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  1. My company was a table sponsor at this year's Gala, and I claimed two free tickets to go to the event...and boy was I glad I went! I couldn't find anything prior to the event who was being inducted into the Kansas Hall of Fame, but when I got there I couldn't believe it! This year's class: Mildred "Micky" Axton, Ken Collins, Alvin "Tex" Johnston, and Clay Lacy. Both Micky and Tex were posthumous inductions, and both Ken and Clay were there to receive their awards. During the live auction I went over and got Ken's autograph and talked to him for a couple minutes. Very down to earth guy, he was
  2. Hey all, Looking for some help here on photo references. I've scoured the internet and found pictures of what it looks like with the wing folded up to access the engines. However, these pictures are all too small of a resolution to really see much of anything. I know where the break is where the wing folds, but I have no idea on how it stays open. Does anyone have up-close pictures of the inside to show the structure and internal workins? I'm looking for as many good shots as I can so I can build one with the wing up. Thanks, David
  3. Jay, My dad's family lives in San Diego and we went to that museum, along with the other attractions at Balboa Park. I think it's probably been at least 10 years, maybe more like 12 since the visit there (and being only 28, thats a while!). I know I took some pictures there with my little point and shoot film camera. I think the only ones that turned out were of the Sea Dart and Blackbird. It's definitely on my list of places to go now that I'm older. David
  4. Last night my wife, stepson and I went to the Cosmosphere for a members event to hear Al Worden and co-author Francis French speak about his book, "Falling to Earth" It was a fascinating read and I recommend it to anyone interested in Apollo missions. Al was extremely down to earth guy, and had a great time at the museum. Neither he or Francis had been there and they were blown away at the collection and how the space race story is presented. I was a bit disappointed at the turn out though, wasn't nearly the crowd I expected to hear an astronaut that has been to the moon speak. After about
  5. Right side 1: Right side 2: Right side 3: Right side 4: Hope these pictures help! David
  6. From my measurements, it looks like it is 85 inches from front to back of the main rectangle of the wheel well (not including the bit that comes down with the nose gear), 29 inches deep at the front of the well, and about 28.5 inches from side to side (straight across, not including the slight curvature to the bottom of the bird). Here are the pics I shot yesterday: Depth: Witdh: Detail Shots: Front: Left side 1: Left side 2: Left side 3:
  7. I don't have any dimensions, but I've got some pretty good shots of the nose well on 961 at the Cosmosphere. I'm actually going to be there tomorrow...I'll see what I can do getting some shots on the tape measure in there. David
  8. This is Wrigs: when he isn't soaking up the sun or sleeping he likes to follow me around. This is Christy: She says she likes to watch me work because that way we can spend time together...but she also loves my work! David
  9. Calling all P-51 experts. I'm working on a diorama to include a what-if P-51 racer. What I'm wondering is...when they were bought surplus, did people typically fly them out after they were purchased, or were they taken apart and crated for a move? I guess if it is a what-if, I could show it any way I want. I think it would look neat to have the wings crated together, and the fuselage being worked on. In that case, does anyone have pictures or information on what the wings would look like crated? And what would the fuselage look like when the wings were taken off? Thanks, David
  10. I have these kits for sale, all factory sealed: Plane: 1/72 Italeri Antonov AN-2 "Colt" kit no 091 - $12.00 1/72 Italeri F/A-18F Super Hornet kit no 093 - $12.00 1/72 Italeri F-4S Navy-Phantom kit no 170 - $10.00 (PENDING) 1/144 Hobbycraft B-47B "1st SAC Striker" kit no HC1250 - $15.00 (SOLD) Ship: 1/720 Italeri Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov kit no 518 - $15.00 Armor: 1/35 Academy AH-1W Super Cobra - $15.00 Shipping is at cost from 67213...PayPal, check, or cash are welcome!
  11. In my defense...I wasn't using the contents of Pam. I was using the can as a form to roll metal around. Pam was the perfect size in my hands! (my wife is dying of laughter next to me as I type this. I sure love her.) But...the metal didn't behave like I wanted it to, so I used .010 Evergreen instead. She hopes you all got a good laugh from her post.
  12. This is a call to all partners of a modeler. After I (the wife of a serious modeler) couldn't find my PAM spray in the kitchen and was forced to search earnestly. I discovered "her" amongst my beloved husband's modeling supplies. A openness to group therapy and significant inner searching is required for all who respond. And, well- perhaps a willingness to start a 5-K run to raise awareness. :) -Mrs. archybean
  13. Well, I was hoping I could get this done in time for the 50th anniversary of LB7, but that wasn't going to happen...I knew it was going to be intensive, but waaaay under estimated. Liberty Bell is my favorite Mercury capsule, and living in Wichita I'm only 45 minutes away from it. Back in May I met with the president of the Cosmosphere to request some drawings of the building, as I want to construct some of my models as they are on display there. He was really intrigued, and said he'd never thought about seeing the museum in miniature. I got some of the architectural plans for areas I neede
  14. I'm working on my ambitious project of the Atomic City 1/12 Mercury capsule. I'm building mine as Liberty Bell and am trying to track down the Mercury Familiarization Manual. I have a few different revisions, but the ones I am specifically looking for is SEDR 104, dated 1 February 1961 and 1 August 1961. Any help would be appreciated! David
  15. Holy cow...yes indeed! That is exactly what I've been looking for. Much obliged Jay! David
  16. I've been searching high and low for any information on the landing bag skirt. Anyone have any dimensions on it and how it fits with the capsule? Thanks David
  17. Working on foiling a plane and I've been, well....foiled. Monogram 1/48 B-58. I had no issues getting the foil to stick on either pod, but its just not sticking to the plane. Got the cheap Target brand of foil (super thin) and using the same bottle of Mona Lisa metal leaf adhesive I've had for a few years now and had no problems with it before. Did I not shake the bottle well enough? Maybe the plane needs another wash with soap and water? Thanks for the help David
  18. hmm, that would make sense. I also noticed on the pics on the ninfinger site it has cuffed propellers like the Silverplates. Did others get those as well?
  19. In checking pictures of the B-29, I have a question.... Did it start its life as a Silverplate, or did it just have similar mods done to remove the turrets? Thanks David
  20. truly stunning!!! im working on mine now, covering it in aluminum foil...after seeing this one makes me want to throw in the towl on mine!
  21. and here i thought ferrari named their car after a truck...
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