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Fall 2019 Wolfpak Release

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Time for the fall release from Wolfpak Decals. 

Sheet 72-130, Dragon Wings.  First up is a F-16CM from the 480th FS with plenty of mission marks from Spangdahelm.  Our second subject is a F-100D from the Royal Danish Air Force.  A F-15C from the 110th FS, Missouri ANG at St. Louis follows.  The markings are for the fini-flight for this type with the 110th.  This squadron becoming an Associate B-2 squadron and moving to Whiteman AFB.  Three more aircraft from Denmark are next.  A  fighter,  reconnaissance, and trainer variants of the Draken in RDAF service.  For those who like props a night fighter version of the F4U-2.  It carried the radar pod on the right wing.  This example from VMF (N)-532.  An AD-5 from VMA-331 follows.  Last but not least is a  Dash-8 is U.S. Army markings.  You have a choice of the transport version as acquired by the service or later markings when it was converted int a reconnaissance aircraft.

Sheet 72-131, Flying Fiends,  Once again we lead with a F-16CM, This time it is in the 100th anniversary markings of the 36th FS at Osan in Korea.  A F-14A in grey blue camouflage from the Iranian Air Force is next.  In the eggplant scheme from VFC-12 a two seat F-18B is our third subject.  A F-4E from the 487th TFS of the 51st TFW at Taegu.  Finally a F-86E from the 36th Fighter Bomber Squadron at Suwon.

Sheets will sell for $18.50 USD and should be available in a week or so.


Mark S.









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  Nice to see some markings I can use with the Hasegawa Draken kit.  Plus the F-100 would have had a Martin-Baker seat by that point, so that's always an unusual combination.




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