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  1. The weathering look spot on! Really gives it the look of a mutli-mission a day aircraft.
  2. Outstanding build! One of my favorite aircraft.
  3. Great work. I'm always in awe of modelers who can make those nav. lights.
  4. I can not even imagine the emotions you all went through seeing that. BTW thank you for your service.
  5. I think the decals might be where this project derails.
  6. After reading the sad story of Ranger 12 of VQ-2, what is the best A-3 to start with in 1/48? I know there are many versions by Trumpeter; should I just go with the EA-3B version? Looks like I might have to come up decals for it. Anyone know of any?
  7. Working on the Academy AH-1Z and I am wondering if anyone knows what color the inside of the M197 turret should be painted? Thanks, Richard
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