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  1. Heyo, I’m looking to buy some Squadron, Signal, walk around books, w/ shipping to Ontario, Canada, Paid via PayPal G&S. I am looking for mainly Allied, and German a/c, as well as f-4 phantom and skyraiders, w/ some other randoms as well. I have the following: B-17 Walk around B-17 B-17 In action B-25 Walk around B-29
  2. Sorry guys, but I’m so confused… Can I use the academy b-24j, to make a b-24h Aries?
  3. I might have them, can you screen shot and highlight/circle the ones you need. I used the German markings. dave
  4. I might have the kit, if you want I could send you a photo copy of it, and you could trace it and cut one out from scrap? dave.
  5. WTB: Luftwaffe Fighters magazine, as pictured. Shipped to L0R1E0 in Canada.
  6. So dumb question here: I have the Tamiya M4 Sherman, I’d like to make it into an easy 8, firefly, or a mk iii or v, as I found colour schemes of those with roundels on the manlet or rear deck. What do you guys think is the best route? I want to make it R/C, and am not big into armour or accuracies in this case. I found some barrels, but don’t know if it will work, as I think it’s for a different make. Any thoughts are appreciated, Dave
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to scuff decals to reveal NMF? I’m trying to recreate the photos below
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