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  1. I built this years ago in the original silver. It's quite a nice simple kit to build but there's no cockpit detail (you can't see it though) and the prop blades are a bit fragile. Still quite big despite the smaller scale.
  2. Thanks Alternative but unfortunately like the photo's Andy posted I can't access those either. Could you post them on the page like Andy did if possible?
  3. Cheers Andy and great photo's. It looks like as I thought the MPM lettering is a bit large but it makes you wonder why they painted over the windows like that. I mean why not make the lettering smaller? There again there's not a great deal of room at the rear of the fuselage I suppose.
  4. Can someone post those pictures so they appear on this page if possible? My computer loads some pages ok but others just won't appear for some reason.
  5. Thanks Andy....unfortunately though I've been having some pc problems and I can't access those pictures
  6. I'm finishing off a kit I've been making on and off for years (MPM Hudson Mk.I/II) but I'm a bit puzzled by the markings/lettering. The aircraft I'm making is MkI N7288 NO-U (UN-O on the left side) 320 (Dutch)Sq Coastal Command, Leuchars October 1940. The large main lettering UN-O decals (and fuselage roundel) look too large to me and don't really go around the windows or even fit on the rear of the fuselage well at all. The other2 aircraft on there have some of the letters actually go over part of the rear window. Is this correct? I've done a load of searching but can't fi
  7. Interesting photo. I'll save that to My Pics.
  8. Yes the warbird thing does create some confusion but nice and simple which is good.
  9. Building a few aircraft at the moment and one of them is Revells 1/72 B17G (4? 231909 OR R Nine O Nine 8th Air Force 1st Air Division, 1st Combat Wing 91st bomb group 323rd bomb sqn Bassingbourn UK April 1945). Doing the wings first and it says to paint the wells an overal mix of 360 green silky matt 80% and 65 bronze green 20%. Not sure I can get Revells paints but is there an equivalent in Humbrol or Tamiya paints? I've as usual done some photo reference surfaces without much luck so any photo's and references etc of this particular aircraft would be most appreciated.
  10. Yes I'll do that (interesting about the Sidcot suits...I've heard of them but never really looked into them) but out of interest what type of clothing/colours do you think they're wearing in the first 2 b + w photo's you posted?
  11. It's amazing I've seen that photo on a number of occasions but haven't noticed the guns. I'll probably fill those in. I'll do what you say about the lifejackets (the 2 pilots aren't the best but they seem to have what could be life jackets or what can be painted up like lifejackets anyway due to the way they're moulded) but do you think MK1 pilots would have worn the blue/grey RAF trousers instead of the Khaki brown Revell suggests and would they necessarily have worn flying jackets? The first 2 photo's you posted don't look as if they're wearing flying jackets especially
  12. I haven't built it yet but this one appears to have the 6 guns {2 on the left and 4 on the right wing). The Tamiya kit says the colour for the lifejackets should be a mix of XF52 (FLAT EARTH x 2) + XF2 (FLAT WHITE x1). Do you think that's a good colour match?
  13. Good photo's and haven't seen those before. The aircraft I'm building is this one ..... https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/uploads/monthly_2020_03/20200320_165254.jpg.1c590e8b4607e7d389c8bcacf71cd444.jpg No.25 SQN March 1941. The painting looks like it might be flying over the sea but I'm not sure.
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