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  1. Good question. I'd recommend dropping Steve an email to ask. You can find his contact info on his web site. Linkage
  2. Many news sources are now referring to the incident as a mishap or accident, or simply indicate that the aircraft "flipped." Thread drift: Something to keep in mind.... If the media is mischaracterizing this incident (as an "accident"), you have to wonder how accurate their other, non-aviation, reporting is. Do the words they choose to use to describe other events misrepresent what actually happened? This is why we should all consume the news with a critical eye regardless of the source.
  3. Next time I use them I'm going to airbrush a coat of Future over them in an attempt to make them "thicker." Hopefully it helps. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  4. Beautiful work! The finish and weathering are spectacular. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  5. I'm afraid we can only speculate. I'd suggest shooting them an email and asking them directly.
  6. This is outstanding! I've always thought it would be better to mask this pattern than to use decals. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  7. LOL. I'll be lucky if I build my B-45 within the next five years! So take yer time. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  8. There’s sooo much on eBay that triggers a face palm. eBay Insanity More eBay Insanity Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  9. With a new-tool 1/48 C-47 on the market, I'd say the odds are decent that we'll see a C-46 in the next few years. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  10. Any model with a canopy that you cannot position open. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  11. You're preaching to the choir. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  12. Don't worry. When it's release there will be a ton of buzz about it! Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  13. It's really hard to predict how the decals will react. I just used decals that were nearly 40 years old, and they went down perfectly and look great. I've used decals that were only a few years old with less success. I'd recommend having backup decals in case these don't lay down well. And ultimately, realize that the decals could potentially ruin the finish, so don't be too disappointed if the model doesn't live up to your expectations. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  14. I'd suggest emailing Guy at Linden Hill. He's a great guy (no pun intended) and will be eager to help you. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  15. My initial reaction to the idea of decals for these old kits was to dismiss it, but after seeing Grey Ghost's Snark I can now see the cool factor. Bring on the decals! Steven Brown Scale Model Soup