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  1. Model kit variances

    Think of how many times a kit was "botched, screwed, puppy milled" for ridiculously trivial issues: wrong compressor face on an engine that is visible only with gymnastics, a flashlight, and a magnifying glass or wheel well detail that is totally obscure, in all senses of the word. This issue seems to cling to certain posters. Perhaps it's not what they say, but how they say it? Regards, Murph
  2. 1/72 B-36 size kit ..displaying?

    Thank you, thank you... be sure to order the veal. On a serious note, if you buy a kit of that size, you're really committing to also buying a new piece of furniture to display it. That's the main reason I do not build in other than 1/72 scale and restrict what I buy in that scale. Regards, Murph
  3. A-10 Chaff/Flares Question

    That's a simple fact of life with flying: upgrades happen. That's what all that training and the sims are for. Regards, Murph
  4. 1/72 B-36 size kit ..displaying?

    Put it in a case hung from the ceiling. Regards, Murph
  5. F-106 questions

    Do it, you will not be sorry. Save your money. Regards, Murph
  6. New Tool su-25?

    There are other scales? Regards, Murph
  7. F-106 questions

    The NACA inlets were part of the gun system. The gun was a removable package, and there weren't enough guns for every jet in a squadron that was equipped with them, so you would frequently see jets with the NACA inlets but no gun. They may have even been fitted to the squadrons that didn't carry the gun due to the logistical supply chain ("round eye" jets weren't fitted with the gun), I would have to check on that. The "round eye" jets, with conventional dial gauges, were not refitted with the tape instruments, they were updated with some better round gauges though. For those interested in the F-106, I can't recommend the new book World's Fastest Single-Engine Jet Aircraft: The Story of Convair's F-106 Delta Dart Interceptor enough. While it's written as a history of the jet, the author also throws in things that are specifically directed at the modeler. It's also the only book where I've seen pictures of operational AIM-4Es and gives some concrete info on them. The author knocked this one out of the park. Also, this website LINK is an excellent reference for the "Six". Regards, Murph
  8. F-15C question -- Hasegawa

    Yep. That's the first picture I've seen of it on teh interwebbzz. Regards, Murph
  9. F-15C question -- Hasegawa

    The rounded one came first and was replaced by the "chisel" shaped one. These were not on D models that left the factory as pre-MSIP jets, just on D models that came out of the factory as MSIP. They were also not on A and B models; although, Ken Middleton posted a picture of an A model with the antenna on the left tail boom. I suspect that the tail boom had to be replaced, due to a tail strike, and all they had were E model replacements. These have changed shape over the years from squarish to swept "shark fin" shapes, probably based on a new manufacturer. MSIP C Models only, as a rule. Right, aft one modified on MSIP C (and some D) models. ON MSIP A and B models the left, aft one was modified. The A through D model's HUD has stayed the same; the only minor detail difference is when the "Eagle Eye" scope was mounted, and that was a small bracket added to the right side of the HUD frame. The instrument panel on some jets has been significantly modified starting in 2015ish, with Jax Guard jets. The engine instruments and TEWS scope were removed and replaced by a large display for the PAS mod which allows carriage of the Sniper pod. LINK I don't know of any pictures available of it. Regards, Murph
  10. F-15C question -- Hasegawa

    No problem. As I mentioned, it gets confusing due to the concurrent upgrades, the length of time the jet's been in service, and the differences between jets that left the factory with the MSIP mod versus the ones that were done at depot. Then you have to add in the Guard MSIP A/B models which had further differences due to Guard funding and priorities. Regards, Murph
  11. F-15C question -- Hasegawa

    First off, it was just MSIP. MSIP I was a paper program that never made it into the fleet, as a result all jets were brought up to MSIP II standard, so every single piece of documentation for the pilots and maintainers identified it as MSIP. To modify a kit to a MSIP jet is extremely easy, just replace the ACS on the lower left side of the instrument panel with a PACS (TV tube) and you're done. The rest of the mods were internal. It did add the capability to carry the AMRAAM (which would mean possibly swapping out the underwing missile rails) but that didn't happen till several years after MSIP jets were in service. What leads to confusion are the parallel modifications to the jet that were not part of MSIP, but which get lumped in there by modelers because they generally happened at the same time. The chaff/flare dispensers fall in that category as do the additional antennas added just aft of the radome and on the right tail boom along with the modified formation strip light. The stick grip was originally the same; it didn't change till the early 90s. The EGI (GPS) was also a separate program. This picture shows the location of the EGI antenna: Also, check this LINK It's an F-15E, but it also shows the location. Regards, Murph
  12. F-15C question -- Hasegawa

    They went away in the early to mid 90s, along with the tailhook fairing, and the crew chiefs were extremely happy to see them go. Once, when I was hopping to a spare, the crew chief prepping the spare jet ended up at the hospital to get stitches in his back after getting gashed by one of those things. Regards, Murph
  13. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    That was a terrible match of director and story. Regards, Murph
  14. If you're looking for aftermarket decals for the Sword F-86H in the SEA scheme, then Wolfpak sheet 72-098 offers them. LINK Regards, Murph