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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to scuff decals to reveal NMF? I’m trying to recreate the photos below
  2. 1/72 microscale decals for b-24. Asking $10 CAD. Will be mailed in an envelope with a cardboard sandwich. Open to trades of kit world 1/72 b-24 decals with Aries, or raf b-24s
  3. Is this $100 USD iwata regulator worth it? I can’t find any reviews. My regulator is worth $10… https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/tools/iwa/tool_iwa_a600dh.shtml
  4. You are not going to like my answer. Unfortunately zinc chromate is a misnomer. It is not an actual colour. Zinc chromate is a protective coating with pigment. This comes in all sorts of different shades ranging from an almost lime green to mustard yellow and probably many others. You’re either going to a) choose a colour you prefer or think is appropriate, or do some research to find out what plane where it was made and what pigments they might’ve been using. During this war time effort things changed rapidly and many colours were improvised.
  5. I would if they come with a bomb trolly or even storage crates. I love looking at the old pictures of hundreds of drop tanks stacked high.
  6. About once a year, I only ever toss a kit if I run into many of issues. The last kit was a revel ju-88, 1/48. But I gave that kit away to someone else.
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