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  1. Roberto, did you get an answer to this one? William G
  2. kinda like when someone says they need a hammer to get the safing pin out because its stuck.. d'oh William G
  3. 8 Years working on the F-16 from Block 5's to Block 50's From Avionics to assisting as a crewchief in a pinch. Yep lots of skills and lots of experience. I Like the Swiss Cheese method, have to see how that works in the world of insurance for me at this juncture of my life. William G
  4. As to #1, yeah If you don't have the gun safe pin in its malpractice or it is intentional. #2 Safing pin should have been inserted...Now I have seen the pin get forgotten because some crewchiefs prefer the streamers to be short short short... kinda like the shorts on the juicy monsters and bar girls when on TDY. And I have seen a few who prefer to have the streamer stored inside gun purge door, with no streamer dangling in the breeze... #3 Interesting So one other thing I want to know is \was it 1 round or many? 1 round electrical discharge. maybe ... high enough shock can
  5. One thing we don't know is if this was maintenance because of a failed or aborted flight. If so they may not have gotten the ammo cleared. I still would like to see where the aircraft that fired was located, as some of the pics were showing at first made it seem that the bird was in the Hangar. but that seemed a bit off, there should not have been anything live on the bird. I worked a few jets that were live for the gun but we had the carts removed from the TER so the 500# wouldn't be a tempting thing to play with on the ramp for a redball. But they still had the safing pin inserted.
  6. Not that tough to do. All you need are the following steps to be accomplished.. 1 Gun Safe Pin removed. 2 Pull Probe Heat Circuit Breakers. Electric and Air on jet, run Safe For Maintenance as well as setting up the switches for the steps later. 3 Hydraulics on jet. 4 Pull NLG Wow Circuit Breaker and MLG Wow Breakers that way the FCC (Fire Control Computer) is able to go ahead and work like it is in flight. 5 Select the gun from the MFD's and all associated systems have to be up n running. 6 if you have all the steps needed to get the system up n running as well
  7. Thanks Paul. Helpful and entertaining as always. William G
  8. Between hospital visits, surgery, and all the losses in my wife and my families we haven't had a chance to catch our breath it seems. I'm all for just sitting back and relaxing for now with some whiskey and maybe a model to build. William G
  9. Paolo Beautiful as usual, you have a keen eye for the colorful birds. Only critique is that the LEF should never be at any position other than 2 degrees up while the jet is on the ground. They drive down when the NLG and MLG Show the aircraft is airborne. William G
  10. Similar to y'all Ive set mine into Ziploc bags based on what they are, nosecones/ radomes, landing gear, antennas, canopies, pylons... etc all of these went into a large plastic container that wasn't about to get bumped to the floor. Next one I do will be probably a set of filing cabinets so I can keep them out of sight and off the workbench. William G
  11. Garry Burghoff and Phillip Michael Thomas were in one episode of Wonder Woman together. William G
  12. Id recommend going the arduino rout instead. mainly due to customization. I bought a nano to use on my cutaway USS Enterprise to control the Bussard lighting nav lighting as well as other strobes. William G
  13. Dunno if you have a Bass Pro Shops, but I bought the lead wire asst here in Tampa many moons ago and its pretty darned chock fulla leadwire. William G
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