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    Modeling interests are mostly jet aircraft from Vietnam to the present. I mainly specialize in aggressor schemes. Favorite subjects are the F-5E (over 30 planned) and the F-16 (another 30 planned), as well as F-14s and F-18s

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  1. camus27

    How do you know which rail is required for the ordnance?

    Luckily, we have the internet for this now. Back in the 80s I just relied on the model companies and whatever was in the box (which explains the AIM-9 inaccuracy on my Tamiya F-14). It is best to assume that every type of ordinance requires a specific launcher and research from there. A Maverick would always be on a LAU-117 for any airframe, except when loaded as 2 or 3 on a LAU-88. It's probably easiest to see what launchers are carried by the particular airframe type you are working on (while noting what kinds of ordnance they are cleared to carry).
  2. camus27

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    I took it to mean 12 per year - at least the first year.
  3. camus27

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    The above link says January. It won't be long.
  4. camus27

    Help and Advice

    Isn't the Tamyia kit from the post 1981- refit? (It's been 30 years since I built it).
  5. camus27

    Help with pictures from F-16 Aggressor

    30140 is the brown color. The photo Whiskey posted was one I have, I'm not sure how to share any others. Most are 310, which as mentioned, is the second BDU jet.
  6. camus27

    Help with pictures from F-16 Aggressor

    I'll try when I get home. Many photos of it flying in California came out last week
  7. camus27

    Brush painting Model Master Acrylics?

    Yes, that's all I use. If you want to be se a stronger cleaner, Windex also works well. I usually use that through the airbrush after spraying acryl.
  8. camus27

    Brush painting Model Master Acrylics?

    I've only ever used water with Testors Acrylic.
  9. camus27

    ...BELGIUM AIR FORCE F-16 Destroyed..

    4 more and the tech will be an ace. Shouldn't there be multiple levels of safety switches? Doesn't the Master Arm apply to the gun?
  10. camus27

    Best 1/48 F-16?

    The Tamiya Aggressor kit has the block 40/42 parts.
  11. The Air Force seems really ambivalent about the F-15. First they were going to upgrade 179 to Golden Eagles, then around 2014 they started deactivating units and getting rid of them, then they were going to keep them until 2040, now they don't know - they might just keep the F-16. This seems like the best plan, supplement the F-35 without relying on its unknown factors, while upgrading a proven air-frame that can handle almost anything. I don't get the 22 missile configuration though, I can see 20 or 24, so I'm not sure of that is a misprint.
  12. camus27

    EAA Airventure 2018

    Do you hit any of the MN airshows? I just caught the Blue Angels in Eau Claire and the Thunderbirds last weekend on Duluth.
  13. camus27

    F-16C Block 30 Aggressor #86-0335

    Are there problems with the Two Bob's references that you are concerned about? Eielson did release a video today with it in the background.
  14. camus27

    F-16 Aggressor

    That particular aircraft has also flown with a Sniper pod which is something different for an aggressor. As for the ACMI pod, the only one I can remember off the top of my head is the Revell F-16N one.