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  1. That's a great looking build! Is it safe to say that all the parts for a Delta are in the new boxing?
  2. If I remember correctly, the order mandating the change of the rims was in 96 or early 97. I remember changing them out, but I dont remember if it was a simple Modification Work Order (MWO) or an Aviation Safety Action Message (ASAM). Why does that matter? ASAMs are more urgent and immediate, where as MWOs are implemented as soon as convenient, which would narrow or expand the timeframe for the new 14 bolt rims across the fleet. I think it's safe to say anything after Y2K day will most likely have 14 bolt rims. HTH -Ramon
  3. NEVER EVER armor all the tires, that is a big fat jinx for sure!
  4. if you can get them, I highly recommend Akan paints. They have a set for Iranian colors that is a perfect match out of the bottle. https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/c61/Ir_Acrylics.html#/ Hope this helps! -Ramon
  5. Summer of 98? If so, you were the guys that replaced us, and we were there at the same time, at least for a week or so as we did the transfer. I remember pulling overnight QRF and seeing a bunch of Hooah 1st Cav dudes doing PT as we were ending our shift and going to bed. Small world! -Ramon
  6. WOW! this is some awesome work, I can't wait to see it whenit's finished! -Ramon
  7. Hello LooseSeal, Just so you know, nothing was ever placed under a seat on any Black Hawk. The seats are designed to stroke down in the event of a hard landing so placing anything underneath them was forbidden. Hawkwrench's diagram is a pretty good reference to follow for laying gear out. Hope this helps. Cheers! -Ramon
  8. Similar yes. Sierras are essentially Army Hawks with a Navy rotor head. The difference aside from the paint job would be in the cabin and cockpit details, and perhaps mission equipment. If accuracy is what you are after, then just check your references. -Ramon
  9. I would advise against using any of the Academy parts as a reference point. Academy's H-bar should look like a lower case h, hence the name, but instead they made it look like a Y-bar.
  10. Externally, the only difference between an Alpha and a Lima is the pilot's step fairing. If I remember correctly, Limas got additional/larger vibration absorbers so the step fairing was larger. The tail number is no longer a distinction, since Alpha birds have been getting upgraded to Lima standards, but for what its worth, Alpha tail numbers started with the 23xxx series and went through to the early 26xxx series. The newest Alpha I ever worked on was 88-26062. Limas started to come off the production line I think sometime in 1988. Also, ESSS and HIRSS were retrofitted to most Alphas, bu
  11. Based on what we saw in the video, I would say you could backdate it to an A/L IF you acquire a stabilator and instrument panel (and pilot step fairing for an Alpha) from an old Academy kit. No idea how they would fit, but I am sure that would be a great place to start... As for antenna configurations, there were quite a few different set-ups during the 80's and 90's so i would check your references for that. Cheers! -Ramon
  12. I got this kit in my stash, and I look forward to following your build so that I may learn from your experience! -Ramon
  13. Looks good dude, especially the seat belts! -Ramon
  14. Found it, thanks for the help! Cheers! -Ramon
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