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  1. Nowadays, the limiting factor isn't resolution or price, it's the user. Because, you 've got to master lot of skills, CAD Design, Print design, how to use and maintain a 3d printer. One important thing: these printers don't come with an instruction manual or a useful one, you will learn everything by yourself or with the help of the community. So it's a wise thing to not look only the price or performances of the printers (frankly, for a given LCD, those are all the same), but the size of the community. Another important thing: resins are toxic for your health and environment, it depends on the person and the resin but some give serious headaches. Some printer designs aren't userfriendly in this domain, so you will need to find and install a resin fumes evacuation system. But it's a great improvment, in fact a quantum leap in modelling. You can litteraly think about a design the morning, design it in a couple of hours, set a print, print it and use a printed part at the end of the day.
  2. here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028330-usn-usaf-tps-ghost-greys-comparison-chart/
  3. More pics, some IWK love: Source: https://twitter.com/iwakuni_state/status/1255078128700887046source
  4. System is designed for BVR acquisition and tracking. At these ranges, fwd fuselage doesn't block much.
  5. Correct. Same thing with VFA-143, their CAG jet got the new ones.
  6. Nope. VFA-103 got the new ECS after the first combat cruise.
  7. The whole sequence doesn't make sense. The a/c surfaced eleven years ago (wow I didn't remember it was so far), they tend since the begining to overhype and overgloss every sortie the prototypes make. They never attempted weapon separation and verification tests and didn't make comments/videos/media coverage about it. The most we saw about this, is one very blurry video. And now after the crash of the first production model before it was ever delivered, event which still doesn't get an official statement about his cause, they just decide to make missile launch from internal weapons bay. And one thing more: it is me or bort numbers of the numerous a/c on this clip are purposely hidden/edited thanks to this Michael Bay edit style? These a/c really look like the previous prototypes of the Su-57.
  8. I doubt it will work. ATAC recently lost a bid for Adversary training services where they proposed F-16 (the AM version). Their bid was way more expensive than the Tac Air's one (w/ modernised and improved F-5). If F-16 is too expensive to operate, I doubt F-18 could be a better solution.
  9. with 2, 3 fuel tanks, or any operational loadout?
  10. We have a winner here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/14/technology/coronavirus-purell-wipes-amazon-sellers.htmlhttps://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/14/technology/coronavirus-purell-wipes-amazon-sellers.html
  11. The last Growler unit, VAQ-143, is coming, and will fill the gap in the CVW-8. The need for more purple squadrons is more present, so VAQ-131 became an expeditionary sq one year (or more) ago.
  12. Really? Because it seems to have a decent fit according to some reviewers:
  13. Or you just have to find videos of those nail polish to see how color change depending of the light angle: example:
  14. - Different versions. - Different operators. - long operational career. - Different decorations and camos, some of them emblematic. - wingfolded option. - pretty big fandom - high potential for superdetailling (rotative bomb bay...) - iconic design. Sorry, but you're wrong, I think the bucaneer could be a pretty big seller, not at the Me-109/Spitfire/Mustang/Tomcat level, but it will sell very well in UK.
  15. try this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NICOLE-DIARY-Chameleon-Mirror-Nail-Polish-Sequined-Glitter-Decoration/163072188434?var=462203550740&hash=item25f7dc2012:g:Gr0AAOSwlgNbDR6N
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