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  1. Wow! Look at the RAM panels. I guess LM will have to increase the thickness of the panels. No way Tamiya is wrong.
  2. Page number 2 and no single word of criticism while it's obvious that the RAM panels are unacceptable. I guess that's why some people are questioning whether it is Tamiya tooling.
  3. Amazing job on this one! Question: what is wrong with Tamiya radome? I see people keep using aftermarket noses but I am unable to see the difference. I noticed that KASL even offer two versions with long and short conductors.
  4. Notice AIM-9L on another tip. We got xrays only. It was taken during weapon integration tests in California around 2006. There are other pictures from Edawards showing them droping JDAMs from BRU-57A.
  5. Keep in mind that this picture was taken in US. This pod is not in the Polish Air Force inventor.
  6. That looks great! How did you mix the Sharpie with IPA? Which colors have you used? Any of these?
  7. The VFA-87 jets have the new gear bay doors...
  8. Having an option for old and new style wingtip formation lights would also be nice.
  9. Hi, I've been searching for a perfect SJU-17 ejection seat for my upcoming 1/48 Hasegawa Super Hornet project so I checked my stash and also bought few more seats of other brands. What I noticed is that there is a significant variation in size and shape among these seats. I know that some of them are dedicated for Tamiya F-14 and other for Hasegawa Super Bug but still... I also benchmarked the resin seats with Tamiya and Hasegawa seats. I am not making any judgment on which one is the best. That may not be fair without access to the real deal. So check this out. I think it might be i
  10. Impressive! Most impressive. And nicely photographed.
  11. Very inspiring! Really like the weathering. I am gonna try the TPS on my next project. What is your exeperience with spraying AKs?
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