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1/48 Revell Lunar Module without Foil

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I'm going to start with this in an effort to Repopulate some old threads



This is gonna be a little different. I want to show all the materials I use to build up a Lunar Module.

The kit is from around 1968 ... and I have a before and after model but I want to build one, using damaged kits I got on ebay and build this one up, but it will have no paint ... just bare bones to show Resin, Styrene and various metals. 


This vehicle is fascinating to me ... as you can see, I've built a few of 'em, different makes, different scales and I've added a lot of scratch built details on 'em all ... and this one'll be a little different too!




And a couple of the donor 'kits'. 




I really wanted to use the silver one, but it didn't have enough donor parts, plus the White one is what the "before" looks like, so I'll use the White model. 


In addition to a lot of scratch building, I'll be using this LM update set from New Ware, Resin and PE.





I'll be removing this Quad plus one more.




I drilled a couple of holes with the Pin Vise and then sawed the quad with an Xacto saw blade.




The gluing by the previous builder wasn't that good and the top came off ... BONUS! It made it easier to saw the Quad.





The Ascent Stage will get a lot of attention too. The Antenna, the front Hatch, the 2 remaining thrusters will get removed and the seams will get sanded ... and much more!





Removing the Hatch. 




And the seams ... take a peek at the GAP at the little thruster housing just below the window. It always makes me smile when I read one of you aircraft builders whining about a tiny seam ...     :crying2: this is what I'm used to. Now this ... THIS is a seam!!

A newly released kit from Revell, uses this exact mould ... just about ALL the Real Space kits use old, old moulds. But, this is where the fun is for me!




Two embossings on the top had to be sanded down





This webbing needs to be removed





Just using a saw and chisel blades






I've got the Ascent Stage's black paint in Brake Fluid, but it doesn't seem to be working. Maybe it was Acrylic Paint ... man, rebuilding these already 'built' models, is a hoot!


This build shouldn't take too long ... thanx for taking a peek guys!

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The kit's Landing Gear needs some beefing up and some details added. But first I needed to see if I could remove the Landing pads without breaking them ... and ... could not. So I'll come up with another fix. I just snipped the pads off the struts.




These are the replacement pads ... 





I'm starting to build up 4 missing facets. This kit was designed using a Grumman prototype that still needed to go through many revisions. So these corrections to the kit are totally expected. You can see that I use just bits of styrene roughly fit together. As long as I've got a face that I can use as a guide for sanding, I'm good to go.





I shim gaps with styrene sheet, in this case .005" pieces around the thruster housing.





The four facets at the top of the Ascent Stage. I just roughly cut bits of styrene, glue them and then will fine-tune the shape with Trimming, Filing and Sanding. And they'll look just fine! This Stage will need, and get, the most work.


This is going quickly ... I've spent just about 6 hours over 2 days on this ... this may get done in the next 2 weeks!  :thumbsup:


Thanx for taking a peek!



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To thicken up the too-thin Landing Gear struts, I slice a piece of styrene tubing and slip it over the strut.







The ball on the tip is where the landing pad will be CA'd




The Modularized Equipment Storage Area ( MESA ) is next, It'll be hinged.







After 2 sessions with Easy-Off, the paint still didn't come off ... I'll try a 3rd time.





This is coming along nicely ... but the Ascent Stage will be the one that'll take the most time.



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 ... my style is to build pretty coarse and file and sand. Some other builders measure and cut very precisely and just attach the finished item. Me, I slap it on and refine it more on the model. 


Patching the removed webbing with .005" styrene sheet as well as building up the two bottom corners using .020" styrene.





The 2 resin corner pieces didn't fit this kit because they were designed for the later Monogram Lunar Module ... so I had to scratch build the 2 corners.




With all the handling and sanding, the cement bond failed and the 2 halves came apart. This is great. There are 2 items that needed access to the interior and I was hesitant to take it all apart ... but NOW!!  :yahoo:





Now I can drill out the overhead window




... and done






The construction is just about done, now it's just a matter of CA on the Resin and PE. 

There's still a lot to do, but for about 6 days work ... this is going really smoothly!

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The "eyes" need to be enlarged a bit. The toothpick is pointing to the pencil line guide. I'll just file it open. And I had to patch a little bit more too. That'll get filed and sanded.





New "eyes". I also backed the "eyes" with a triangular piece of styrene. 





The overhead hatch was a little too big to accept the resin hatch, so I enlarged it and placed a piece of PVC tubing.





I also added a .005" bit to fill a little gap.




