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  1. I'll take this one: 22) Fine Molds 1/72 Jedi Starfighter
  2. I'm in with three donations: 1/48 Monogram F-100 1/48 Revell F-106 1/48 Tamiya FW-190 A-3
  3. I saw thick smoke towards the airport on a grocery run this morning; found out a plane crashed had crashed 30 minutes prior. Story
  4. It's probably a shooting star, but there's a chance it's a UFO... Looks like you caught an iridium satellite. Nice shot by the way
  5. Here's a selection of the best shots I got at this years Offutt show on July 19. Link to album Hope you enjoy!
  6. Hello! I thought I would share this with all of our European friends. The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, just up the road from me, is the permanent home of Liberty Bell 7. NASA transferred ownership of the capsule after it was recovered from the sea floor. For the first time in 8 years it is going on the road. It will be on display for about four and half months at the German Aerospace Center in Bonn Germany. Don't miss this chance to see a rare piece of history!
  7. Got a question regarding different scales displayed together. I'm planning a diorama that will have the bigger scales up front and smaller scales in the back for a distance effect. My question is...is there any way to calculate just how far apart they need to be apart to view "correctly"? Thanks David
  8. One of my many planned builds is to be of Glamorous Glennis in the belly of the B-29 sitting on the tarmac. I also want to display Hoover's P-80 chase plane with it. However, I have been unable to find information on it...tail number, markings, etc. I've got all the kits I need, and the decals for the B-29. No idea when I'll get around to this, but they'll make a fine addition displaying them with my Yeager, Hoover, and Bob Cardenas (B-29 pilot) autographed pictures. Any help would be appreciated. David
  9. I've got right about 150, mostly 1/48; others in 1/72 that don't come in 1/48 :-)
  10. Two parter. It's going to be landed on Vulcan, and then cloaked in the park with the Huey loading the plexi in. It would be a lot quicker to build if I could get the afore mentioned parts from someone who isn't using them, otherwise scratchbuild here I come
  11. Ooh that's nice. Not sure how I would build it in HDR though. :-p
  12. I'd certainly be interested. I've been wanting one for years to go along with my built B-58 and yet to be built F-102 and F-106
  13. Hi all. I'm looking for a 1/350 Huey for a diorama. I just need one so I thought I'd check here if anyone has a spare I could buy before I go out and buy a whole set. Thanks David
  14. I got a bargain deal on said kit, Generations boxing. I've got a Star Trek IV diorama in mind for this. That being said...does anybody have the Round 2 boxing that won't be using the landing gear/bays and landing configuration radiator baffles? I figured it would get a better response here than in the buy/sell section. Thanks David
  15. While I admit it it's pretty ugly, I'm impressed wth it. Clean sheet design that flew roughly 24 months after design started. It's target audience is the coast guard and foreign markets that can't afford something like the F-35, this being claimed to roughly $3,000/hr to maintain. I really hope the entire project is a success. Designed by a Cessna subsidiary, the prototype was built and first flight was here in Wichita. It would be a great boost for the economy. I realize there are many points between and lots of what ifs between prototype flight and production, there's always a chance right
  16. Finally checked the stash. I'll chip in these three kits: 1/72 testors ah64 1/72 mini craft/hasegawa f9f-8 cougar 1/48 tamiya f-84g thunderbirds David
  17. I'm in! I'll double check the stash for specifics, but count me in for 2-3 kits
  18. Excellent. I just got my B-24J that will become "the dragon and his tail". It'll be a nice winter project to rub foil down...and the weather is looking up this week to spray the main interior. I'm on my phone, so I'll post some pics of my previous BMF projects. This will be my fifth plane using kitchen foil and metal leaf adhesive. My first ever attempt was a 1/72 B-36 and turned out pretty good. The next ones were 1/48: P-51, P-38, and B-58.
  19. Great service on my purchase as well. I was also kept up to date on the progress and was amazed at the inclusion of 3 different sets of aftermarket decals.
  20. Lost a great human being today
  21. Haha, yes I was in the trees but not hiding from the police. My last picture of the cars on the road shows just a small portion of the road and how busy it was. This was far enough away that there were no cops. I think the part that is getting left out of the story is the cops were chasing the gawkers that slowed down on the highway or the main road to prevent accidents. I know there was at least one accident caused by gawkers.
  22. Local news here said a new crew was being flown in for the flight to McConnell. Here's some of the pictures I took today. I apologize for the quality...my DSLR was stolen almost two months ago so I've had to rely on my point and shoot. Here is just a small portion of the crowds that turned out: Video shortly...
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