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  1. F-16 Alaska Splinter, 1/48

    Holy 💩! That’s a sexy viper! Amazing work!
  2. I’m a 20 year USAF vet and F-16 crew chief, if you have any questions let me know.
  3. F-16 decals

    I suggest you build 83-128. She was a block 25 and the first jet I was a ADCC on. Go with the 309th scheme 😜. At one time she was “lizard scheme”. http://ad.revive-adservers.com/fcc58b30-6545-424f-92bd-30ac518fe46a?siteid=MTUyMDY1MTk1Ml8yMTI3NzMyXzU3NzE4MTU2Nw&sitedomain={sitedomain}
  4. 1/48 Tamiya F-16C Aggressor

    Amazing viper! Great work.
  5. F-16C Tamiya 1/48 blue splinter

    Really nice build, great job.
  6. Academy 1/48th scale F-16C Fighting Falcon

    Great build, awesome job. Just a heads up, the Mavericks rack only hold 2, the third stays empty. The space is too tight between the missle and wing tank, it would set fire to the tank 😲. Still, awesome build.
  7. F-18A+ Splinter Aggressor

    Yeah sprinter blue, 494 and 509. 494 was the better flyer of the two but they were both good jets.
  8. F-18A+ Splinter Aggressor

    Amazing work. When I was stationed at Nellis we begged to get an F-15 painted in that sceam, sadly it never happened 😢.
  9. Tamiya 1/32nd scale F-4C

    Great job! Wolfpack!
  10. My 2017 Production

    I found a pic I took back in the day. Does the canopy have SrA Myles’ name on it? He worked form me, really sharpe guy.
  11. My 2017 Production

    Great viper build. That was my favorite aggressor when I was stationed there.
  12. 1/32 Tamiya F-16C

    This is looking really amazing. I'm curious why your LEF's (leading edge flaps) are down a bit? Is that how the kit is made? When a viper is sitting on the ground they sit 2 degrees above the wing. You can kind of see what I'm talking about in the link below. Again, awesome work, just curious.
  13. McDonnell F-4C Phantom II, USAF (1/48, Eduard)

    Best Phantom I’ve ever seen on here, amazing.
  14. 1/32 Tamiya F-16C

    Got it, cool.
  15. 1/32 Tamiya F-16C

    Looking good so far. Are you going with Shaw or Misawa marking?