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  1. Heyo guys, I’m working on a Grand Phoenix Firefly if running to an issue with the canopy. I probably Did something wrong while building, as this is truly my first experience with resin. There’s a large step on the port side of the fuselage. If I press it down harder the step Is resolved, however creates the opposite effect on the rear starboard side. Anyone have any solutions as to how to fix this other than lots and lots of sanding? Edit: poor grammar
  2. I might be able to get you the rest. I have at least two. I can probably get you the other six. What are you working on?
  3. It would be like mimicking smoke.
  4. Heyo everyone, I’m looking for a set of 1/48 flaps and some monetx masks. Located near Hamilton, Ontario.
  5. If you stopped buying more models, how many of you think you will finish your stash before you die? I’m 30 years old and my wife doesn’t think I can finish mine.
  6. Heyo all, I am looking for some help. I am working on a dc-3 and c-47. I have painted the D-Day markings on the fuselage. I am ready to apply the fuselage decals and wat to spray white behind them to prevent bleed through. I have cut the appropriate sized masks out of the wide Tamiya tape, but I have stalled here. When I apply it to the fuselage the tape crinkles and distorts. Any suggestions as to how to fix this issue on the compound curve here. Thanks, Dave.
  7. Hey guys I’m in the market for a ser of decals. I would like to model Reeve Aleutian Airways flight 8 of a L118 in 1/44 scale. There was a sample of a similar airplane and will post it below. Thanks, Dave
  8. I have been reading countless magazines about modeling. I absolutely enjoy reading them at work because I can fold them up in my back pocket and pull them out when I have a moment. One constant that I’ve noticed in these magazines is the lack of description as to order of the build, and time management. One thing I’m very poor at this time management and how to spend more time at the desk before I have to let things dry. Only now am I starting to actually think about subcomponents and their place. My last build is still sitting on my desk as I’m constantly waiting for parts to dry deckles to seal, “tiny bits,” To apply only to realize I have painted them the wrong colour I need to do Touch them up again. Between cleaning, which I don’t do anymore, priming, painting the Interior, dry brushing, Adding crystal clear to the dial faces, the actual building, seem filling, painting, masking, weathering, decalling, etc..... How do you organize your builds for efficiency and help to minimize any latency?
  9. So don’t I feel stupid, I finally realize that there’s a difference between cat filling and fixing step misalignments. I’ve been cursing left right and centre trying to figure out how to fill gaps. Only to realize now that my question should’ve been how to properly fill and fix steps and misalignments between parts. So how do I fix these steps and misalignments? Without creating oblong parts? thanks, Dave
  10. Thank you for the kind words it was a pleasure to help someone out
  11. I might have some, do you have a photo of what they look like? I might be able to cut them from my sheet
  12. I have only used it once. Part of the problem is your foil, the quality of grocery store foil DOES make a difference. The model does look good, I wouldn’t give up on it yet if that’s the only issue. Dave
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