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  1. Too late: Its already sold. Guess I'll have to keep searching. Thanks for your help though Niels.
  2. Good morning everyone, I need a big help from anyone here who could help because the parts I needed is no longer available. As the title indicates I have a Revell of Germany 1/48 F-105 "Wild Weasel" started however all of the parts, except for the two halves of the fuselage, the two halves of the main wing each, and both horizontal tail fins, were all gone: They were lost during cleanup when I was hospitalized recently. After flipping my garage upside down for any chance of finding the missing parts I decided to contact Revell/Revell Germany customer support
  3. Saw this very late. Sorry about that; I really am.
  4. A member name Greenghost was supposed to send me a postal reimbursement since February 2016. In his words he said, "Give me a couple of days and will reimburse your shipping", but this line was from January 1st of this year and so far he didn't send anything. I asked what was going on via PM since the 9th of February: No reply. I sent another PM again recently but still got nothing, so as of now this issue was unresolved for FIVE months. Does anyone know what's happening to Greenghost or what's going on from his side? Please reply with any updates here. Regards, Jack
  5. Hi everyone. It's been long since I've been here. I was busy from the past several months but I'm back here not only to check what's new but to share something I am compelled to tell. The models I do and share here .. I found a motivating way of doing it: Turning them into presents. In the past I've made a few scale models as farewell gifts to my former coworkers. They really loved it and it got everyone's attention there. One person approached me and asked if I do anything other than building plastic models, I answered no, and then he suggested balsa models. I told him I'll think about it b
  6. On February 2 1974, under the Lightweight Fighter Program, the YF-16 - prototype of the - made its first flight.As of now it is serving twenty-five air forces worldwide.
  7. I thought it would be a simple conversion but looks can deceive. Ok, "Tiger Squadron" Phantom it shall be. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. I have an F-4J Phantom II in 1/72 by Hasegawa but it has no decals nor a box. After several days of deliberation I decided to build it as a British Phantom of Squadron No. 41 [Ex-Royal Navy Phantom in RAF service (First British plane into my collection)]. Other than decals I'm looking for a pair of Spey engine nozzles from anyone whom doesn't need them. Looking for a 1/72 decal sheet of the RAF No. 74 "Tiger" Squadron for a Phantom jet. Send me a PM if anyone could help. Thanks in advance. JB
  9. Model 22? Then its an A6M3. They must be very rare.
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