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  1. Outstanding! I've been sitting on a Minicraft 1/144 D/F waiting for decals.
  2. Sprue Brothers. 10% Off all Model Kits with orders totaling up to $99.99 excluding tax and shipping. 15% Off all Model Kits with orders totaling between $100.00 and $199.99 excluding tax and shipping.
  3. What we're all really wondering is...will the new owners of Squadron revive the spirit of the sales they had 5-10 years ago. ๐Ÿค”
  4. Andyโ€™s Hobby Headquarters LINK
  5. I wish IPMS would incorporate something akin to a "Commended" award at their contests. It would expand the scope of winners and give more entrants a sense of the quality of their builds.
  6. I'd recommend dropping Chris an email. Zactoman@Zactomodels.com
  7. Just when I'm trying to get out of 1/48.... ๐Ÿ˜‹
  8. I can't find the thread to share the "evidence," but I'm quite sure MH is out of business.
  9. I totally understand the urge to start something new, but I avoid doing so at all costs. I almost never have the same enthusiasm resuming a half-built model as I do starting a new one. Many years ago I had (just) six or seven models in various stages of completion and found that, as I spent time across them -- an hour here on this one, an hour there on that one -- none of them got done, which made the hobby very unfulfilling for me. Because ultimately we want to complete models, not just build them.
  10. Dang! I thought I'd selected the scheme for my model, but now I see so many alternatives! ๐Ÿค”
  11. I've been looking forward to this sheet!
  12. If you need a specific date, why not contact Kinetic directly? We on this forum can only speculate. info@kineticmodel.com
  13. The Roden RC-135V/W kit is now in stock at Hannants. I suspect we'll see in the states soon'ish.
  14. This will be epic! Following.... It looks like the ResKit cockpit fits perfectly. That just might prompt me to buy one now.
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