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  1. Gene, As habu2 mentioned, the seam issue. Personally, I'd rather fiddle around with aligning pieces than trying to fill a seam that is either inaccessible or requires some Rube Goldberg tool to reach. Obviously, others will feel differently. Having said all of that, I have two on preorder. Regards, Murph
  2. News to me. Not sure I'm a fan of it. Regards, Murph
  3. Never seen that before: a full-length intake trunk going all the way back to the burner can. Regards, Murph
  4. F-4Gs had the slatted wings. That meant under the inboard portion of the wing it had fairings for the leading-edge flaps and on the outboard wings it had slats and a small fence. Check these walkarounds here on ARC for wing pictures: LINK and ANOTHER LINK. They also had the ARN-101 antenna on the spine YET ANOTHER LINK. Finally, there were three small black antennas mounted on both sides of the fuselage (in line with the leading edge of the windscreen); I'm not sure if they're worth doing in 144th scale though. A FOURTH LINK TO ARC WALKAROUNDS. The cockpits also differed, but you can ea
  5. Like many modelers, I had fond memories of Squadron from their heyday, but not so much from their declining years, so I was curious what the new version was like. I ordered a couple of kits on a Sunday night, and they arrived on Wednesday. Fast service and the shipping was free, since the order was over $50.00. The kit prices were on the low end of what I've seen for these kits at other on-line shops or on ebay. When the kits arrived, one of them was missing the etched fret and decals. It was a sealed box, so it obviously came that way from the manufacturer. I contacted Squadron by e-mai
  6. In the pictures I've seen of F-100s carrying either "shapes" or live weapons only the pylons carrying the weapon or fuel were fitted. Since it was almost certainly a one-way mission they wouldn't want to lose the pylons that weren't going to be used. Regards, Murph
  7. I had read somewhere that they did initially, but the use of those tanks was eventually discontinued due to stability issues. I don't know the timeframe when they stopped using them. Regards, Murph
  8. The pictures I can find of F-100s of 49 TFW jets show them without centerline pylons, which probably means they were carrying the Mk7 under the wing. LINK On a related note, here's a pretty good article about the Victor Alert mission in the F-100; albeit, in the F-100C: ANOTHER LINK The F-105 was certified to carry either the B28 or B43, and all public documents say they carried both operationally. EDIT: Checking Lou Drendel's F-100 Illustrated (Kindle Edition).it has an interview with a former F-100 pilot, He remarks that when they moved to Spangdahlem from France in early 19
  9. I specifically asked this question of a pilot I flew with that came from Kadena. He was also a modeler too, so he took note of these things. The Bays were not repainted in white when they went through MSIP. Just to back it up, several years later I asked another pilot who was going to Kadena to check them when he got there. The Bay 5 on every jet he flew still remained green. Any Bay 5s that were repainted were almost certainly the exception. Regards, Murph
  10. Wolfpack does a resin AN/ALQ-167 pod, and it is readily available at places like Sprue Brothers, Victory Models, ebay, etc... Regards, Murph
  11. Don't do Facebook for various reasons. I think You Tube also has contributed to the decrease in traffic on the various boards. There are some terrific builds and instructional videos there. Regards, Murph
  12. They eventually received Holloman jets. Regards, Murph
  13. The original mounting point for the AMRAAM under the wings was the inboard station on the wing pylon, but they eventually moved it to the outboard wing station due to the lack of space between the fuselage and wing pylon for the missile "jammer" when loading them on the inboard stations. That problem is even worse for the F-15E due to the CFTs. The AIM-9 is lifted and loaded by hand, so it's not an issue for that missile. Regards, Murph
  14. Yes they could (and did) carry both missile types at the same time. This is a Langley jet from that timeframe; Spang would have carried the same load. Regards, Murph
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