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MH-60S in 1/48th scale?

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  Are there any conversions and/or kits that provide the necessary parts to build the MH-60S in 48th scale? What would be the easiest route to build that air frame?

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2 hours ago, JEFlint said:

Isn't the MH-60S similar to the MH-60L? 


If that's the case, I'd start with an MH-60L as the basis of the conversion. Might not have too much to change. 

Similar yes.  Sierras are essentially Army Hawks with a Navy rotor head.  The difference aside from the paint job would be in the cabin and cockpit details, and perhaps mission equipment.  If accuracy is what you are after, then just check your references. 



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On 11/5/2019 at 10:11, Dave Roof said:



  ¿Existen conversiones y / o kits que proporcionen las piezas necesarias para construir el MH-60S en la escala 48? ¿Cuál sería la ruta más fácil para construir ese marco de 

check the page of Xtream Modelers Studio en face, there is the MH-60S Knighthawk interior and exterior set in 1/48
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