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  1. I agree, the panel line wash is way too dark. I was struggling with gray tone selection and all the grays I got in stash seemed too light or too brownish to me. I finally used almost black one and looks too dark now. Thanks, Dan
  2. Thanks a lot!
  3. The down side of the CFTs is that they cannot be dropped in-flight nor the fuel dumped when you need less weight in dogfight.
  4. Great job on this one and and nice looking camo. I like the way Japanese paint their jets.
  5. Very nice!
  6. Finally done. I was building her since November. Mostly out of the box except nose gear damper which I made from metalic tube. People say it is a great kit and indeed it is but there are few things that really grind my gears like the windscreen starboard edge fit or the wing gloves which are hard to glue without damage to the retractable vane panel lines. I used MM acrylics for major colors and other brands mostly Tamiya, Gunze and Vallejo for detailing. I will shoot few more pictures showing details some time later. High res pictures can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/97358250@N06/albums/72157678934454831
  7. Great job on the Viper. What is your experience with the Hataka acrylics? Did they spray well?
  8. Very nice. I am glad you covered most of the specific details that usually the builders of the Polish Viper forget to include. Remember to add the bulge in the intake right above the nose gear bay and also the corresponding depression to accommodate the fork of the wider wheel.
  9. I hope that drag shute housing will be included for building correct Polish version.
  10. The Tamiya colors guide depicts matt grey and white for Victory 200 color schame. I thouhgt that early Tomcats used to be glossy.
  11. More to say the have wrong ECM sensors. They designed them as simple rods attached to the housing. In fact they should have D-like crossection.
  12. I am struggling with all of them. I was not sure what's the color of the starboard navigation light but the blinking sequences of the strobe lights was another mystery. Nevertheless I drilled the holes for the nav lights carefully and filled them up with crystal clear epoxy resin. Then I ground and polished the excess. And finally painted them using Tamiya's clear red and blue. I used green and red smd LEDs to illuminate the navigation lenses. The additional nav lights underneath the wings and on the tips in the corner close to the missile rails are much more difficult to do. I had to use very thin fiber optic. I will post some pictures some time later. Thank you all for answering my questions! I spent a lot of time on youtube especially trying to understand the blink sequence. Sorry for the quality of the pictures but I was to lazy to unfold the shooting tent and tripod.
  13. Wow! You just answered the question that I was about to ask. So the Super Hornet is blinking twice for normal sorties and three times when using "buddy store"? Thnaks, Dan