap-advanced-capability-elta-el-l-8222-jamming-pod Pic of one on 494 with cover installed. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ad/F-15C_65th_Aggressor_Squadron_%288189062831%29.jpg
  8. That’s not fully true. I was in the 510th AMU at that time and there. There was only so many Sniper Pods to go around so we still flew the older LANTIRN pods too. My guess is the guy just didn’t know the difference or that’s all he could find. It’s still great work. I crewed 90-812 in Misawa.
  9. This is amazing work. Your weathering is spot on! I love how you only hit the areas where there's oil and grease leaks seeps out of the panel lines. That's something you really don't ever see on here.
  10. Amazing work. This is totally not on you, but I’ve seen this cockpit many times and the throttle grip doesn’t come out that far from the sidewall of the jet. In fact it rubs up against it and there’s a measurement on a Teflon bumper that has to be checked frequently. The throttle quadrant assembly (which is a complete bad girl to change, hardest part on the jet IMO) comes more up like an L. I guess it’s just easier for the model companies to make it this way.
  11. Amazing work. I really like how the gear is on it's way up. I worked on 2042 when I was stationed at Aviano, I was in the 555 AMU for two years (2005-2007). Again amazing work. ONCE GREEN!!!
  12. I’m sorry I don’t work on that program so I really can’t say. I know as a past 15 maintainer for a short time that horizontal stabs are composite, in this photo they look really dark. https://en.topwar.ru/170241-pervyj-istrebitel-f-15qa-dlja-vvs-katara-vpervye-vzletel-v-ssha.html I’d imagine all that dark green is a primer for composite areas, because you also see it over the top of the engines. The newer F-15’s might have a lot more composites (like the wing area) to save weight. I have got to fly in the simulator for these, holy s&!t it was amazing, nothing
  13. Amazing build. I work in the building these are built in. It’s always cool to see the green ones on there first flight. I’m excited about seeing the F-15EX soon enough.
  14. This is amazing work. I worked on 825 when I was in Misawa, she didn't have the 14FS tail flash back then though. I crewed the 14th Flagship, 812. I'm just happy when I come on here and don't see a block 50 with SW on the tail or the 5th AF jet out of Misawa. SAMURAI WOOD!!!!
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