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  1. ThePhantomTwo

    F-4G with single piece windshield.

    We(181st TFG) had 68-0424 with the one piece windscreen,it was our Wing King jet,it is on Speed Hunter Decals Phantom Gunfighter sheet. It was transferred to the Greek AF in the summer of 1991.
  2. ThePhantomTwo

    Wolfpak June 2018

    I can deal with the 72nd kits of what you provided. I focus my builds of aircraft of the Guard/Reserve and aircraft my family and I have been associated with during our military careers.What 48th scale doesn't provide, 72nd scale does,and that's only 2-3 aircraft that 48th can't provide for my build wants.
  3. ThePhantomTwo

    Wolfpak June 2018

    Eh,I got out of 72nd years ago,still have a few but 48th gives me better detail and more bang for the buck (most of the time). Better one the eyes to boot.
  4. ThePhantomTwo

    Wolfpak June 2018

    My son applied the squadron markings to the 466th jet a week or so before it deployed to the Pacific, he's had his hands on applying the markings on 34th and 4th jets as well,too bad it's not our scale of 1/48th scale though.
  5. ThePhantomTwo

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    The Meng kit is more accurate.
  6. ThePhantomTwo

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    I'd be up for a sheet,my son works at Hill AFB and applies the RAM coatings and the markings on the F-35A's(He's with the 419th ),I've been waiting for Hill markings besides the 34th boss bird that come in the kit. The jets that just came back from the Pacific region are getting the squadron markings updated/reapplied. Unfortunately, the folks at Hill aren't hip on photos being taken on the line or hanger or he'd probably be taking walk arounds of every jet.
  7. ThePhantomTwo

    48019 F-4C now shipping!

    Decals received today,absolutely outstanding Jake,the Ft.Wayne markings are flawless and I'm giddy that a Illinois C was finally done. I'm thinking with my next OT check I'll have to get another along with another C/D sheet you kicked out for possible future projects/just in case purposes :) Now just waiting for your new G sheet,love the Idaho subjects on it.
  8. ThePhantomTwo

    48019 F-4C now shipping!

    Order sent,one can never have enough Phantom decals😆
  9. ThePhantomTwo

    48021 Phantom walkways

    I was hoping for some hi-vis -333 markings😕
  10. ThePhantomTwo

    48021 Phantom walkways

    My three Fox One walkway sheets are now obsolete. Going to pick one of these bad boys up for the Z-M C kit
  11. ThePhantomTwo

    Little old but there’s some F-4’s for sale.

    If you look closely,you can see me in the background while they filmed,I had to stop my post flight inspection on my jet so Capt."Roc" Tofil(aka Cal Worthington) could sell his F-4E's on our "short" line(6 spots between the fire house and main hanger).420 in the Euro 1 scheme on the video was transferred to South Korea not to long after the pilots made this video. The pilots/WSO's made the video not too long after it was announced we would convert to F-16's.
  12. ThePhantomTwo

    Another product suggestion or two

    True,with the release of the Z-M kits,my Hasegawa kits will regulated to canopy closed,out of the box builds(well,maybe resin intakes and exhausts) with maybe the exception of USN/USMC builds(with *maybe* 1-2 of those),I might build up the Academy C/D kits but I'm going to to focus on the Z-M kit and just putter with the Academy kit. I was a crew chief on F-4C's(former WW C's)and E's so I will focus on those jets to build first,a C Mig-Killer from our unit(63-7623 using Jake's sheet),a E(probably my jet,68-0490,using Jake's sheet as a basis)and one of our ex-WW jets using multiple sheets,even though 565 is tempting since it's now one of our gate guards and I know General Hettlinger and his family(served with his two sons and him,my father served with him for 30+ years,his daughter served at Ft.Wayne).I'll definitely be getting several of your WW C's sets,I'll definitely need them for my 181st TFG C builds.
  13. Ditto on the small mouth/NSI intake,all my builds are to be Block 25 and small mouth Block 30's,the intakes are my downfall on the Tamiya kits.
  14. ThePhantomTwo

    Another product suggestion or two

    I'm looking more at very noticeable sidewall detail, like the rear circuit breaker panels and such. The canopy detail would be a plus as well.