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I have a feeling pictures like that probably will be few and far between. That is still a classified aircraft. Just because they have announced their existence and have various photos published, doesn't mean that someone can get photos of almost anything. When I had to go to Nellis for classes for my squadronI went to visit the agressor squadrons. Right across the street were the Thunderbirds. I went over to talk to them , saw a F-16 with some panels off that showed the plumbing along the top. I asked permission to get a few shots of that aircraft but was refused because it showed the interior.

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If I'm not mistaken, the F-117A uses the GE F404 engine which also powers A-4SU Super Skyhawks of the RSAF, the F/A-18 Hornet of the USN and USMC and the new X-45 UCAV. I'm guessing that there are few minor differences between them so a photo of any one of these aircraft would do.

My 2 cents worth.



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In all the years that the 117 has been in the pubic arena, I've seen NO pictures of any internal component systems other than the bomb bay, cockpit (with the power off) and wheel bays. Being as classified as the airframe still is, I doubt that there are any internal structure pics out there in the public domain. Perhaps a "plan B" suggestion would be to put it up on jacks and replicate gear swing testing......

ThudDriver :cheers:

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