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  1. Glad to share the fantastic work of Soto Cinematics which I collaborate with for the historical recreation of Döbrich mission on 19/7/1942 over Murmansk, I made the scheme and marking for the 109's, hope you enjoy it, please like and subscribe to support the channel, cheers
  2. I have some other examples of RLM 74 relics from different aircraft and all match the same shade
  3. yes, that's the problematic with photography, I used a color sensor device to measure the color like this picture (RLM 76) and this is what RLM 74 looks like, not so green as some hobby paints render like MRP or AK, cheers
  4. I got myself loaded with a bf109 flap skin in RLM 74 😃
  5. no problem, up to you mate 😃 it is written in the NAA documents to paint everything in black to avoid sun reflections in the cockpit, it had a functional reason, cheers
  6. hope it is not too late, the radio rack was black and not IG as instructions kits call for, their call is based wrongly on a modern restored warbird Mustang, here some NAA footage and some unrestored examples
  7. no problem mate, here some more, cheers
  8. I would like to revive this thread 10 years later, I have some interesting pictures of RLM 74 examples. first is an original Farbtonkarte issued in 1941 although 1938 is written in the chart, the 74/75/76 colors are the only ones that have no name, only number, also I acquired some wooden relic pieces from a 109g10 with 74/75/76 camo colors very well preserved, after trying different mixes and paint brands, I found that Tamiya XF-63 to be a very close match to RLM 74, funny the tamiya name is german grey, hope it is interesting to someone, cheers
  9. Hello everyone, time to build this 109 up, going to represent this one: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/Late) "Gustav" "Double Chevron" II./JG 3 "Udet" Schiphol, Netherlands, November 1943 Major Kurt-Werner Brändle (19 January 1912 – 3 November 1943) was a German Luftwaffe military aviator during World War II, a fighter ace credited with 180 enemy aircraft shot down in over 700 combat missions. The majority of his victories - 155 - were claimed over the Eastern Front. he was killed in action west of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Following an attack by a group of Martin B-26 Marauders o
  10. here are some examples of other polywood 109 examples, they also show that distinctive green protective undercoat paint and dark magenta stains, I'm guessing it is the glue used
  11. Hi everyone, wanted to share these pictures from a polywood tail pieces from a Me109 G10/U4 W. Nr. 611008 that I recently acquired. it crashed near Schoenberg due to flak fire, they are in great condition and show RLM 74/75/76.
  12. thanks Falcon, I agree she looks better in flight where it belongs, cheers!
  13. finally got some time to work on her, almost done now! cheers
  14. Hi man, the rivets are wrongly represented in the Meng's kit, especially on the wings, so you also transferred wrongly copying them on the Hasewaga kit, also ww2 Mustangs had their wing rivets puttied and smoothed for better airflow performance, you will find all the information and documents here if you are looking for historical accurate reference: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235029538-missouri-armada-p-51d-mustang-documents-and-partial-scratch-from-the-tamiya-148-kit/& cheers Antonio
  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words, Mr. Happy it is the kit's IP but I positioned the instruments dials forward as the intrunctions recomend, I used Barracudas's cockpit placards decals, wonderfull stuff! I sprayed some Alclad II lacquer duraluminium, on a black acrylic base, some retouch and sandidng is need, not easy to achieve NMF but at least the built is moving forward, cheers!
  16. Hi gents, I want to show you my progres on this great kit, cheers! Antonio
  17. Thanks steven and Holmes for the sweet words, much appreciated my friends but I did'nt paint it just sculpted, was mr Kaz the master behind the painting! :rolleyes:/> new figure is coming soon, this time Abraham lincoln, thanks amigos, talk soon!
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