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  1. Reply sent about Dragon 1/48 Fw190 and Cutting Edge 1/48 Zwilling.
  2. I think Real Space also makes 1/144 engine nozzles if you cannot find the Cutting Edge ones.
  3. Thanks Larry but I am looking for the Otaki mold to see if my kit is complete plus its entirely different from the Tamiya.
  4. Does anyone have a set of instructions that they could email me for a 1/350 WWII Missouri.It is the Life-Like kit but I have been told that the Otaki,Revell,and MPC kits are the same plastic but different brand.
  5. Picked up this vacuform recently and there was no paperwork with it.If anyone could email a scan of their Wings Models 1/48 Waco UIC,UKC,UC-72 I would be grateful.My kit comes with the Texaco,Pure decals.Email is on my profile page.TIA
  6. Hi Kurt Okay,can get tracking number later if I need it.Have not logged on for a couple days. Thanks,Brian
  7. Looking for info on this kit.Googled it and found it is engraved panel lines but was wandering if it came with photo-etch.TIA
  8. The Academy Spitfire 14 comes in a c or e boxing ,which is yours.You tried to pm me but my inbox was also full and once you brought it to my attention I cleaned out my inbox.
  9. Yeah,the inbox was definetly full.What version Academy do you have,c or e. Brian
  10. Tried to PM about P-40 N and Mohawk but your inbox is full.
  11. Hi Jack Hasegawa has a Ki61 and 2 versions of a Ki-100 Tony.I think I have a spare Ki-61.I think Nichimo makes one to.Do a google search on 1/48 Ki-61 and Ki-100 Tony and you should find some reviews on the kits. Brian
  12. Apologise for bumping again but cannot figure out how to edit.Would consider partial trade for Czeckmodel Skynight,Hasegawa CorsairII,or Classic Airframes,Special HobbyAZ WWII 1/48 kits.Need to raise some funds.
  13. Monogram 1/48 EA-6B #85-5611 box open,sprues loose in box.Complete,4 loose pieces,2 clear sets,neither tinted.Cutting Edge exterior correction set #CEC48053,Avionix resin wingfold #BLC48002,Black Box resin cockpit #CS48003,and Afterburner Decals Jammin Jihad #48-028.Detail sets have been opened to check for all parts.$100.00 plus shipping from Fl.Paypal please.
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