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  1. It´s not a school science fair and I personnaly don´t expect free kits, so I don´t care pointing defaults when I see some. AMK seems to have problems with cockpit, headrest and ejection seat proportions and dimensions. Remember the kfir? http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/266036-the-148th-scale-kfir-showdown/ seem pretty deep for me. if there´s a gap between two supposed perfectly plane surfaces, there´s a warpage problem. Take a look at all the relatively rare images of assembled parts in this kit. There are several build problems, noticeable gaps between parts. And it´s not 3d printed parts this time. Someone already talked about this, but it´s not a surprise how pictures released by AMK are so-so. And they had the same problem in the past... in the kfir kit.
  2. - headrest proportions seem off. - recessed steps seem to shallow and proportions seem off too. - details seem shallow. - some recessed lines seem shallow, others too deep and wide. - they just decided to put a heavy recessed line all the way, out of nowhere: http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason2/f-14d/images/f-14d_050_of_103.jpg. This line exists, but is almost invisible in real life: https://www.navy.mil/management/photodb/photos/030415-N-4142G-141.jpg Most "surprising" thing is how warped these parts are. Look at the two-part headrest, this gap. Look at the separated inner wall part and how it doesn't fit with fuselage part.
  3. The RGB hex is useless, it's for computer screens, not print. For prints, you need CMYK or the pantone code. FS36375 CMYK:
  4. https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-35/f-35b_profile01.shtml
  5. And this toned down directive was cancelled few weeks later. Several pretty neat show birds were lost for nothing.
  6. Nope. Several people talk about this in the classic AMK FB page, no answer either. AMK rep showed up and of course, ignored them. And yes, it's clearly fraudulent.
  7. I completely lose tracks, too many CVW changes. hi-res: Seems the BK are still in the CVW-11: So CVW-11: USS Theodore Roosevelt. Modex 1**: VFA-154 Modex 2**: VFA-31 Modex 3**:? Modex 4**: VFA-87
  8. You mean the line demarcation on the nose? No, it's the typical "sunburn" caused by the AESA radar, it's a pretty useful sign to know if the a/c is AESA equiped or not.
  9. AC Grey seems to be AC Clear with grey pigments. It seems these grey pigments don't interfere a lot with the printing properties. In the beginning, I used to stir resin in the vat before printing. I don't stir anymore and it still works. Seems AC doesn't care much about the grey color, so yes, some AC greys are darker. AC grey is great for prototyping. But I can barely stand the smell, it gives me strong headaches. I did some mods to extract fumes and smell. It's safer and quieter. But after this bottle, I will try another greys. With my consumption, it's not a big problem to try better quality resins, like the Harz Lab ones.
  10. Exemples with AC Grey printed made last week. AC Grey. LT: 40 microns. ET: 12s BET: 90s Print time: 4H and something. Files inspected, corrected and hollowed with MeshMixer. Supported and sliced with ChituBox. Yeah, my IPA was pretty saturated, I will change it next time. With bare eyes, print lines aren't discernable. Neither with desk magnifier (12X). Only lines discernable are some voxels. Heads are 30mm-high.
  11. didn't know this one. Added to the shopping list.
  12. GSI Creos advise and japanese pro modellers use ratios between like to 2:1 and 3:1, ideally 2.5:1. You can really thin lacquers like these Mr Color paints a lot without problem.
  13. Yes, it's a very early 3D model, not yet rendered. You can compare it with SU-25's ones, very detailled, with shadows, rivets etc.
  14. Last deco directive sure is tough. But not for everyone. Source:https://twitter.com/MomoAtsugi
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