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  1. Love the rich colors, makes quite a bit of contrast between the subject and background. This was taken with a Nikon? I read that they are now equipped with kevlar carbon fiber shutters, and will last for well over 100,000 shots before the shutter requires any maintenance.
  2. This watch comes in handy when filling out debrief forms and other 781 related material.
  3. Those Pennsylvania jets sure are nice, I've actually seen them in person on TDY here. Sure wish they'd give us permission to do that.
  4. Glad you liked the sig! A store in my area carries a wealth of Proxxon tools, I already own a dremel and have a bit of experience with it, but I never did feel that it was meant for doing fine work on plastic and wood, maybe I didn't take the time to become adept in controlling it? though I am willing to give Proxxon a try as it's not a very expensive tool and the parts are available to me.
  5. Maybe the lighting is a little off in this one, but the mechanical parts I think came out good: EDIT: oh and I did ask permission before shooting this!
  6. Thanks for the advice, I do already own a dremel, but I feel that it might not be ideal for some thinner styrene or plexiglass as the RPM may be a little too high for such delicate work, maybe I'll pick up a Proxxon next month or whenever finance stops losing my orders.
  7. Glad you liked them! Here's another just for fun:
  8. Taken with Point-and-shoot cameras: Dunno if this counts as non-aviation?
  9. I was at a woodshop store the other day and was introduced to the proxxon rotary tool. I was told that it was able to operate at lower RPMs than the Dremel, and would be more ideally suited for working with styrene and other plastic materials. Does anyone here have experience with this tool to say if this really is true?
  10. Anyone have photos of the the M-61 VULCAN rotary cannon mounted inside of an F-15? I'm trying to find photos, but the only thing google comes up with is the gun detached from the plane. Ideally I'm looking for pics of the rounds being fed into the cannon, and if possible the area in the jet where the ammo is stored. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Yes I'm aware of that, though the boom can be extended in the stowed state while the aircraft is on the ground without opening the sighting shield.
  12. Was the italeri release of the KC-135 ever reviewed here?
  13. For those who have purchased Italeri's KC-135(which I think is a rep-release of the AMT version?) did this particular kit come with an extendable boom that can be displayed in the stowed or refuel position? Thanks in advance.
  14. I've been told time and time again that Omni-Clear is one of the best clear coat for any modeling purpose that would require it. Also I've heard that another good one is Future Floor wax(now known as Pledge future shine). Has anyone used either of these and can give any insights as to their strengths and weaknesses?
  15. Tamiya Work Station, for the new workspace I created in my garage ^_^
  16. F106A, that looks awfully close to this:
  17. C-17 cockpit: Please excuse the glare....
  18. Would anyone here happen to know any noticeable differences between the B-52H model cockpit and any previous models? I'm asking as a comment on a youtube video I posted piqued my interest: This person who claims to be a crew chief says that the "rhino's horn" seen in the video exists on the H model, when in fact it was also on the earlier G models as well. Then again he also claims that it was taken at Barksdale when in reality it was taken at Sheppard. I don't know if I should delete the last 3 comments by this guy or remove the video completely, but I'd like to hear if anyone has some ins
  19. I wonder if that Aggressor fired a missile? I do notice that his right wing isn't carrying one...
  20. This pretty much sums up my opinion on the newer Gundam series: I'm actually a fan of the old-school Universal Century ARC.
  21. Ooo Aircraft 290. Was the lower photo taken during a base "open house" day?
  22. Here's some from Sheppard AFB(dunno if this is what you were looking for?):
  23. Oh, it still is. You can take my word on that one(even in Japan).
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