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  1. Or there could be quite the market for stabs from all of those Hasegawa and Fujimi kits that are suddenly considered "obsolete". Regards, Murph
  2. Jim, I can recall seeing pictures of Mk 20s loaded up on BRU-3A/As which were being trucked out to a Vark at a TDY location after the infamous "axe murders" incident at the Korean DMZ back in 1976. I always assumed they were destined for ground targets. Better than the Durandal mission. Regards, Murph
  3. Since this thread was revived, here are some other details to go with the blue scheme. They used the early main wheel hubs, still carried "turkey feathers" on the engine nozzles, the ejection seat was the Escapac, no ECM "black boxes" were fitted to Bay 5, and the standard training load at Luke was one centerline tank. The AIM-9 rails may or may not have been carried, the wing pylons almost always were though. Since the cockpit displays defaulted to AIM-9P if nothing was carried on the wing pylons, an AIM-9P CATM was not necessary and therefore not generally used. I can count one finger the number of times I flew with an AIM-9P CATM. Regards, Murph
  4. I prefer the Quickboost seats. They are readily available, the detail is good, and the size seems right. The True Detail seats seem much too small. Regards, Murph
  5. Lose sight, lose fight. Maneuver in relation to the bandit.
  6. The actual G will vary according to the aircraft, but it's generally close to zero G. The decrease in induced drag and the fact that it is generally done in a downhill direction allows the aircraft to gain/regain airspeed. That's why one of the three cardinal rules in a dogfight is "Nose position versus energy". Regards, Murph
  7. Terry, My condolences on your loss. Our prayers are with you. Regards, Murph
  8. He's just shagged out after a long night of squawking.
  9. Thank you. Regards, Murph
  10. The missiles were launched in salvos, so if the IR missiles were selected all three were launched, which meant all the doors opened. The same was true of the radar missiles until the AIM-26 was added. One of things driving this was the limited amount of compressed air to open the doors (same for the F-106) another was the low Pk of the AIM-4. Regards, Murph
  11. Does that mean the early B-52G "Broken Arrow" does not have the longer fuselage? Regards, Murph
  12. The T-38 scheme is very sharp, but the new A-10 demo scheme doesn't do anything for me. Regards, Murph
  13. Cool, I had seen these in the Future Releases at Hannants and was hoping they weren't just reboxings. Regards, Murph
  14. Turkey omelets rock. Regards, Murph
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