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  1. Hi, Does anyone know what happens with the indiegogo orders? Like who sends them out etc?
  2. I get so lost in this thread. Does anyone know if AMK will reach out to those that ordered through their gofundme kind of page last time? I ordered 2 back then, but hoping they will ask for my postage address when they are ready to ship.
  3. Hi all, This is my Hasegawa 1/72 F-15I Raam that was released years ago. I had this stashed in the garage and finally thought I'd try building it. Unfortunately it had water damage in my garage and the decals were made unusable. Lucky there was a forum member, Model-Junkie, who had a spare set of decals! I wanted to go for a variety of weapons load out, so I took weapons from various sources such as Hasegawa weapons kit, Dragon Warbirds JDAM, and some spare from an Academy F/A-18 kit. I skimped on the wash of the undersides as noone is going to see it like that. Pa
  4. I just got an email from Indiegogo for a feedback survey. The email was titled 'Have you received your perk?', with an estimated delivery date of 15 Dec. I ordered the twin package 1 and I sure haven't received anything, and been patiently waiting for things to materialize. Did anyone else get a similar email? Or is it some sort of joke/hoax?
  5. Hi all, Would anyone have a spare set of 1/72 decals for an F-15I? I had the hasegawa F-15I kit, but had an accident and the decals all got wet and cant use them. Was hoping someone might have some for sale without having to buy a whole kit like the new GWH one just for the decals. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, Would anyone have for sale or know where I can buy some 1/72 decals for an F-15I? I had the hasegawa F-15I kit, but had an accident and the decals all got wet and cant use them. Was hoping someone might have some for sale without having to buy a whole kit like the new GWH one just for the decals. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Great model! I have one in the stash thats been sitting there for ages. Did you paint that 'grid' section on top of the fuselage? Or was that par decals?
  8. Looks like markings for an Iranian F-14 are included. I'm excited.
  9. why not just use a few spray cans and mask as you go. Still a better finish than hand brush I believe.
  10. Yeah I have seen thats guy's work, but looking for newer ones. Here is the new A6M5 they released http://hlj.com/product/HSGST34
  11. Hi all, I've seen some pics of the Hasegawa Box Art for their new A6M5 on big wall mounts at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. I really like the pic. Is there a way to get a big print of the Box art? Like Wall Mount size? Do they ever sell them?
  12. Thanks guys. Didn't know it was so old. Thats a shame. That guys sure made it look great though.
  13. Hi, I cant seem to find any decent reviews of this. Is this a new tool? Or does anyone have an opinion on it? http://hlj.com/product/ZVE7218/Air
  14. Hi, Is there a way to tell which kits are part of the new tool batch?
  15. Greetings Star Wars fans. Finally got around to finishing this kit. Its pretty simple and is snap together. Just got to be really careful with the instructions. It comes in coloured plastic and decals as well as stickers. I chose to paint my model. The only things decals I used were the red parts on the wings. Its very similar in size to the Fine Molds version, however the lasers are smaller and thinner. I like the deep panel lines as it helps cutting along panel lines when masking. Lastly, but not least, it comes with a neat display stand. It also comes with 2 proton torpedoes that can be
  16. Thanks, but those aren't acrylic. Haven't had the courage to try using lacquer yet, which i think that one is, fearing it would dry up in the airbrush.
  17. I've got this kit too. Great to hear about the stencils. Is their a colour match for this scheme in acrylic?
  18. Greetings Star Wars fans, I just completed this model for friend. This is the new line of Star Wars models from Bandai. Its a snap together kit with coloured parts. If some might remember, Finemolds released a TIE Fighter X1 early last year. You'd think they'd be the same, however the Finemolds model is a bit smaller. In terms of construction, Bandai's snap together is pretty easy with very little gaps if any. I was surprised by that as the last snap tight model I did was more than 20 yrs ago and it wasn't very good. The downside though is that it has more assembly than the Finemolds version.
  19. More pics Magnets only on intake missiles and railings allowing them to become detachable:
  20. Hello, I just finished this model. It was quite easy to put together, but unfortunately it doesn't provide for retracted gears. Is this normal with Trumpeter? I had to do a bit of cutting and filling to display this model in flight. Being my first Trumpeter kit,I like the colourful instructions, but I wish there were proper dedicated acrylic colours for Russian jets. I had to try mixing colours to get what I thought might be correct colours. I like the weapon selection they provide. I wanted to go for live weapons, so I hope the colours I used are correct, I made the intake missiles detac
  21. Thanks guys, I was really hoping for something straight forward, but I just couldn't live with those colours. Not to mention, the colours suggested by Hasegawa for this model seems pretty wrong. For starters, they suggest colour H307 (FS36320) for the fuselage where as FS35237 is more appropriate. This isn't the first time Hasegawa has screwed me for decals! So far, they've screwed me with: Chippy Ho History set - Very poor markings for the 1996 eagle painted on the nose E-2C Hawkeye USS GEORGE WASINGTON
  22. and here's the final product This kit was a pretty nice kit. It comes with a lot of weapons including AIM-120, Meteor, IRIS-T, ASRAAM, Brimstone missiles, ALARM missiles and a few cruise missiles. Though as this is a show birds, I'm just going to put 2 IRIS-T missiles. I like the luftwaffe colours for the Eurofighter, so I'll probably do a normal Luftwaffe bird as well.
  23. Here's my latest build. Not a fan of the Eurofighter, but decided to give it a go. When I opened the kit, I noticed the decals were not like the box photo. infact, I found the colour of blue used on the tail was too 'purple' compared to photos of the real bird. Decals : Note the purplish colour of the tail The real bird So I decided to try painting the background colour myself and cut out the bits and pieces of the Tail art. Here is the tail with the cut out decals applied
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