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  1. Very nice! One of the best 1/48 Apaches I have seen so far. How was the fit? I heard there are some problems with the nose area which stops me for taking a shot on my two Hasegawa Guardians I have in my stash.
  2. Looks really good. What are the seat belts you used?
  3. Very nice! How was the fit of the bottom? I saw other builds and that seem to be very problematic. I got two Es in my stash with new exhausts but I am not brave enough to start the build.
  4. Moving forwad with the build. There is some putty required on skids' support but the real pain is the engine bay assembly. Need to be very careful to make them aligned and dry fit multiple times and sand to minimize the gaps. Since the rivets are everywhere using the putty and sanding is out of question. The only option is to wipe off the excess with a solvent or thinner.
  5. The BONE is powered by F101-GE-102 not F404.
  6. I also got two from two different sellers and both are fine. No cracks.
  7. Yeah, it's a Sharkmouth. I read the review you mentioned before I bought the kit. But it still lacks of nice seat pictures with belts.
  8. Since the KH MH-60L represents rather later version than those used in Somalia are there any decals on the market that would allow to build the accurate MH-60L or DAP out of the box?
  9. I have heard a lot of good things about this kit so I decided to pick one up and I started the build immediately. It is really a good kit but not perfect. I have mixed feelings about rised rivets. I know this is how it supposed to be but you need to be very carefull to not damage them while handling the parts. And I am not talking about sanding but just holding in hand. The pit lacks of seatbelts which is painful especially since it is hard to find any good pictures showing how they look. Nevertheless the parts fit together pretty nicely and the kit seem to be well engineered. So this is what I accomplished so far. I still need to do some touch-ups in the pit where the paint is missing but here are the pictures.
  10. You need to have a fb account and be logged on.
  11. Nice walkaround! Seems like they stow the belts behind the seat. Just wonder whether this could be a reason for not reproducing the seat belts by Academy.
  12. I have seen them already. Not too much of the seat except the one through the glass.
  13. I've been searching the internet for last few days and couldn't find any pictures of the zulu Cobra pit showing more than the instruments panel. Are the seats same as in whisky Cobra?
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