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  1. I've got 2 dogs and have found out that I'm allergic, but I can't bare to find them a new home. I don't know her condition, but I would postpone it as long as I could, nature will take it's course eventually. Very sorry to hear of your loss, dog's are like family and sometimes even better.
  2. Found this http://www.defence.pk/forums/military-forum/42198-future-warfare-b-1r.html Looks pretty cool, just need 28 1/72 Aim-120's now.
  3. I'm interested in this B-1R idea for a 1/72 I just got. Saves me the problem with the exhaust cans. Would you move the engine nacelles to the top and blend them in? The slanted tails would be a nice touch too.
  4. It likes to be thinned a little more than MM.
  5. Keep your head up! No matter how much money you make you will spend it all anyways! BTW, I did siding for 12 years. It may actually be a blessing in disguise that you're not able to go do it right now. It's 101 in the shade here and probably feels like about 115 to 125 in direct sun. Keep going, that's all anyone can do.
  6. Reviews are necessary in making decisions about kit purchases. We all want to see what it looks like when its completed so we can judge for ourselves if the "mistakes" are relevant to the outcome of the model. When I read lists of modifications of what a person chose to correct to depict that exact version of a plane, they are often things that most wouldn't even notice if they hadn't told you that they did them. For instance, all of the work that goes into rescribing a raised panel line kit, only another modeler that is familiar with that kit would know you did it. My friends look at it and i
  7. I started to try and list all of the holes in the plot and story, but I didn't think anyone would bother reading such a long list. Very disappointing, the ridiculous story and plot turn this into a special effects movie only, and even that gets old after 2hrs40mins. I would like to see someone else re-do this franchise similar to how Batman has been done recently, a little darker, and a lot more realistic. If it weren't for the special effects, which these days aren't that big a deal, this movie would be a total disaster, it's not even a good 80's movie. I would be ashamed to have been a part
  8. I also thought about a destroyed vehicle for the pull up shot, but how the heck do you model that? I've got plenty of those that I seem to keep creating by accident, but I just threw out my F'ed up models box cause I kept digging them back out thinking I could fix em!
  9. I believe that is a copy of the extremely rare camo pattern only known to have existed on a Fw-190D-9 piloted by Don Juan Demarco. The RLM reference numbers could, of course, not be verified, but it is believed to be a combination of whatever paint was left over after they painted the rumpus room at the Eagles Nest.
  10. I've been messing around with using pencils for effects that I need more control over. I have found that a gloss coat is a must for this as anything less will really soak up the color. They have watercolor and pastel pencils along with the regular ones. Very controllable, just like a lot of things if you don't like it, rub it off with a damp cloth or use a wet brush to tone it down or drag it. The only problem is I'll probably have to buy one of those huge sets to get all of the colors I'd like to have.
  11. OK, so now I'm wondering if the place where they bought those shirts is still in business? I'll give $200 for that one Brett's sporting!
  12. What did people use before Mr. Surfacer?
  13. Your Raptor "Sheen" looks perfect, some go way over the top with the shiny stuff. Do you care to enlighten us on your method?
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