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  1. Do we have to think about this in Russian? Regards, Мурпх
  2. Murph

    AIM-9X on F-15E

    It's availability, especially for an airframe assigned primarily to the air to ground mission. There isn't a single fighter pilot in their right mind that would trade an AIM-9X for a 9-Mike. Regards, Murph
  3. Could have been the AIM-7F or the AIM-7M; the Eagle could not carry the AIM-7E, the seeker was incompatible with the F-15's radar. At that point the missile manufacturers were still transitioning from white to gray, especially for the AIM-7F, so you could have a missile with both colors. The AIM-7F had two fuse windows (aligned between the fins) rather than the four of the AIM-7M, which had the fuse windows in line with the fins. For the AIM-9 there was no difference between the Lima and Mike for modeling purposes. The AIM-9 was more likely to be overall gray; although, for Desert Shield we had a bunch of them left that still had the aft fins painted in white which was yellowing. Regards, Murph
  4. Get ready for the moon landing’s 50th with these 10 TV programs
  5. Another set of Bonehead markings are always a good thing. Regards, Murph
  6. On the other hand, if the zombie apocalypse ever hits, that stuff will be worth its weight in gold. Regards, Murph
  7. Ben, I had the same problem with a PC, an IMAC, and a MacBook Pro. After downloading the book, Kindle wouldn't load on any of them. Today I deleted the Kindle app from the computers, deleted their registration at Amazon, and downloaded the app again and re-registered them. Kindle seems to be working fine now, including the F-8 book. Regards, Murph
  8. Some of the pictures I found on google show a medium blue-gray, while most seem to show an olive green as below. Any ideas which it is?
  9. Good to see the Memphis Belle being taken care of properly. Regards, Murph
  10. Like this sheet which Wolfpak released a couple of weeks ago? LINK
  11. A second vote for the Freightdog tanks; they are very nicely done. Regards, Murph
  12. The LAU-129 rails were based on the timeframe, not the block, For modeling differences between the C model blocks this article is worthwhile. It's focused on the 1/48th Tamiya kit, but it has a good breakdown of the differences between the blocks. LINK Regards, Murph
  13. No decals or instructions for the gravity bombs; I'm not sure about the Hound Dog and Quail. Regards, Murph
  14. The U-2 artwork was in honor of an Airman that died while deployed.
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