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  1. Hello Guys This time I have a good news. Just before Marek passed away we settle that his build should be continued. It was his last wish in this case and we as a Goup TOMCATSKY also decide to take it in our hands and finish this remarkable model for him! So, right now we have his model and we are going to arrange a build plan and share the job. Keep fingers crossed for Marekus Cat Snatch Fever!
  2. I'm affraid I have bad news. Marek has passed away few days ago. He was and He will always be a member of TOMCATSKY Group. We all miss Him much and praying for Him and his family. I hope He is now out of pain and suffering. And I believe right now He is doing all this things He loved to do. Building a perfect Tomcat model. Marek was a very friendly guy with tons of positive energy. He was an actor in Helsinki theatre. He was 59yo. Goodbye friend...
  3. You are not the only one ;) Right wing isn't to good photographed at this subject. Sytuation on the left wing is better. Look on DACO Book.
  4. IrishGreek have You got more pics of VF-84 birds taken at this airshow? I think on the first 3 pics is BuNo160390 cat, modex 202. I'm going to do a model this particular Tomcat. Any pic is very welcome.
  5. Hi Gyus This thread is right place to share with You a sample of triple Tomcat poster. I composed it using my photos taken at Tomcat Sunset. It is still alive in my memory… For me, and my two Buddys from TOMCATSKY Group it was a mystical experience. I’m going to hang up on wall in my living-room. I hope You like it. And yes, the moon is pasted by PS
  6. Hi Guys This is another long break in project as You see, so no link to the finished work. You'll have to wait a while BTW, I was thinking that moderator already deleted this topic, haha Many reasons behind this but the most interesting for You, I think and I hope, is fact that I focused my energy end time to start my own modelling brand. The JSOW will be first set as I mentioned almost Year ago and it's ready to cast. The next one will be Viper speed brakes (dedicated to Tamiya kits) which will base on my ealier work showed in this thread (resin + PE). What alse You can expect? Well
  7. It's nice to hear about our patch Jeremy :unsure: Unfortunately we also suffer of low number of patches. I think we have to order some more. Also triangle one. Visit in US? Yeah, that would be nice to meet You Guys again and talk a little bit more! Personally, I also still feel great need to take some photos of any museum F-14 with TF-30 engine before I start to build my Alpha Tomcat. About Art's F-14... Well, it will be definitely his best model
  8. Who? Wojtek himself Great work Buddy We have a small grop build on polish modellers forum . If You are interest try to look from time to time http://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=11&t...p;sk=t&sd=a
  9. Actually... no. Wings are separated parts which You can glue any position You want. This let You set it with wings in spread position. For example if You want to show one JSOW on trolley and the other one under the wing of plane.
  10. If You mean my slow work, I agree Last few months I spend on wedding preparations. 10 days left till now But from time to time... This is how the AGM-154 looks like at this moment. I hope to finish it before the end of the year and start making the resin copies.
  11. Hmmm, Pavel this bird looks familiar to me
  12. Last weekend I was walking thru the forest looking for mushrooms (very popular in Poland). I'm not so good in this case, but I'm happy because I found a part of construction of US plane from WWII era. Unless I guess. I'm not sure. Frankly speaking I love Mustang, Spitfire and few other WWII planes but I'm not able to recognize which plane this part belongs to. I hope to find help from one of You. Maybe You'll find this part on some pictures of real planes. It's an aluminium part and as You can see it's a little bit twisted. It's about 80cm long. I have some information about Liberator whitch
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