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  1. Although I'm not going to disagree about your comment on KC-135 Crew Chiefs(you should see some of the guys I work with) I wasn't being facetious with the question on this aircraft, as it piqued my interest having seen something like it before, and Flankerman's post pretty much nailed it.
  2. F-15A Air National Guard version from Hasegawa. Only picked up one. Luckily the hobby store was having a 15% off sale today.
  3. I don't know if this is real, but does anyone have any insights as to what it is? I've heard that the first experimental aircraft carriers were actually Zeppelin types but I didn't think any were ever fully realized as they were slow and easy to shoot down.
  4. I see that kind of answers my question. My camera's live view also has a histogram mode in which it will display the histogram in the lower right of the screen, I'll see if I can test out some shots using that.
  5. And what is the holstein scheme in relation to the black markings of the aircraft? (my apologies for possibly deviating this thread off topic)
  6. Link: http://www.collectiondx.com/node/3267 I'm so glad they're finally making one! Was kind of hoping it would be a kit, but at that price I think in might not be. Could probably repaint it somehow....
  7. Fuji would it help much to make adjustments to the camera's white balance in this scenario?(on the other hand I figured it would be a bit cumbersome to do in such a situation)
  8. Do you always paint indoors? or do you open a few windows when painting?
  9. Ok, thanks for identifying that. Love to see that in action though...
  10. Was there any word as to what they were going to call it? Also which issue of popular science was this?
  11. I don't remember where I found this, but has anyone seen this artwork before or know what it's supposed to be?
  12. What kind of retardant were you using?
  13. Ok thanks, I'll try that.
  14. Anyone in here use Vallejo paints? I have a few bottles and am considering using them in an airbrush. I like the fact that they are non toxic and have no scent whatsoever. If I were to thin the paints out, what kind of medium should I use? Also, what type of chemical should I use to clean the airbrush out afterwards?
  15. Wanna see more crew chiefs goofing off? Here:
  16. Those guys are working B-1Bs? Maybe thats the reason why their FMC rate is so low...
  17. They were giving away aircraft trinkets at drills the other day so I decided to pick this up: It appears to have a boom and a set of MPRS pods with only two engines. Is this the KC-45 or the KC-767?
  18. Buck would you happen to have a closeup pic of the tiny pilot in the cockpit? I don't think I've ever seen an orange flightsuit before but then again I'm really really new around here. Did you also get that helmet pattern from a helmet he wore at the time?
  19. I do know some of the Hawaii C-17s have a "signature text" written above the crew entry door, one of them being "The Spirit of Go For Broke" but I'll have to check my personal photos to see if 5150 has something like that. Edit: 5150 doesn't have a signature, unless it was added recently, and according to my knowledge, not all Hawaii C-17s have that text. I belive the "Go for Broke" line might belong to 5146....
  20. Thanks for the kind words. I didn't expect the tiny mic in that sony camera to be any good, but was impressed with its performance. LOL HANG men
  21. Ok so this is obviously fake: But I could imagine that guy getting beaten up by the rest of his crew....
  22. I don't know if pre-built models are allowed here, but I just thought they would be an intereseting piece to share. Picked these up at a local model shop here in Hawaii. These are randomly boxed models, like trading figures as they are known in Japan. They are from set that depict WWII aircraft that were designed by Japan but never put into active service, although the aircraft were made(to my knowledge) they could not be used because the war had already been lost. Here are some pics of the box: This particular model is the A7M2(the only thing on that box that I could read) I h
  23. So I just got to go on an incentive flight this morning and was glad I did! The whole crew was really nice and they let us take turns sitting in the pod with the boomer as he went through his checklist and made the "contact." As for OPSEC reasons, I can't discuss the details but the receiver aircraft was a "heavy." Took a while and ran into some problems trying to connect, but he did a good job of explaining the whole process to me. There was also a second plane doing a refuel that was visible from the cockpit and the pilots courteously moved their heads just so I could take pictures of it. In
  24. Thanks, Buck. I've been on a day refueling flight once, a while ago with F-15s. I think the lighting at that altitude was perfect that a Sony cybershot camera had no problem taking crystal clear photos of them, however I was hoping that another incentive flight should pop up soon with heavies or something. I had the impression that the boom marker lights would make the whole scene including the ARR receptacle glow neon, so I take it the marker lights are mainly for the receiving aircraft to be able to see that nozzle? I guess I'll go and talk to the boomers again to see if they know anything.
  25. So I was speaking with a KC-135 boomer the other day and she mentioned that refueling during night is one of the most exciting things to see. Now I can't seem to find any photos of planes getting refueled at night, so from a boomer's perspective, what exactly does it look like?
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