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  1. I saw the complete "Pardo's Push" diorama the 1st day but later all that was on the table was the base. Did something happened to the display?
  2. Hampton, VA. was a good choice this year. First time there and had a great time. Columbus, Ohio? Was there in '09. Boring city & rude people. <_< Pass. Columbia, SC? Now that might get interesting.
  3. Great pics. Here's a few I took in May @ MacDill AFB. Bell206 Other side Tampa General's EC-145 Pave Low Say 'ello to my lil' frien' More here: MacDill Airfest '08 - MH-53 PaveLow Jayhawk More here: MacDill Airfest '08 - HH-60 Jayhawk Enjoy.
  4. Nice. Which one is this one? Don't recognize it. Thanks!
  5. I received mine yesterday. Great job from FineMolds. Few weeks ago I received the 1/72 Sky Crawler kits from Bandai, review here: Linky! I wonder if FineMolds is going to release any more from the series...?
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