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  1. The 113th TFS F-4C was the only ADC painted jet we ever flew,it was a temporary assignment with us(if a year can be temporary),we held it as " flyable storage" aircraft until the NY ANG converted to the F-4C from the F-101B/F. It's crew chief was also the one that crewed our only Hill Gray painted F-4C a few years later. I remember how odd 568 stood out amongst the SEA/SEA wraparound F-4C's on our flightline,circa 1981-82.
  2. Typical daily training load out for using the gun pod was the pod on the centerline,BDU-33's on TER's or inert 500 pound mk.82's with wing tanks,or not, depending on what range was being used. That's what our unit usually flew with them.
  3. Nice,my father crewed the VT-29 and C-131,I have a few of his T.O.'s. I look forward to the kit and your decals.
  4. My son is the guy that takes care of the LO at Hill,they went with RAM sealant that matches the LO coating a year or so ago.
  5. 48019 can also be used for early Block 30 F-16C/D's.
  6. Cool,I'm focusing on the Zoukie Mura F-4's,only have the C but the kit needs very little aftermarket if any depending on how you want to build it,I still have a bunch of the Hasegawa kits though and one Academy C that will be no frill,I don't care about detailing builds. For the USN/USMC Phantoms, you still can't beat the Hasegawa J's and S's.
  7. Lol,it's ok Pat,I was just about to buy it last weekend but put it back when I finally came to my senses,I'm sticking to the USAF variants,I eyed the AC-47 as well but have enough Gooney Birds as is. Hopefully the C-54 is still there though,if not,no biggie. I did look thru my books,you plan on painting it in the TPS scheme? I did see a pic of an 161 F-4S in TPS with a centerline and a 9L on the outer port rail only.
  8. Pat,was that the S out at the mall I was going to back for? I talked to EJ about load outs on J's and a few of the Hawaii based Marine guys,if ship borne,it was J sidewinders I think,Sparrows in the back wells and centerline tank.A2G I have no idea outside of the Vietnam jets
  9. If I remember right,the 466th jet has it's diamond markings fin flash like their F-16's did,same length as the 34th,421st,and 4th fin flashes. Also,the new 388th Boss Bird has black shadowing for markings on the tail,I seena pic of this jet by a photographer out of Ft. Worth a week or so ago,my son saw it in one of the hangers as well at Hill and was thrilled to see something different than the usual gray markings,even though it was black.
  10. Usually only flight required items would be on,belts connected and tightened,ejection sequence selected for single seat use. On our F-16D's,the MFD's were off for single pilot flights
  11. I have their 1/48 Hun intake/nose,very well done,cut at a panel line,a little shaving of plastic and your good to go,the nose gear bay is molded with the intake.Nicely done like the other sets they produce.
  12. I think it would be worth it,include the rarely/hardly done VMFA's and VF's then it'll be golden. I always keep a look out for VMFA-333 70's F-4J markings,either the AJ or DN tail codes but they are hard to find or want collectors prices so a Trip Trey 70's J won't probably be built for that reason(the model if ever built would be given to one of our pilots who flew with 333,I plan on doing the jet he made his last USMC Phantom flight,one BuNo off from their Mig Killer)
  13. I have the Tamiya kits but I'm leaning more the Meng kit when I get another Mustang, I'm not completely sold on the Airfix kit,the Meng kit seems to have the details nicely done. I still have a half completed Tamiya kit in the box,I may finish it just to experiment on the NMF painting, I have the Alclad paints but haven't used them yet,your builds seem to have me leaning towards the AK paints now.
  14. I did my partšŸ˜ŠLove the ANG F-4 decals,going to get the F-4G sheet as soon as I can as well,don't have a Weasel build planned yet but I know I need the Idaho markings for it!
  15. When I pull up the decals,they are at the discounted prices,only the most recent releases are not
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