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  1. A French famous builder, they used as expert. When first pics emerged and problems arose, they threw him and the other experts under the bus and naturally he reacted, describing how years ago he provided AMK a long list of perceived defaults (like the problem with the aft fuselage) and how he got absolutely no news about them and this list and if problems were solved or not.
  2. Because Tamiya was supported by Northrop-Grumman. So they 've got plenty of source material to check, recheck and triple-check geometries on the real planes. You can see some pre-release and post-release public design reviews by Tamiya engineer teams on Youtube, like this one: or this one: They litteraly make what rivet counters usually do here, to explain and critic their own creations. I hope one day they make a video like those about a aircraft kit. AMK, no one knows. They don't have a 3D scan of a Tomcat, for sure, but how they work, big question. All we know, from the testimony of some experts they used, is "it's not very professionnal".
  3. Prove it. We need to find pics of the real A/C showing how the transition spine/fuselage is, it's tricky because we need the good angle between A/C fuselage and the sun/ Maybe this pic describes very well the transition (high res and cliquable as always): Same here: So on the real A/C, the turtleback stay notably curved very far till the red line you drawed.
  4. Remember the discussion about both canopies? Single part option: Both options Multipart option showing the problem underlined previously:
  5. Look page 183, there are numerous pics in every angle of a built kit. It's not the lighting. Side: Top Last pic shows it the most.
  6. Take a look at the spine and where it ends. Take as a reference both inclined lines. Now look at a real tomcat:
  7. Good catch. A nearly one inch misplacement.
  8. I was answering when I saw your post. You write it better. Bullseye.
  9. You really don't see something strange in the fact that a manufacturer, despite the release of the kit near, refusing to (finally) provide pics or drawings about its own kit? And it's not as if it's a new trend for this company. We already saw "strange" or let's call them unorthodox practices in the past, like asking people not take photos of partially built kits on a show (what seriously is the point presenting a kit in a public show and asking people to not take photos?), asking people or moderation on forum boards to remove the same photos, or outright creating a close FB group and banning people who dare to share pics with people outside. And you know what suprises me the most? The fact some people not only accept this kind of moves but support and enforce them.
  10. You know, normally people would not have to ask this type of question. It is litteraly an aberration. It simply underlines how "strange" is the relation beween AMK and (potential) customers. So, yes, at the 200+ page, on a topic about a model kit, we have to ask the manufacturer to provide a pretty basic and consistent rendering of the kit, which is supposed to be released soon.
  11. By the way, isn't it the good occasion to provide 3 sides view of the kit, something which will definitely close this discussion here and elsewhere?
  12. There's absolutely no difference in the area we're talking about here. Reason why other manufacturers use the same sprues for the main fuselage of A and B/D models.
  13. It may help, more than 2000+ photos of Tomcat in every angle possible: https://nara.getarchive.net/search?q=%23tomcat one example, focus on the aft fuse side (cliquable as always) Note we can see the kink.
  14. It's weird. This summer and after, there are 3 majors releases, Eduard P-51, Tamiya P-38 and GWH new Su-35 boxing. One kit is already in sale. One kit is supposed to be released in october. Last kit will be released soon. For the 3 kits, we've got pics of detailed and sharp pics of finished kits and gazillons pics of sprues. Eduard surpass themselves and litteraly show their kits in fuller detail, explain the design choices, etc. Now, here, we've got just one pic of the more advanced build of the kit, provided here sunday by gb_madcat_sl. And if you look the pic closely, the kit on it is almost done, major parts are assembled and painted. And since, it seems the builder is more concerned in a comparison with the Tamiya's kit than finish the kit, and show how accurate it is.
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