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  1. Just a reminder, my auctions end at 1800 Pacific time today
  2. So, my latest round of eBay auctions is now active. My eBay Auctions Thank you for everyone who has purchased from me. After this round I will be taking a break do to work commitments, but have much more to go.
  3. Well, I am now on Round 4 of my mass stash reduction sale. Who know I had all these decals? As before auctions start ending at 1800 on Sunday. My eBay link
  4. So, the stash reduction continues. This time I have Eduard photo-etch sets and more decals. My eBay Auctions :jaw-dropping:/>
  5. All, As I am currently working on a mass kit reduction, I am moving to Round 2 of selling of large number of decals from Leading Edge and TwoBobs Decals. My eBay Auctions
  6. One last reminder for my current round of auctions of three books: Daco's F-16 Walkaround Daco's F-14 Walkaround The Modern Viper Guide Auction ends at 7pm Pacific.
  7. Just a reminder. My current auction ends on Sunday at 7pm Pacific. I currently have three books, DACO's F-14 and F-16 walkarounds and Jake Melampy' F-16 C/D walkaround, up for auction.
  8. All, I have started the process of selling off a large portion of my stash. Due to the number of items, over 200 1:72 scale kits and decals. There will also be resin and photo-etch sets. I am doing this a few items at a time. In the past I would sell stuff directly here on ARC, but to make things easier for me I will be using eBay. ebay link
  9. I agree. Even in good old SoCal, 'good' hobby shops are hard to find. I use to be a regular at 'The Military Shop' in Long Beach. I would get there shortly after Gary opened the door on a Saturday and stay most of the day. I would even work behind the counter for free. In Gary's case, he retired before things got bad.
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