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  1. First preview: AFV U-2D source: AFV club FB page
  2. If you use Mr Surfacer previously then Mr Color paints (whatever color), all thinned witt Mr Leveling Thinner, you don't need to put a varnish at all before decaling. And If you got silvering (very unlikely), you've just got to delicately puncture the problematic decals with a design knife and paint some Mr Mark Setter on.
  3. This one's collector: source:https://twitter.com/Kuranny3/status/1122359750023204864 Seems to be an a/c from CVW-5.
  4. Following and waiting for his AMK/Tamiya kit comparaison and future build/analysis of the AMK kit since weeks and in the end:
  5. More seriously, one of the few completed builds here: First time I see this kit with a closed canopy too. Builder tried to correct few things (panel lines and IFR door fitting by example) but not the whole.
  6. More importantly, it is absolutely not designed for the Tamiya Kit and needs a lot of work on the kit and on the main resin part to conform. See here: https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=it&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.modelingtime.com%2Ff-14-a-tomcat-tamiya-1-48%2F
  7. Nice. I like the subtle weathering and panel lining.
  8. Not a Hornet but a great ref shot: Source: AF
  9. You underthinned a lot. Surfacer 1500 is supposed to be thinned at least a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio with Mr Leveling thinner.
  10. How much do you used as dilution and which thinner?
  11. The only 1/48 F-14 (known to be ) in preparation is the GWH's one. The only F-14 made recently after or before the AMK, are the 1/72 GWH and Academy. As stated above, a good way to see if a design is a copy of another is looking if the same errors are present. GWH kit doesn't seem to have the numerous rendition problems of the AMK. Academy kit either.
  12. The machinemarks are not bullshit, there are here, on the cockpit side and on the intake walls. It all depends on the type of paint you used and the way you airbrushed your kit. With some kind of airbrush work, like the one of the author of Tom Models Kits, these machinemarks will "rise up". Reason why he sanded the whole kit and put coats of surfacer/check/sand/re-surfacer. Others will not use surfacer (and don't know what it is). The problem with part U2 is here too. Reason why there are so many kits with this singular seam between the main fuselage and the radar cover. Otherwise, why did AMK had to hide this area on the the promo shots ? And, I saw Janissary very good WIP months ago. He hasn't widden, but deepen the panel lines, just in case (as he said) they would disappear during the paint job. And he said himself having see others builds of this kit with non-deepen panel lines still there. So no, there's per se no problem with the size of the Tamiya kit, it's just the precaution one modeller took.
  13. Your words or more precisely your choice of words contradict your message. These are not "fancy reviews", these are reviews of people who actually build the kit for one and analyse the kit and compare it with Grumman blueprints for the other. So it is not fiction, fantasy or BS like you write, it's real. Nope. I never saw this kind of rough surface finish on a Hasegawa or a Tamiya kit or Revell, so no these surface finish is not exactly like any other quality kit. Period. And the flowmarks and others surface blemishes are present on the kit of the italian reviewer too, kit bought "in a shop in Rome". And about the size of the panel lines, we already saw a pertinent comparaison: Source:https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=129855&hilit=amk&start=120 Dark grey is AMK kit (obviously) and light grey is Tamiya.
  14. And about the fit of the main fuselage parts, this is the review made by builder of Tom Model Kits we saw previously (roughly translated):
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