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  1. It should be. You might apply it to a piece of scrap plastic (and then the metal color of your choice), and then assess the result.
  2. It's funny how 15 minutes feels like an eternity. 😂 What irks me is watching a commercial to watch a movie trailer, which is basically a commercial itself. What a world! Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  3. I Googled SP tail code and found it's assigned to the 52nd Fighter Wing.
  4. Scribing is your best bet. I hated it, too, but with practice I've come to mostly enjoy it. The process can be very...zen. 😑
  5. Kursad, I like the idea of S-3 decals. Early markings are sorely in need.
  6. You said you've been looking for the Mu-2 for years, presumably to build and not collect, so my advice is to build it! Models, even those still in their shrink wrap, rarely go up in value, so their enjoyment is in their building and painting. Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  7. These markings from the NJ ANG are pretty great.
  8. I just finished the Platz T-33 and was happy with it. The worst part was the wonky design of the vertical stabilizer, which you can see here in Step 3. The next most challenging aspect of the kit was selecting the markings to apply. So many good choices out there! Steven Brown Scale Model Soup
  9. Kursad, when you scale the sheet down to 1/72, please consider printing the tail serial numbers twice, one with the silver or FS16473 background and one without. With so much color variation from one paint manufacturer to the next, I'm always paranoid about colors not matching. I don't mind a bit of masking to get it right. Looking forward to this sheet!
  10. No one ever talks about Craigslist. You can find some inexpensive display cases that are perfect for our needs…if you have the room. Here are a few examples. LINK LINK LINK
  11. Found their web site. UpRise Decals
  12. Tom at New Ware is open to suggestions. They’ve been churning out masks for more obscure models over the last few years.
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