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Checking the status of an order?

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I ordered some decals a couple weeks ago, but I'm not sure if the order went through.  I used PayPal, and the amount was deducted, but I never got any kind of confirmation.  This isn't a complaint, I just want to make sure I placed the order correctly!





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Steve, double check through your paypal account, but it looks like he's just a bit behind.  I also made an enquiry via email about an order I had placed a few weeks ago that hasn't yet shipped and received the response, below, this morning.  I am not too concerned about how quick I get these, just wanted to double check nothing had slipped through the cracks.





You are receiving this standard response because you inquired about your order status for a February order.
We have received a much larger number of orders for this batch of releases and running a few days behind in shipping. If you have received a tracking number but do not see any movement in tracking history, your envelope is part of a large batch of orders that will be delivered to the USPS on Monday. If you have not received a tracking number yet, please rest assured you will receive it before March 10.
If this is not acceptable to you, please let us know and we will issue a refund immediately.
Thanks for your patience,
Kursad A
Caracal Models


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I emailed requesting status on an order, then started my daily ARC browsing and saw he had addressed delays here.   If I had checked the forums first I would not have distracted him, and any delay would have been that much shorter....  🫣


Edit: link to status



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Most of the backlog is cleared - all remaining domestic (US) orders should be out of the door on Monday (tomorrow). International orders and larger US orders requiring a box will follow in a couple of days. Thanks for your patience!

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