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  1. Little old but there’s some F-4’s for sale.

    If you look closely,you can see me in the background while they filmed,I had to stop my post flight inspection on my jet so Capt."Roc" Tofil(aka Cal Worthington) could sell his F-4E's on our "short" line(6 spots between the fire house and main hanger).420 in the Euro 1 scheme on the video was transferred to South Korea not to long after the pilots made this video. The pilots/WSO's made the video not too long after it was announced we would convert to F-16's.
  2. Another product suggestion or two

    True,with the release of the Z-M kits,my Hasegawa kits will regulated to canopy closed,out of the box builds(well,maybe resin intakes and exhausts) with maybe the exception of USN/USMC builds(with *maybe* 1-2 of those),I might build up the Academy C/D kits but I'm going to to focus on the Z-M kit and just putter with the Academy kit. I was a crew chief on F-4C's(former WW C's)and E's so I will focus on those jets to build first,a C Mig-Killer from our unit(63-7623 using Jake's sheet),a E(probably my jet,68-0490,using Jake's sheet as a basis)and one of our ex-WW jets using multiple sheets,even though 565 is tempting since it's now one of our gate guards and I know General Hettlinger and his family(served with his two sons and him,my father served with him for 30+ years,his daughter served at Ft.Wayne).I'll definitely be getting several of your WW C's sets,I'll definitely need them for my 181st TFG C builds.
  3. Ditto on the small mouth/NSI intake,all my builds are to be Block 25 and small mouth Block 30's,the intakes are my downfall on the Tamiya kits.
  4. Another product suggestion or two

    I'm looking more at very noticeable sidewall detail, like the rear circuit breaker panels and such. The canopy detail would be a plus as well.
  5. Another product suggestion or two

    I would suggest ANYTHING for the Academy cockpits,that was the biggest let down of their Phantom kits.
  6. 1/48 F-4C WW release dates

    Good to hear,I plan on using the WW sets on the Academy C's to model on of our F-4C's(181st TFG,113th TFS) and possibly Ft. Wayne C. I started my crew chief career crewing the former WW C's at the 181st,I've always wanted to do a WW C but I could never do the mods any justice like you can,I look forward to its release! And thank you for doing this,I thought id never see a set like this!
  7. F-35B Tail Markings

    The 4th,34th and 466th at Hill started to apply them recently,they correspond with panel lines and aren't full upper fin size like on the F-16C's they had,and of course are in grey.
  8. 1/48 Hill Grey DC/KS air guard F-4D decals?

    Hi-Decal did a Euro 1 Kansas jet on one of their sheets,it has 66-0271 on it.
  9. Yup,that be me Gunny,I don't know about the "THE" part though...lol. My assigned F-16C's with the 181st were: 85-1407 Block 25,its still flying at Luke from what I hear,we transfered it to the Arizona ANG in 1995 at the end of our Snowbird deployment at D-M. 84-1311 Block 25(an overage jet we flew until Toledo picked it up a year later),if 407 wasn't flying then I was usually on 311,weird having my name on two jets during that time. 85-1557 Block 30,we referred to it as a Block 35 since it had a Block 40 aft end fitted after an engine fire when it flew at Misawa.It was also nicknamed "Twisted Sister" after it was sent to Depot after a very hard landing twisting the airframe just a tad. 86-0260 Block 30,my pride and joy,we had a great crew on that jet and kept it spotless,even had engraved chromed wheel hub covers,it had all the crews names and had the 181st unit emblem on them. I was supposed to have my last launch/recovery on the jet in June 2004 but it was lost in the mid-air with 85-1555 in May of 2004. My last F-16 launch/recovery was oddly enough was 85-1442 "Speedy" (the jet I crewed in 2003 on ONW duty)when it came in with three other South Dakota jets for LITENING/equipment swap in April 2004. Mike Long(avionics) and Pat Green (weapons) here on ARC also were in the unit and contributed also on the Fox One Vipers at War sheet. Jake is also one to ask,he pretty much documented our last 5 years of flying and was considered a " Racer"(no honorary,he was one of us whether he liked it or not!) from the get go,he spoke the language of a pilot and a maintenance/weapons troop and earned respect from all of us out there,enough to where we gave him a ride in our D model! His books are my go to references on the Viper and Phantom,you can't get any better than his books and decals.
  10. some more F-35A help Please

    My son is one of them,he's a Low Observable tech with the 419th at Hill AFB. He says there is a very minor color variation on the newer jets but not as stark as the older ones. All the 34th jets have the older RAM sealant/paint,a few only with the 4th and the 421st should have only have the new coatings. IIRC what told me,the sealant is the same but newer batches are now blended to match the overall paint. On the newer jets,the sealant still stands out on the rear underneath aft of the weapons bay/gear bay to the exhaust. Right now,the best bet is to go by pics released by units since its tough to get pics on the flight line even thru official sources,they are stickler on having electronic devices in work areas and the flight line. I'm just starting my Meng F-35A and using my son's guidance on a few things but the majority of the references are DoD/USAF/Lockheed high res pics.I hopefully should have it done by the time when the aftermarket companies kick out a Hill F-35A sheet.
  11. If you change your mind and go with a 113th FS subject,let me know,I crewed both the Block 25's and 30's with the unit. We did take out two comm sites with GBU-12's on our 2003 ONW deployment and took out SAM sites on the 2002 ONW deployment. I supplied Ben most the info(As well as Mike Long,who worked avionics with the unit)for the sheet,my jet is on the sheet,86-0260,and the jet that I crewed on the 2003 deployment,85-1442. "Speedy" (South Dakota ANG jet,we also had Michigan jets we used).
  12. 1/48 F-4C WW conversion set update!

    All the external lumps and bumps were still on them,disconnected, cockpit gear for the WW mission removed,strike camera was a permanent fixture on the ex-WW C's. Our gate guard C is a former WW C. I started my crew chief career on the ex-WW C''s with 181st TFG,by the time I worked on C's all our "vanilla" C's were retired, boneyarded,range targets,or ABDR trainers.
  13. HAFB F-35A help please...

    Hill units only recently started hanging pylons on their jets according to my son who works there.My Meng build will be as a slick jet with internal weapons only and the Kittyhawk kit will be bombed up externally most likely in inflight mode.
  14. 1/48 F-4C WW conversion set update!

    I'd be up for the update set,my Air National Guard unit flew former Kadena and Spang F-4C Weasels,I started my crew chief career brewing them.
  15. F-35 news roundup

    Look for a 466th/419th boss bird here soon,markings were being applied to a jet last week