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  1. Hi all, thank you for the clarification... as is my first model to see that I have much to learn... Best Regards, Fabiano
  2. hi all, anyone have pictures of AH-64A Apache (the foreground)? South Carolina Army National Guard U.S.ARMY October 2004, IRAQ http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh272/styledf/1177212.jpg because I'm riding my first model and I'm not finding anything beyond that photo for best references ... someone help me? Grateful Fabiano Dias.
  3. Hi, informed on the link Unable to download ... send me by email? Best Regards, Fabiano.
  4. follow the link for the photos of what's inside the box ... AFV CLUB AR48102 1/48 F-5E TIGER II that is not worth the canyon along with the kit ...
  5. Thanks Pete was just that you're trying to ask ... excuse to use translation as the translator of google ... :lol: thanks for the clarification. Regards, Fabiano.
  6. HI, like the expert help of the Phantom is the kit is raised or recessed panel lines? :wub: kit: #09807 thank you and excuse to doubt beginner.
  7. Hi Guys, what would be the number of the Monogram kit, is this: MN05505? Thanks, Fabiano.
  8. Thank you to all the details and now we we will with the production of F/A-18C ambush ... Fabiano Dias. :) :)
  9. Thanks Dave for the information ... which would put an airplane that old tank of fuel? A-4?? F-16?? or another?
  10. Hi, that tank of fuel used in F/A-18A (the right wing) and F/A-18C (in the left wing) is the F-16? If not, who or what is? Photos: Thank's, Fabiano.
  11. Skuki that this tools is that you used here? and where can I find? Thank's, Fabiano.
  12. Hi Mark What is the link for the F-18D? not because he thought .... Thank's, Fabiano.
  13. okthree, already concluded this kit? ill be monitoring the progress because I have this same kit ... :) Thanks, Fabiano Dias.
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