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Space Assault Ship Toranaga

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In keeping with the series Star Blazers I decided to build my own Space Battleship Yamato.  Unfortunately after I took a close look at the modifications they made for the series and decoded to abandon the project and just put my extra Yamato kit on the shelf.  As things go I just couldn't let it go.  Here I had a kit that I paid 30.00 dolllars for and ended up with a second box of parts from another kit.  Eventually I got an idea, During the war the Japanese converted several types of warships into hybrids that could aircraft or in some cases took large ships and converted them into aircraft carriers, why not this one?

I started to think about different ways I could convert my kit.  


Using the star Blazers kit as a rough guide, I started to test out ways to make  the conversion.

I started by putting on a new deck made out of a sheet of plastic.  

I took off the rudder and drive shaft parts and extra sheeting on each side for heavier armor and to cover up some of the contours of the hull.

The wave motion gun of the original ship was not needed so I added a different type of heavy energy weapon in the bow and the heavy shielding around the two main gun turrets, a modified superstructure slightly smaller engine and a ff;ight deck.










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Too cool! I'm going to enjoy this one. I love the thought of a scratch built SBY themed ship. You might be better making your own fins as at least you'd get the size you want 😁

Hey speaking of SBY, do you have any images or links to of the new Andromeda which apparently has a smaller bridge and more guns? I can't find anything on it and I trust my source to be correct 

Anyway I am taking a front row perch for this build.  Can't wait for the next update 

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Here's a new update.



The bay doors to the parking and maint. area.  There are two access doors, one on each side of the patch and another , smaller door on each side of the extended area.


The upper access area to the main engine.



Some of the defensive weapons.  

.On the top row are the quad pulse guns, one step below then are the smaller turret guns that slide into position on their rail system. 

. IMG_0049_zpshqo2uon2.jpg

Under the ship, instead of having a  permanent structure suspended under the, this class ship has two sensor units that can lower into position when needed.  They are protected by a armored shield.  



A few changes made the bridge into a new class with a more open bridge view, thanks to a aircraft canopy.  The top of the superstructure is from a Macross Valkyrie and radars will be added to the ends and top of the tubes just before painting.  Some access hatches were added for maint. work and the tracks for the outer gun are more visable at the moment.

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Are you scratching the main superstructure base shapes? If so - that's so bloody awesome I want to cry.

I like those sensor ideas too, but I reckon a small viewing platform could look cool: sort of a sleek gun turret shaped window  dropping midships between the 2 sensors? Like a mini third bridge but more in profile with the hull as opposed to sticking right out.

I like how your keeping that WW2 theme going as well

Great stuff all round Thom! Can't wait to see more :cheers::thumbsup:



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Basically the superstructure is from the kit but I did some modifications like the two level bridge shape, mover the smaller turret closer , cut down the funnel and turned it into a large missile launch platform, and added a small platform for a couple more sensors sitting on a piece of photo etch.


Access ladders are being added to the three forward turrets, the quad guns, the corners of the side gun area and maybe a couple other areas where maint. teams may have to work.  A few areas will have railings as necessary along with some airlock hatches, either vertically or on the deck.

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Getting closer to the end now.  The ship will be in three colors, two shades of grey and red brown.  I'm thinking of adding the typical linoleum brown on the decks of the superstructure and maybe a pattern decal on the flight deck.



I've added a communications array with a protective deck section around the more sensitive areas of the bow to shield it from radiation effects when the main weapons are fired.

There will be some re-enforcement braces added to the bow shield.



A couple tail guns have been added on each side of the engineering area as well as the screened platform at the edge of the deck.  They would be raised or lowered as necessary just like the antenna in front of it, which will also have a navigation light added to the front of the spike.



The pagoda structure has a scanner array added to the end of the bar and another type will be added to the front of the bar.  These will be able to swing up or down to a better scan  and will complement the round scanners on both sides just below the bar.  Another array will be added to the back of the pagoda.



The box launchers can be seen on their swivel mounts above the main guns.

I found a couple places that needed a little more work and will be repainted this weekend.

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That will be posted shortly, I hope.


Sometimes you have to wonder what kind of reaction this project would have on the people who created the original Space Battleship Yamato.  Would they like it? 


What do you think?

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Here's the next set of pictures as we get close to finishing.



The lower area under the landing deck   Partway down the dark area is the hanger door that protects the launching bay for the ship's fighters.  A similar door is on the other side and each is protected by a triple gun turret just below the opening for the launch bays.  The turrets can slide out for a short distance to provide a extra amount of protection.




Here's the engineering section showing the housing for the main exhaust.  The twin tail stinger turrets are mounted and can give a wide field of fire if necessary.  The upper engine shielding has been painted since this picture was taken and the main engine nozzle will be mounted after a little more detail work is done.




Almost a full length shot.  I considered adding a couple large fins but this is a new class ship with a different mission.  The idea is to get as close as possible to its objective without being seen.  The larger antennas might be spotted and could end up having the ship mistaken for the Yamato, which would attract a lot of unfriendly and unwanted attention.  Her job is similar to the small carriers I use today but with more firepower but not as much as Yamato or other class space battleships.




The gravity plating for the landing deck has been added.  A red and green beacon will be added to the front of the side mounted antennas which will have the ability to move up and down as necessary to keep clear of weapons fire, moving small craft, or just to signal by their position, like the old semaphore system, except you are using high power antennas instead of people outside.





Some of the most delicate work are the photo etch antennas on the to of the pagoda superstructure, both at the end of the horizontal supports as well as on the front of the bar as well as the rear of the tower and on the deck near the bow.  Some of these are ship's radars in a different scale and the others are pieces I threw together from various parts.




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that's looking awesome! Great work!!!

What about the possibility of launch rails shown in the raised position on the rear deck? I personally feel there needs to be something on the rear deck, but I'm sure you have something in mind.

Either way - I am really enjoying this one

Keep the updates coming and I am looking forward to seeing what you'v done for the nozzle!

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Were you referring to launching fighters?  

The main purpose of the landing deck is for launching and receiving utility craft like shuttles and other light craft as well as having its fighters land to be taken through the bay doors and prepared for another mission.

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I was planning on my next design to be a fire support ship.  I don't have a lot of ideas about this one yet except that it will be based on another famous battleship.  It will probably have a limited amount of fighter craft but I will look into the rails for that one.

It's a shame that I can't seem to fine small fighters and other craft that I can use on these projects.

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Almost to the end now.


The bow looking form the bridge.




The rear of the superstructure and the two missile tubes in the funnel.




The heavy energy cannon located just under the bow.






Two flight deck support vehicles and a possible visitor.






The main bridge and the rotating missile banks on each side.  The forward floodlight as well as the one on the starboard side can be seen.  The forward light has a shield to protect the bridge.






Finally, the main engine nozzle.  You can also see the smaller auxillary engines under the ship.





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Thanks, I only have a couple little things to add and then it's on to the next ship, a fire support ship.  I already have a ship to use for it.  As I go along with this one, see if you can guess what the basic ship was originally.

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