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  1. And CSAR, Combat Search and Rescue. The second seat allows the team NFO+WSO to perform the Rescue Commander role.
  2. Great. They use the same design choice for the front canopy than the F-14 one. Way to go!
  3. The profile is wrong, but it's a very easy fix, few minutes with a sandsponge. Academy fixed it few years later.
  4. Really like the whole, technics and quality of the pics. What oil color did you use for this wash, is it a mix? The slightly purple shift really suits with the hornet TPS.
  5. Just hope they will provide a real something the HAS doesn't have.
  6. You can click on the comparison views given by Solo, just above. His pics are macro, so you can easily catch the difference. Panel and rivet lines are exactly the same. Better rendered details on the Hasegawa. Panel and rivet lines are more refined on the Hasegawa, but Meng ones are pretty good. So at this point, the kit is not as good as the Hasegawa, but is really good because you've got to know the a/c and the HAS kit to spot the difference.
  7. They released some pics today. LAU-127s and stuff.
  8. With last boxings and the updated molds for the Growler kit, you can make a pretty decent BlockII (E or F) OOB. You've got the penultimate nose landing gear doors, ACS cockpit, ECS new vents.
  9. I will take at least one. And hope they adress the very few shortcomings and errors the Hasegawa kits got.
  10. Extreme weapon pylon's weathering: Source: https://twitter.com/ITEM87177
  11. these ones are pretty new, with new markings: source: https://twitter.com/iwakuni_state
  12. Nowadays, the limiting factor isn't resolution or price, it's the user. Because, you 've got to master lot of skills, CAD Design, Print design, how to use and maintain a 3d printer. One important thing: these printers don't come with an instruction manual or a useful one, you will learn everything by yourself or with the help of the community. So it's a wise thing to not look only the price or performances of the printers (frankly, for a given LCD, those are all the same), but the size of the community. Another important thing: resins are toxic for your health
  13. here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028330-usn-usaf-tps-ghost-greys-comparison-chart/
  14. More pics, some IWK love: Source: https://twitter.com/iwakuni_state/status/1255078128700887046source
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