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Converting 1/32 TamiyF16CJ to F-16I

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Hi all 


I know I'm posting a bit on F16s.  However it's the fast jet I know least about due to the many versions and small details which differ on version to version.


I'm planning to convert a 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ to a F16N.  So my plan is as follows


Purchase the 1/32 GT resin small mouth intake for it

Purchase the 1/32 avionix F16 block 30/32 cockpit wet

Ommit the two small parts on the tail which create a small air intake

Eliminate the gun and gun port on the F16

Put the landing lights on the main gear struts

Buy the 1/32 SAC metal landing gear and put the small tyres from my Thunderbirds kit on it (does anyone know if the 1/32 SAC metal landing gear made for the Academy kit will fit the Tamiya kit? And is this SAC set the lightweight landing gear?)

On the main landing gear wheel bay doors, I will sand off the humps on both doors so they are the flat doors used with the light weight landing gear.

Put the relevent antennas on in the correct places and place an ACMI pod on the right wing tip


Now can anyone tell me anything I've missed or anything I need to do to make the conversion?


As I understand it, the airframe of the F16C block 30 is the same as the F16N airframe IE - tail and tail base is the same on both versions


Any help with answering my questions on the 1/32 SAC landing gear would be appreciated or anything I've missed in making the conversion


Thanks all for reading and if anyone can help in anyway.







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Thought you got answers on how to convert the F-16CJ to an F-16N in your previous posts? 

You can leave the gunport in place - it was only the gun that was removed, not the gun port. Otherwise your post above summarize well what is needed. 

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Thanks Niels.  Just one thing I haven't got a response too is can anyone tell me if the 1/32 SAC metal F16 landing gear #32020 which is designed for use on Academy F-16 kits is the lightweight landing gear?  Secondly, does anyone know if it will fit the 1/32 Tamiya F16CJ kit using Aires wheel bays?  Do you know Niels?  Or does anyone else know?  I've looked everywhere and it's the only set of landing gear I can find except for the 1/32 SAC F-16 landing gear for the Hasegawa kit (which is very different in dimensions to the Academy and Tamiya kits)  So I'm assuming as Academy only make one F16 kit with heavy landing gear being the F-16I SUFA, then I'm also assuming this SAC landing gear for Academy F16s is the lightweight landing gear.  Can anyone let me know?



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Also guys I bought the 1/32 Aires F16 sufa wheel bays to use on my F16D as I couldn't find any 1/32 Aires F16C wheel bays for an academy F-16.  I now see Aires do make a set of 1/32 wheel bays for academy F16Cs.  Can anyone tell me if there is any real external differences in the sufa wheel bay to a F16C wheel bay.  Will I get away with using the sufa wheel bays for my F16D?

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3 hours ago, Modelkeenfan said:

 One last thing.....


23 hours ago, Modelkeenfan said:

Just one thing ........




2 hours ago, Modelkeenfan said:

Also .....



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5 hours ago, Modelkeenfan said:

Yes Niels thanks for all the links.  One last thing.  I read that the F16N had reinforced wings with stiffeners.  Are these visible on the aircraft or were reinforced from the inside?

I'm fairly certain nothing is visible. But, I don't think they had any reinforcements. They should have, as they ended up breaking the wings within eight years. 

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No, they are not visible - the wing reinforcement plates only came about during the MLU program that started in the late 90's - by this time the USN had retired the (T)F-16N since long. 

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