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  1. Mike, I want $40 for either of them. No trades at this time. Colin
  2. I now have these kits which have not been uploaded to the Sales list yet: KINETIC 1/48 F-16C/D Block 52+ (Polish AF) (48076) KINETIC 1/48 F-16D RSAF (Block 52 with dorsal spine) (48007)
  3. Thanks for the bump - I will update list soon with MORE additons.
  4. Still available - send me your address location for a shipping quote. Colin
  5. Bob, Check out my listing (titled "Hugh Stash Reduction") about 14 lines below yours. Colin
  6. There's one currently offered on Ebay, ending in 4 days - from Canada too! I'm not connected to seller. Colin
  7. These kits are from a non-smoking environment; all are complete, unbuilt, and in excellent condition. Most of the kits are opened, but all the inner sprues are sealed, unless noted otherwise. I am located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Shipping is not included, and limited to NA only. No trade at this time. Prices listed are in US dollars. Payment is by postal MO, Canadian bank cheque or cash at your own risk. Paypal option but only as Friends & Family. ACADEMY 1/48 P-38F “Glacier Girl” (12208) $20 ACADEMY 1/72 Fw 190A-8 & P-47D “D-Day” 2-in-1 (12513) $25 ACADEMY/MOD
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