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  1. Is it too soon to ask you for decals? 🤣 Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  2. What a loss for the modeling community. I was also among those who fed him interesting photos and paint schemes from time to time and was always thrilled to see them make their way onto his sheets. The VT F-4D was my last contribution to his library of markings. He will be missed, as a friend and cottage industry manufacturer. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  3. I'm hoping that Caracal will do a sheet in time.
  4. I've never liked Shapeway's search. It never really seemed to find the items I was interested in. I wrote about searching on my blog, and I've tried those ideas on Shapeway's site with good success. Maybe it'll help. LINK
  5. The big weakness in the Italeri kit was always the lack of the canopy opening/closing mechanism. I can't tell for sure, but the two parts just above the wheels and fuel tanks might be parts for that actuator. Either that or the landing gear. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  6. The publisher has a ton of interesting releases in their pipeline. I guess you could always email them for the status of the F-14 book. info@helion.co.uk
  7. Here's a random observation. I can't speak to Eduard's 1/48 or 1/32 parts, but their 1/72 instrument panels tend to be slightly larger than the kit part you're applying them to. This can cause issues with assembly later in the process. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  8. Please post a link to your YouTube and Facebook pages.
  9. I will always pay a premium for a kit in its original wrap, and my casual, informal observations of eBay sales suggests other people feel the same way. Curt, I applaud your planning ahead. She will appreciate anything you can do to help her sell off your stash. You might include suggested prices for each item, should she decide to sell the items herself or with the help of a friend. Here are some suggestions. LINK Steve
  10. That looks great! More photos, please!
  11. I like the idea of learning how to make 3D parts, but I have to believe the learning curve is steep and would take time away from the time I have for the basic hobby that I enjoy. And as I think about the models in my stash, I can build 99 percent of them using the aftermarket that's available. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  12. I put mine in the trash, and it always feels good, like the project is finally complete. And as I enter my 50s, the last thing I need is more clutter that I'll have to get rid of years from now. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  13. I know you saw this article in another thread, but I think your most avid fans will be interested to see it, too.
  14. I used isopropyl alcohol. (I'm assuming their chipping fluid is a derivative of hair spray.) Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
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