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  1. Display Case vs. aircraft sub-forums

    WARNING: Thread drift. Can we also talk about vague subject lines? For example: Tell me why What color would... Help wanted LINK Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  2. HeritageCon coming up March 25th.

    Where is it? Do you have a link with more information?
  3. Is Scale Modelling Now worth joining?

    I'm not familiar with the site, but for just £15 I'd suggest joining and doing a review for us in a few months.
  4. April releases

    Yes, I noticed that the FB-111 sheet is numbered 48111. Well played!
  5. 1/144 C-54s...?

    Count me in. Kursad, that's a guaranteed sale of two (2) sheets!
  6. 1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    Another UH-1E in low-viz markings, presumably upon deliver to AMARC. Linkage Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  7. The base guy

    Here's his email. thebaseguy@gmail.com
  8. Need Information for Selling Kits

    Here's what the folks at Fool.com are saying.
  9. International shipping changes

    I feel for you, and I sincerely hope that the higher rate doesn't affect your sales. Personally, I'd gladly pay a few dollars more to continue to buy a quality product. I hope your customers feel the same way. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  10. Kenetic C-17 - Any word?

    Keep an eye on this thread on Britmodeller. They’re usually the first to let us know that a new kit is available. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  11. Need Information for Selling Kits

    You may not need to make frequent runs to the post office. eBay has collected a great deal of data about what has sold on their site over the last 20 years and will give you an estimate based on the item you’re selling and your zip code. If eBay doesn’t recognize what you’re selling (for example, a collection of kit, photoetch, and book), it’ll require you to enter the weight of the package. Investing in a small postal scale (about $20) will let you do that at home, using the USPS web site to determine the actual postage costs. STORM is correct above about prices. I’ve posted this link several times for others over the last few weeks offering advice to folks like you. My suggestion is to start most auctions at 99 cents and let it ride. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  12. Need Information for Selling Kits

    PayPal has a good introduction to their services and account setup on their web site. LINK Is that helpful, or do you have questions that aren’t answered on their site?
  13. &(*&U)(*&) Model

    It's time to quit the kit when you're no longer excited to sit down and work on it, when you experience more frustration than fun. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  14. Ridiculous pricing on the bay

    A kind seller will refund any excess postage. I try to do that when I sell, though I admit that sometimes I forget.
  15. CD48131 - 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw Part 2

    This is gonna be awesome in 1/72 scale! Steven Brown Scale Model Soup