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  1. Murph

    Thunderbird Crash

    Caught their practice "low show" this afternoon, it's been a long time since I've seen that. They'll need it for the airshow this weekend; it's supposed to be crap on Friday and Saturday and a toss up for Sunday according to the NOAA website. Regards, Murph
  2. Murph

    F-4E questions for experts

  3. Murph

    AK Air Command f-15's

    At least it wasn't the house. Regards, Murph
  4. Murph

    AK Air Command f-15's

    That was longer than 30 years ago then; the 48th FIS transitioned to the Eagle in the 80 to 82 timeframe. By the time I got to Langley in the late 80s we no longer flew with the CFTs, they were stuck in hangers accumulating dust. When they had flown with them, it was often on air to ground missions. Both of those were a legacy of the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force requirement, where the Eagles would have been first in theatre, so they wanted them to have some air to ground capability. That pretty much died out in the mid-80s for Langley. Other bases, with longer weather divert requirements, continued to use them long after we stopped. Regards, Murph
  5. The SEAL team he was with stopped seeing his beacon move. After splicing and syncing the AC-130 and Predator feeds it's about 99% likely he was knocked out at some point, which led to everyone thinking he was dead. Regards, Murph
  6. Murph

    Black Buch Shrike Question

    It was a night mission, so they wanted to break up the outline of the white missiles. A weapons troop bought some Halfords spray paint from a local store to use. Regards, Murph
  7. Murph

    Barbara Buch Passed Away At 92

    It was just this past Sunday afternoon that they announced she was in failing health. R.I.P. Regards, Murph
  8. Murph

    High Drag MK82 in Vietnam

    That's interesting: an F-4B without the fairing under the nose for the IR sensor. Regards, Murph
  9. Murph

    The Latest from Wolfpak Decals

    Mark, I like the F-104; I wouldn't mind seeing one in the old gray/green scheme too. The Afghan A-29 is a timely subject. Regards, Murph
  10. Murph

    FB-111 Non-Nuclear Loadouts

    There is. Spectre Resins is Wolfpak's resin line, and they covered the B28, two variants of the B43, the B57, and two variants of the B83 in resin. LINK Additionally, Shapeways has 3D printed B61s LINK while Scaledown Conversions does a resin B61 and a resin AGM-69 LINK. Regards, Murph
  11. Murph

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    The Zombie Apocalypse! Although, given the well deserved plummeting ratings of The Walking Dead, this too shall pass. Regards, Murph
  12. Murph

    Northern Lights

    Cool pictures from 70k. LINK
  13. Murph

    Grey or White tail code in Vietnam F-4?

    They used both colors for the tail codes. Regards, Murph