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HH-60G fast rope attachment

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I am trying to understand how the fast rope is secured where it is not used or just before it is used. There are multiple pictures on the web with the rope being attached to tank or somewhere to the ceiling but exact attachement is mostly in the shadow and barely visible. I do not mean FRIES. Any help appreciated. 

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14 hours ago, scotthldr said:

...is there another system other than FRIES?


Yes, what you have pictured is the older H-bar rapel/Fast Rope rig, not a FRIES rig.  FRIES looks like below.




I think he is talking about how the Fast Rope is stored when not in use.  There is no standard.  It can be attached to the strapping on the aux tanks if carried, like below.



Sometimes they are also stored in a bag that is weighted on the bottom and has the ground end of the fast rope attached so the bag is just thrown out to unwind it.



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Yeah. I was asking how it is attached when not used (typo). I was told on FB that it is attached to the D-ring just behind the doors. Thanks for the pictures. 

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