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  1. I have one of those. I remember looking forward to when it would be released. Glad you are still around making great decals KursadA!
  2. Great month! The F-15 sheets are really nice. Decided to grab that Bronco sheet this time around too.
  3. Nice! Can't wait until pre-order!
  4. What was the Marine squadron with eyes? HMM-163? Phrogs looked cool with those eyes on the nose. It just really fits that aircraft well, like the RAF/AVG sharks mouth on the P-40. I don't think I've ever seen decals with the early scheme from that squadron, like the solid dark green or the green/gray camo.
  5. Awesome! Yeah take your time and get it right KursadA. This will be a nice one. 😁
  6. Here is a picture of "Sandman" B-17F 42-30333 from the 97th BG. I'm not sure if this was the exact aircraft Lt Kingsley was flying at the time.
  7. The red surrounds might actually be historically correct for an earlier aircraft, but would not be for the time of his tragic 1944 MOH flight. Lt Kingsley was in the 15th AF flying out from the Mediterranean, not the 8th flying out of England as I had assumed. So invasion stripes were definitely never used on the 15th AF aircraft. Here is an early aircraft from the 97th Bomb Group that he flew with. It does look like it has the red surrounds.
  8. I guess they were going for "WWII vibe" visual impact. It has kind of a P-51 feel to it. It's odd too that in articles they discussed getting the correct colors and had to custom source them. Yeah, it is definitely a beautiful Eagle though. I look forward to building this.
  9. That is a very cool scheme and an awesome tribute. That camo confuses me though. Lt Kingsley was flying a B-17. Weren't they painted solid OD over Neutral grey? I also don't think the 8th AF heavy bombers ever had invasion stripes, just the fighters and the medium bombers did. (Also looks like it has the invasion stripes on the wings too, was this changed at some point?) https://twitter.com/AirmanMagazine/status/1217086464829214722/photo/1 Cool looking scheme, just confusing.
  10. Congrats KursadA! I remember buying that first MQ-9 sheet. Little did I know that would be the first of many awesome decal sheets. There have been many really good ones. Hopefully many more to come!
  11. This is going to be another great sheet. Must have.
  12. Wow, I never knew so many units few the Phantom in ADC Gray. I thought it was just one or two. The F-4 sure looks sharp in ADC colors! Were there any units flying F-4Es in this scheme?
  13. Nearly all the jet mig killers (Phantoms, Eagles, etc) were mundane "line birds" when they got their kills. They only became Wing Kings and CAG birds much later in life due to those victory stars on their sides. That's the beauty of the war time schemes for these birds. They were war hawks driven by eager young Ens, LTs and Capts, not big brass show birds.
  14. TIL. I had to look that up. 9/11/72 Maj. Lee T. Lasseter and Capt. John D. Cummings of VMF-333, flying F-4J BuNo 155526, Shamrock 201. They launched off the USS America CVA-66 for a MigCAP mission. They shot down one Mig-21 with an AIM-9G and damaged another. They sustained damage from an SA-2 and were forced to eject. A second Phantom was also lost due to running out of fuel. All four crew members were rescued. Source: "Mig Killers. A chronology of U.S. Air Victories in Vietnam 1965-1973" Donald J. McCarthy Jr.
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