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Should we try to baptize aliens?

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Sorry... I was just picturing someone dunking Chewie in a river....

Where would the Catholics pour the baptismal oil-and-water if the aliens don't have foreheads?

What if they had 2 foreheads?

What if the aliens were just superintelligent shades of the color blue?

What if the aliens come down and give definitive proof that there is, in fact, no God?

What if God Himself was an alien?

What if God told the aliens different commandments, which are completely backwards from ours? Would they still be sinning?

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Why hasn't Lucas done that as a product endorsement? Head and Shoulders!

...and arms, and legs, and chest, and belly, and back......

Better yet:

NAIR (in the USA a well known depilatory)

Schick shaving products :cheers:

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