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  1. It's really hard to predict how the decals will react. I just used decals that were nearly 40 years old, and they went down perfectly and look great. I've used decals that were only a few years old with less success. I'd recommend having backup decals in case these don't lay down well. And ultimately, realize that the decals could potentially ruin the finish, so don't be too disappointed if the model doesn't live up to your expectations. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  2. I'd suggest emailing Guy at Linden Hill. He's a great guy (no pun intended) and will be eager to help you. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  3. My initial reaction to the idea of decals for these old kits was to dismiss it, but after seeing Grey Ghost's Snark I can now see the cool factor. Bring on the decals! Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  4. Let's keep those pinned topics. Scrolling past them multiple times a day is good exercise for my right hand's pointer finger. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  5. YES!!!
  6. Speaking of 1/144, I assume y'all have seen this build of the new Minicraft D by now?
  7. At the rate we're getting new kits these days it's not hard to imagine a new-tool UH-1 series in 1/48 scale within the next few years. The helicopter has seen enough service around the world that it would have immediate appeal across multiple markets. Pray to whatever god(s) you believe in. :)
  8. Whitey, you're right. I just realized the new kit will be a D. P.S. That red E model does something for me!
  9. Don't even think about providing decals for those "invasion stripes." Decals will never look at good as masked and painted stripes.
  10. Wolfpac has covered the F-15E fairly well over the years, as well as TwoBobs and more recently, Authentic and PrintScale. What no one has done are markings for test F-15Es -- ET, ED, AD, OT tail codes. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  11. I’d suggest an old timey USAF H model. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  12. I'll be looking forward to the 1/144 sheet as well.
  13. I know as much about CAD and CAD software as you, so if I were intending to produce CAD parts I'd take some classes at a local community college. You could probably struggle through teaching yourself how to use CAD software, but in the long run you'll be more successful with a strong foundation in the principles of computer aided design. And I imagine that classes will expose you to various software programs as well. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  14. You mean you don't have unlimited money and time?
  15. Thanks for adding these links.