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  1. Fantastic looking build! My favorite version of the 190.
  2. Fantastic work!
  3. I can stand open panels. It's a PITA to close them. Maybe make lines on the inside of the piece so people who want them open can cut then out.
  4. Wow! Outstanding build!
  5. Great looking build!
  6. Great looking build!
  7. I know, I was hoping someone had one they gave up on. Oh well.
  8. Hello all, I am looking for a 1/48 Testors SR-71 clear sprue. Let me how much. Apparently I lost it when I moved. Is there another alternative??? Testors no longer has replacement parts. Thank you, Richard
  9. I liked him in True Lies. My favorite two lines are: 1. The Vette, gets um wet. 2. Would a spy pee himself?
  10. Very nice!
  11. Very nice!
  12. Your comparing college to the NFL? As for Atlanta's defense, they were just worn out 1/2 way through the 3rd quarter. They were absolutely unstoppable in the 1st half; but you can not be on the field for 93 snaps and not get burned out. That's why there were 3 defensive holdings in a row, they could not keep up anymore. It's just like the NY Giants did to the Pats the last time, NY wore out NE's defense, game over.
  13. That is a great looking build!