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  1. There's a set on eBay at the moment. (No affiliation to the seller.) LINKAGE
  2. Well this is the coolest thing I've heard so far this year!
  3. Are these Res-Kit fuel tanks the Late 650 gallon variant? LINK
  4. What variant does the MPC kit represent (more or less) out of the box?
  5. Prolly too late, but I'll these photos here for reference.
  6. I recommend Alclad. You can mask over it all day long without issue.
  7. adambc is correct. Check out the bidding history on these kits. The winning bid were $1 more than the prior high bid. LINK 1 LINK 2
  8. A European manufacturer produced these markings in 1/48 years ago. Maybe it's time for a new option?
  9. Here's my two cents, without having any particular business or individual in mind. I think a lot of hobbyists get an urge to build a business around the hobby but do so without a clear understanding of how to create products, support orders, market the business, etc. They have good intentions but are not completely prepared.
  10. Great question! I, too, am filling up my display case and will soon need to make room for new builds. As I get older I’m accepting the the reality of my mortality. I have no problem throwing away old builds that no longer reflect my abilities. Nobody is going to want them; not the local VFW, library, or neighborhood kids. Keeping them is not an option, because my heirs will have to deal with them and will likely take them all to the landfill anyway.
  11. I will buy this (and its inevitable 1/144 cousin), and it will bring great joy and happiness into my life.
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