The front antenna housing needed a little beefing up





... and sanding's done, so I can now place all the resin and PE pieces. 




Putting in all the aftermarket pieces should be a breeze. This stage is almost there.


Thanx for looking in guys!

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This one is the first kit, circa 1968, with foldable legs. The newer kit, which the New Ware Update was designed for, has fixed legs.


The Webbing that I removed earlier was replaced by a support strut




Getting' there. But with all the handling the Upper Docking Drogue, which was a PVC tube popped out and down into the assembly. So, I guess I found out that PVC and styrene cement don't bond well. I had a spare resin piece and built it up again and glued this new sub-assy back in.

I'm also drilling the holes to affix the various antennae





Almost ... almost done with this Ascent Stage. The Vent hoods are being attached ... about 18 of 'em





Out of sight is the Equipment Bay Radiator





With the new Upper Docking Drogue and some Antennae





The camera didn't wanna focus ... @#%$!! camera ... but this shows little .020" rods being inserted into the Thruster Bells for reinforcement






And ... done. The Eva handrail, Antennae, Thrusters ... all added on.

This was the delicate part. Those Antennae and other details really tested my patience.




Port Side













And top view






So this is as far as I go on this. No Paint, No foil, that model is already done. This model is to show all the parts and materials I used to build it up. It'll be displayed along with the completed model.



But now, the Descent Stage needs some work ... here I'm thinning the toy-like hinge joints on the landing gear




Notice the Downlock PE that was added






And ... you're up-to-date. This model should be done by the end of the week.


Thanx for taking a peek!




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The Descent Stage is my focus now and here I'm using Aluminum sheet, from a Lasagna pan to make some coverings. The pink piece is a Post-It note pattern





These little pieces are wrapped around the braces ... the toothpick points to the braces





The Pallets for the Lunar Rover, LRV, get placed on another Quad. And the RTG, Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generator, needs to be built.






The Pallet separations are installed. The Pallets go between 'em, but won't be shown on this model.

The Battery has also been installed to the left





The back of the Rover, LRV, is where these pallets would go. The little Rover was built a few years ago as my very first scratch build.





The parts for the RTG ... Copper wire, Aluminum sheet and styrene





The built RTG and the Landing Probes on the Landing Pads. On the Porch, you can just barely see the 'D' Ring near the handrail.





Filing down the toy-like hinges on the landing gear





A dry fit. Plume deflectors under the Reaction Control Thrusters need to be built and installed yet. It's close to completion!





I decided to use another kit's Plume Deflectors and these were what I have. Bent and distorted pieces. I contacted Revell for replacement parts and ... was denied. So, I'll hafta rebuild 'em.






Just a couple more things to do and it'll be done. Hopefully in the next couple days.


Thanx for looking in !

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You have no idea just how delicate it is ... you can't just pick it up to work on it. You have to place the fingers so it doesn't bend any PE or dislodge a piece of thin styrene ... yes, it's a real PITA ... but, it's done.



The Plume Deflectors are installed with lots of fiddling around to get 'em to fit. The original kit, circa 1968, didn't include 'em, so I had to adjust these ...


And the Landing Pads have been CA'd.








And with the Ascent Stage attached ...












The appeal of this kit, and the challenge, was to build this one because the Landing Gear fold. The newer kits depict the First Landing on the Moon. So to get the legs built up and still fold ... is key. The entire model consists of the LM in the Rocket's 3rd stage, and the legs need to be folded. 



Here's a few pix of the original 1968 kit and this accurized, modernized build up.











This one shows how the LM will fit inside the SIVB's 'garage' ... which is where the foldable legs come into play.




Thanx for taking a peek at this updated thread gents. I'll be updating a few more older threads over the next few days or weeks.



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Thanks so much for updating the thread Pete - so amazing!



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Thanx gents! 


Here's a couple more of the finished "naked" LM and the "all-dressed" Apollo 17 version ...



... with folded landing gear ... notice the folded LRV too.








Now all I need to do is complete this project too ... stay tuned, but it may take awhile!!  :rolleyes:





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Very impressive, Pete!  :)  You're kicking off the year with a blast!  Mind if i ask what kind of file that is -- the one with the bent tip?

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The file is one of a set of Jeweller's Files. This is one of the first things I bought when I started into this hobby 10 years ago. I've used them all at one time, and on one project, or another.



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Awesome, thanks, Pete!  Did they come with tips bent already, or did you do that yourself?   My only bent files are the ones I used for opening Humbrol lids after failing to find a flat-head screwdriver (why do crossheads always turn up whenever it's flatheads you're looking for).

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