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  1. How about F-4Es of the 57th FIS? LINK
  2. Another one here with the same issue. I will be relocating to a new state this year, so my plan is to simply trash a number of my older builds that I'm no particularly proud of. I'm in my 50s, so reducing the clutter in my life is becoming a priority, too.
  3. For your next early(ish) F-15 sheet. Found on Facebook with this caption: "A rare shot of the second TF-15A (71-0291) sporting French Air Force markings for four days in April 1976 in an attempt to sell the Eagle to France."
  4. Shoot them an email. I’m sure they’d love to hear your feedback. customerservice@badgerairbrush.com
  5. Proposed option for an early F-15 sheet. F-15A 75-0053 1981
  6. TwoBobs has decals in their pipeline.
  7. The French channel Chroniques du Blindage just uploaded a demo on YouTube that might be helpful. LINK From my experience with the pencils, what I don't like is that the ultimate effects are hard to see as you're applying the colors. I think it would take a lot of experience to know how much to apply. Based on my own preferences and skill set, I like artist oils much better.
  8. When you called Sprue Brothers, were they able to offer any insight or suggestions?
  9. I received mine today. Great looking prints! Best of luck on your success. I'm eager to see what comes next.
  10. Your best bet is posting to this forum here on ARC or periodically searching eBay. And if you're a Facebook user, join and post to the various buy & sell groups there.
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