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  1. That looks great! How did you mix the Sharpie with IPA? Which colors have you used? Any of these?
  2. The VFA-87 jets have the new gear bay doors...
  3. Having an option for old and new style wingtip formation lights would also be nice.
  4. Hi, I've been searching for a perfect SJU-17 ejection seat for my upcoming 1/48 Hasegawa Super Hornet project so I checked my stash and also bought few more seats of other brands. What I noticed is that there is a significant variation in size and shape among these seats. I know that some of them are dedicated for Tamiya F-14 and other for Hasegawa Super Bug but still... I also benchmarked the resin seats with Tamiya and Hasegawa seats. I am not making any judgment on which one is the best. That may not be fair without access to the real deal. So check this out. I think it might be i
  5. Impressive! Most impressive. And nicely photographed.
  6. Very inspiring! Really like the weathering. I am gonna try the TPS on my next project. What is your exeperience with spraying AKs?
  7. Very nice! Great subject and super execution.
  8. Just took few more pictures outdoors in daylight. I think colors look better than in the light tent. Especially the gunship gray looks better.
  9. I forgot to install biflar weights... so now they are added. Shame on me.
  10. HH-60G Pave Hawk, S/N 89-26209, 33rd Rescue Squadron at Kadena Air Base, Japan Kit: Kitty Hawk KH50006 Scale: 1:35 Decals: Werner's Wings Pavehawks Combat Rescue Pt 1 and 2 + few kit decals GAU-18s: Live Resin LRE-35333 Seat belts: Eduard Paints: Mostly Hataka C-series including Gunship Gray plus MRP, Tamiya, Gunze, Life Color, Vallejo, MM An additional MH-60L sprue G has been purchased to get FRIES. Comments: Pictures taken with DSRL in a light tent (5700K LEDs) except few taken outdoors which have slightly blueish background. I will like
  11. Yeah. I was asking how it is attached when not used (typo). I was told on FB that it is attached to the D-ring just behind the doors. Thanks for the pictures.
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