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  1. A couple of recent photos from the 49th Wing's Facebook page.
  2. Crowded or not, I'd definitely go. Enjoy!
  3. I third that motion, if only for the 1/72 version. 👍
  4. I'm not sure this would be commercially viable, but I'll leave it here anyway. Aircraft from the all-female flyover from this year's Super Bowl. LINKAGE
  5. FWIW, another vote for low-viz. 🤞
  6. Those F-104 markings look awesome! One of the 1/48 decal manufacturers is generating a good bit of buzz on Facebook over an upcoming release of early F-16A markings. Think the first 12 F-16s delivered to the 388th TFW (78-0001 - 78-0012) with black radomes, 474th TFW (NA), 56th TFW (MC), 8th TFW (WP), etc. We haven't seen 1/72 markings for these airframes since a very early Microscale set. Fingers crossed, prayers to the gods offered. 🙂
  7. The now defunct Carl's Hobbies back home in Florida. Good times! MY STORY
  8. I'd recommend reaching out to them directly to confirm. https://fundekals.net/contact/
  9. That pitot tube is awesome! Assuming I don't break it myself during assembly. Well done!
  10. I was going to ask the same thing. I just learned about it from The New York Times "The Daily" podcast. Fascinating stuff!
  11. Outstanding! I've been sitting on a Minicraft 1/144 D/F waiting for decals.
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