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Laser aimer for badger airbrush

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I use a grazing light so that I can see the paint hitting the surface. This is not for aiming but to ensure the paint is going on slightly wet, but not too wet. I also paint in fairly close, like 0.25 to 1.5 inches.


I also wear a glove on my "holding the part" hand. First, it prevents camouflaged digits. Equally important for me, I can give my hand a test spray before I start spraying and during a session when I adjust the spraying pattern or "cough" the airbrush. During any prolonged spraying session, I'll stop spraying every 2 or 3 minutes and give the airbrush a quick blast of full air to prevent any tip issues.

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You would have to re-aim your laser target designator every time you change the distance between your airbrush and the painted surface. 


Or, you could use two beams parallel to the airbrush and your “aim point” would always be between the laser dots. 




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