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    1/72 scale Cold War and modern aircraft, all types, all services, all nations.

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  1. As a blogger myself, I don't mind clicking into someone's blog to read their thoughts. After all, there's always a chance he has more say that captures my interest. Steven Brown
  2. There's so much to like here! Thanks, Mark! Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  3. We didn't have to wait weeks and weeks and weeks! Sprue Brothers
  4. The kit is available from shops in Asia, so I suspect we'll see it here in the US and Europe within a few weeks.
  5. I re-purpose or toss mine as well. I'd rather have photos of airplanes on my wall than a bunch of little plaques.
  6. I spend far too much time online, which probably explains why my output is so low. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  7. When I access the site on my iPhone using Safari, I'm consistently getting overlaid ads.
  8. There's been some chatter over in the Caracal area about the C-46 as a good topic for a future sheet. In addition, there's a chance we could see markings for a post-war C-46 from another manufacturer. 😉
  9. The Nevada Air National Guard has been supporting fire fighting efforts in the western US and sporting those groovy orange markings. Might make a colorful addition to a 1/144 sheet.
  10. Ooooo, that's really nice!
  11. There’s one way to find out. help@spruebrothers.com
  12. Now that we have 1/144 C-9 decals inbound, how about markings for the Boeing T-43 / C-40? I see the former is based on the 737-200, for which we have kits from EE and Airfix, and the latter on the 737-700, available from Zvezda. If there's room, I'd love to see bonus markings for a 1/72 T-41. I'm not expert is airliners, so please correct me if I'm mistaken.
  13. I got lucky a few years ago and scored a Minicraft 1/144 KC-135 for $10. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
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