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  1. The difference in details and engraving is quite noticeable. Photo is clickable:
  2. An interesting fact about this build, is the builder previously finished a Hasegawa F-14A. And concerning the AMK kit, he really is struggling with the very same spots we saw on the few WIP online, i.e joint cockpit-fuselage and joint fuselage- intakes.
  3. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Aggressor.Adversary/permalink/2559562607431427/
  4. I think you're turning the tables. The strange and suspicious behaviour on a plastic model kits forum isn't talking about kits and in particular the kit subject of the topic, the strange and suspicious in my opinion, is all these posts attacking people who talk about the kits. And I think there's too many of these posts to define them as systemic.
  5. Because GWH and their spokeperson on ARC and on the internet don't behave the same way as AMK. See last GWH announcements, the new boxing of the 1/48 Su-35 and the 1/72 Su-35. Gazillions photos in high resolution of sprues and finished unpainted models + content description + release date. Now spot the differences between these announcements and the typical AMK annoucement. Spot the difference between the focus and contents of these topics and the AMK ones. One indication: it tooks 3 years to see plastics parts of these Tomcat and 4 to see a completed build.
  6. A dry-fit build by a pretty experienced japanese builder: There are lot of others videos of his WIP. Example, when I tackle the fit cockpit-fuselage:
  7. There's a recurring scheme by AMK, they always try to put the funding burden on someone else. First it was on distributors, reason why we saw so many distributors simply drop the brand. Then, it was on customers, with this infamous Indiegogo crowfunding. Why others brands don't do these preorder heresy? Because preorders don't make money, it's just a part of the revenues, which comes earlier. If a company want/need some cash and early critics about their future product, they usually make as Tamiya with their "white box" kits.
  8. You miss the first point. How can you cancel a crowfunding investment when the money's already sent, the creator disappeared and the platform doesn't care? There's no surprise they didn't choose Kickstarter on this one.
  9. This one is easy: - first, to cancel a preorder, you've got to reach someone. AMK folks disappeared years ago. - second, to know there's a problem, you've got to be informed by the manufacturer. See statement above. - third, to know there's a problem, you've got to be informed by others customers. AMK found the way, they simply deleted complaints from Indiegogo backers, amongst other things. Imagine being someone who didn't read these topic and knowing nothing about this never ending story.
  10. Same thing with the intake parts. He explained that he wrestled with them a lot, with clamps and other tools. Despite these mesures, he's still got problems. And it's exactly the same area, same problems you can find on other builds, they simply don't conform with the fuselage underside.
  11. You're talking about these assemby? These particular fit/gap is present on all builds I saw, Zacto pointed this aera earlier too. In fact, in this case, builder have to pick his poison: - reduce the angle between the top fuselage plan and the tail part, in this case, major putty + sanding work is localized at the underside. - choose a middle position, and work to do on both topside and underside. Most builds I saw, builder just skip this sequence (eventual putty+ sanding sessions) and skip the underside or close-up photos on the finished model.
  12. Look at the picture: - both parts of the IRST do not fit exactly despite they are glued together. - rivets and panel lines are not only soft, they have different sizes too. - some panels lines and rivets lines aren't even straight. Some fit problems are present on every WIP and the few built kits I saw. It depends on two things: builder proficiency and how the parts of the kit fit together. Clearly, the builder here doesn't know what is dry-fitting. But the kit doesn't help, I saw other builder having problems in the eaxct same aeras. It's not surprising we saw so few builds of this kit.
  13. It's interesting to see the difference, no the gap between pics of the kit during the review/ad here: https://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=40611&page_d=0&idp_d=0&idc_d=1&show_html= and pics of the WIP like this one: Not glamour anymore. Yikes.
  14. I'm pointing the fact the very same people who, in the past explained people've got to wait the plastic parts and the release of the kit to make a statement about an inaccuracy/problem, are explaining now that "the average Joe" are laughing about Zactoman analysis and cie, about the topic size, etc. What do you think it will happen when someone decide to make a WIP and underline and correct inaccuracies and problems on the kit? I'm following maybe two of the few public WIP of the kits and it really is not an enjoyable journey for the builders.
  15. I doubt we will. See the actual situation: the kit is supposed to be released since one or two months. How many people bought it here or on the other major model boards/ social networks? Few. How many of these buyers start a online WIP ? Fewer. It follows the same trend we talked about earlier, the manufacturer himself seems less and less eager to promote his own kit. Of course, I don't count people receiving free kits to overgloss a review. And the most important: to make a superb build of a kit, you need to have a keystone, a good kit, but also good references and the freedom to criticize, modify and upgrade the kit. The problem is it's nearly impossible here or elsewhere to point out a defect/problem/inaccuracy of this AMK F-14D Supertomcat (sic) kit without an appareance of same people explaining "it's only a kit" "you certainly work for this manufacturer" and other sophisms. How can someone build a kit in such circumstances?
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