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  1. Phantom ordie

    Decal Problems. HELP.

    That's what happens when we get old , we just fall apart. I,m 73.
  2. Phantom ordie

    Serious allergy sufferers

    This works for me , I take a spoonful of local honey. Its supposed to have the anti-histamines to ward off allergies.Probably won,t work this late in the season but give it a try for next year. I used to suffer real bad. It,s worked for me for years now. Has to be local honey to your area.
  3. Phantom ordie

    Rounded edges?

    The outer edge of a door or hood or trunk lid if you look at it is rounded in and thicker than scale. To just sand it to make it square would increase the gap between the door for example and the body.I was just fishing to see if anyone had ever addressed this.
  4. Phantom ordie

    A few more newbie questions.

    On the laquer over enamel thing. Try what was said on some old plastic. laquer can easily destroy an enamel finish.
  5. Phantom ordie

    Rounded edges?

    I don"t build many autos but I have been pondering this thought for awhile. On doors , hoods , trunk lids etc. the edges are rounded.Has anyone ever thought that there was a way to square off the edges to make them look more scale?
  6. Phantom ordie

    Supporting your LHS..... not always possible!

    Our LHS is small and with a small inventory. It is the hub of our IPMS club meeting. Coy will order anything for us and at a good price for club members. I would hate to see him close up. It is good to meet with other modelers and have a place to go and have fellowship.
  7. Phantom ordie

    Help save a LHS

    It is to the left of Hobby Lobby up on the hill in that row of shops you can enter at the top level or climb the stairs from below. Thanks
  8. Phantom ordie

    Help save a LHS

    In Asheboro NC there has been a struggling LHS in the Randolph Mall on highway 64. We have our IPMS meetings there on the last Thursday of the month. The owner is an avid modeler and has been good for the modeling community by giving discounts and ordering whatever anyone asks. To try and stay in business he has had to move out of the Mall to a store across the highway to a shopping center. This guy and his wife are so nice and helpful it would be a shame to lose his business. If you are ever traveling on 64 which is the main road between Charlotte and Raleigh stop in and see what Kit Kringle has to offer. Help save a LHS. Thanks
  9. Phantom ordie

    Krink professional grade paint markers.

    I saw them on facebook.
  10. Phantom ordie

    World's most expensive kit

    Some kits on ebay have been ridiculous.
  11. Phantom ordie


    Looks simple3 enough. I will give it a try. Thanks.
  12. Phantom ordie


    I was hoeing for a simple method as I am not set up to vacform. I'm working a 1/48 -Revell Huey that I have built about 6 times. I 've always used the kit parts but now I want to make a thinner windshield and windows for a more scale look.
  13. Phantom ordie


    How can I form curved windshield and windows for a helo model out of thin clear plastic? The ones that come in the kit are too thick.
  14. Phantom ordie

    The enamel sponge of death!! What do I do?

    Laquer thinner and enamel is a no-no.