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  1. DanW


    Just sprayed base coat of Gunship Gray. Now I need to add some highlights. https://www.flickr.com/photos/97358250@N06/with/49605760671/
  2. DanW


    I've been quiet for a while but I keep working on her. Still searching for a perfect Gunship Gray. I checked de-canned Tamiya, MR Paint and Hataka. I will probably go ahead with Hataka orange series.
  3. Poland signed the deal for 32 F-35As this morning with delivery starting in 2024.
  4. Wonderful job on this one! I recall building the same kit as a child but from 1989 Italeri boxing. Also VF-142 but slightly different scheme.
  5. DanW


    Not bad so far except the fuselage halves. There was a gap between them and I had to thin the walls to get the fuselage closed.
  6. DanW


    Small step forward. Fuselage halves glued together after a week of sanding and dryfitting.
  7. DanW


    HH-60G update: - The LS-600-50 first aid kits have been redone. I was really unhappy with the previous ones. They were too big by about 1.5 mm and too smooth. - Ceiling has been complete. Oil drain hose added (made from optical fiber and painted with clear orange). Also missing ribs on the starboard have been scratch built. - Gunners' seats are complete. I added cushions made in epoxy putty and Eduard seat belts. - Cabin is closed now. Next step: fuselage. https://www.flickr.com/photos/97358250@N06/albums/72157711819615131
  8. DanW


    The tanks are from the kits. They are in both MH-60L and HH-60G kits.
  9. DanW


    All the cockpit consoles, sticks and seats are dry brushed. Dashboard top cover edges are highlighted with watercolor grey pencil. I do not plan to expose the avionics boxes in the nose so I did not brush them.
  10. DanW


    Cockpit almost done. Gunners' seats still to be finished. https://www.flickr.com/photos/97358250@N06/albums/72157711810908981
  11. DanW


    That's not going to happen. After I bought and dry-fitted Revell's 1/32 echo Hornet I'm gonna stay away from this company for a while.
  12. DanW


    Thanks. Seems like I have to scratch build these.
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