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  1. thegoodsgt

    Building Hasegawa Tomcats in the age of Tamiya

    I find myself in the same boat when it comes to 1/48 F-4s. The new Z-M Phantoms are much better than the Hasegawa kits, so what do I do with the handful of the latter currently in my stash? I’ve decided to keep them. They’re still good kits, and the gods know I have tons of decals awaiting application to a model...any model. At the very least, the Hasegawa kits will go together fairly easily and will look good on the shelf, even next to a Z-M kit. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  2. thegoodsgt

    Best way to duplicate CH-47D oil stains??

    I would apply a wash using artist oils, thinned with turpentine. Black might be a bit harsh, so I'd start with a dark olive green color and see how that looks. You might experiment on an old model first to see how the oils lay down or into the underlying paint. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  3. You might take the models to a local IPMS contest and offer them to attendees free (or for a small donation). I'm sure there are modelers who would appreciate having an extremely well built model in their display case as an object of inspiration. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  4. thegoodsgt

    Tamiya 1/48 F-16C. Was it a sales disappointment?

    I look at it this way. Every dollar (or yen) spent designing and tooling a kit is a dollar (or yen) not spent designing and tooling another kit. I suspect Tamiya believes their money is better invested producing a new-tool F-14 (or example) rather than an F-16B/D. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  5. thegoodsgt

    Tony Matteliano has passed away

    This might be the obituary he's referring to. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/antonino-matteliano-obituary?pid=149569869&view=guestbook
  6. thegoodsgt

    Britmodeller website

    I recently joined another forum (not model related), and they have a similar policy of requiring a number of posts before I can start a new topic. It was easy to reach the required posts within a couple of months. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  7. thegoodsgt

    Display Case vs. aircraft sub-forums

    WARNING: Thread drift. Can we also talk about vague subject lines? For example: Tell me why What color would... Help wanted LINK Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  8. thegoodsgt

    HeritageCon coming up March 25th.

    Where is it? Do you have a link with more information?
  9. thegoodsgt

    Is Scale Modelling Now worth joining?

    I'm not familiar with the site, but for just £15 I'd suggest joining and doing a review for us in a few months.
  10. thegoodsgt

    May releases

    Yes, I noticed that the FB-111 sheet is numbered 48111. Well played!
  11. thegoodsgt

    1/144 C-54s...?

    Count me in. Kursad, that's a guaranteed sale of two (2) sheets!
  12. thegoodsgt

    1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    Another UH-1E in low-viz markings, presumably upon deliver to AMARC. Linkage Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  13. thegoodsgt

    The base guy

    Here's his email. thebaseguy@gmail.com
  14. thegoodsgt

    Need Information for Selling Kits

    Here's what the folks at Fool.com are saying.
  15. thegoodsgt

    International shipping changes

    I feel for you, and I sincerely hope that the higher rate doesn't affect your sales. Personally, I'd gladly pay a few dollars more to continue to buy a quality product. I hope your customers feel the same way. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup