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  1. I have been reading countless magazines about modeling. I absolutely enjoy reading them at work because I can fold them up in my back pocket and pull them out when I have a moment. One constant that I’ve noticed in these magazines is the lack of description as to order of the build, and time management. One thing I’m very poor at this time management and how to spend more time at the desk before I have to let things dry. Only now am I starting to actually think about subcomponents and their place. My last build is still sitting on my desk as I’m constantly waiting for parts to dry deckles to seal, “tiny bits,” To apply only to realize I have painted them the wrong colour I need to do Touch them up again. Between cleaning, which I don’t do anymore, priming, painting the Interior, dry brushing, Adding crystal clear to the dial faces, the actual building, seem filling, painting, masking, weathering, decalling, etc..... How do you organize your builds for efficiency and help to minimize any latency?
  2. So don’t I feel stupid, I finally realize that there’s a difference between cat filling and fixing step misalignments. I’ve been cursing left right and centre trying to figure out how to fill gaps. Only to realize now that my question should’ve been how to properly fill and fix steps and misalignments between parts. So how do I fix these steps and misalignments? Without creating oblong parts? thanks, Dave
  3. Thank you for the kind words it was a pleasure to help someone out
  4. I might have some, do you have a photo of what they look like? I might be able to cut them from my sheet
  5. I have only used it once. Part of the problem is your foil, the quality of grocery store foil DOES make a difference. The model does look good, I wouldn’t give up on it yet if that’s the only issue. Dave
  6. Heyo guys, just wondering if it’s possible to tint grey Tamiya primer black w/o upsetting the primer adhesion properties. Im having trouble seeing the grey primer on grey sorues and I don’t like the white stuff. Thanks, Dave
  7. This year is going to be one of the best! More venders than ever!!!
  8. It's Tamiya rattle can. I'll try shaking it longer and mixing it. Or I'll try the one below if it doesn't work.
  9. Thank you, although I might just go pick up some micro scale, I was just thinking of a quick on hand substitute
  10. It’s my first time using a dull coat. So I should try a thin coat next?
  11. I have built my first Sherman tank and after a gloss coat for decals and weathering I finished it w/ two coats of flat. It still looks glossy, is it possible to put too much or too many flat coats? Thanks, Dave.
  12. Heyo guys, Any thoughts of substitutes of Microscale's Bare Metal Foil Adhesive? I can't find mine, and am wondering if Gator glue or Testor's canopy glue would work. Its for the rear portion of an F-86 engine. Thanks, Dave.
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