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  1. Heyo everyone. Does anyone have any experience w/ the Verlinden cockpit for Tamiya’s 1/48 P51B. I’m trying to fit the cockpit sides together, however the resin side walls are interfering w/ the casting on the floor. I’ve looked for reviews on this aftermarket and can’t find a thing.
  2. Thank you so much! The enzyme Cleaner worked well! We bought some and brought it right back home saving my hide
  3. I spilled AK real color, azure blue on my carpet! It splashed past my chair mat. How do I clean this up? I’ve tried lacquer thinner, I’ve tried Mr. colour thinner tried rubbing alcohol, and enamel thinner, carpet shampoo. It’s all over my jeans, is it safe to put these in the wash
  4. Bought 2 sets of these: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/quickboost-qb-32-144-p-51d-k-mustang-propeller-w-tool--207826 Would like a P-51D set.
  5. Stupid me recently purchased two packs of P 51 propellers, however stupid me didn’t notice the F in front. I have two sets of quick boost propellers. Has anyone ever added cuffs to propellers, if so how would I do that? I’ve tried searching but cannot come across anything.
  6. I have tried a couple of times to get replacements from revel and Tamiya. Unfortunately, I have wasted my time and still no parts 😞
  7. I am looking for someone who has or Can produce these two decal sheets https://joydecals.com/1-144-scale-decal-bea-british-airways-bac111-500-with-lifelike-cockpit-windows/ https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/reeve-aleutian-lockheed-electra-144-106432599
  8. Heyo, I currently have a paasche Talon, and I like it cause I have a tiny needle for real fine spray. I am in need of a new brush though. My index finger can no longer bend to control it w/o pain after using it for a few minutes. I’d like to get a trigger brush, or pistol grip. Grex has a couple, Neo has a couple and Iwata has one. Does anyone have suggestions? All of my reading suggests they have a medium spray and are not ideal for fine work. Does anyone have experience w/ these? Or thoughts? Any insights are appreciated!!!!! Dave
  9. I might have something, pm me tomorrow night in case I forget
  10. Thank you, however, I’m going to be calling it quits on this one. I’m going to finish it, but no more major efforts.
  11. I didn’t know we were supposed to read the, “instructions?”
  12. That’s what I use, however I brushed it on
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