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  1. Hi, It was just that it was one of only two aircraft that I had pictures of both sides of. I was pointed to some pictures online, which I believe are yours by Jake Cikhart who I know has spoken to you recently via PM. I understand you have a special relationship with that aircraft. Would you like a set of decals? (FOC). Cheers, Ed
  2. Alby, Cheers for that. I hadn't touched a model for a long time (Well, a plastic model that is) due to the evil influence of fast motorbikes however I am in plaster at the moment after a skiing accident and I'm unsure how long it will take me to get enough movement to walk/ride a bike. Therefore what better to pass the time.... Thanks for the image. I'll chop a slot into the tail boom tonight and add the M-130. As for the FFAR pods, I see that Monogram did indeed make a mistake as the rear cap for the FFAR pods is orientated correctly as per: http://incolor.inetnebr.com/iceman/data/specs116.jpg I therefore guess the alignment tabs on the front pod cap are 90 degrees out. Either way I cut mine off, rotated them and reattached before sanding off the "lip" around the edge of the pod. They now look pretty much like the M-260 (I can't see that the dimensions are too far off after all they carry the same rockets). I also drilled out each tube so I can insert a few rockets here and there (as I see in some pictures). BR, Ed
  3. Some time ago I started building the Monogram AH-1F/S kit and decided I'd like to complete this as a US Army aircraft from the 1991 Gulf War. What started as a simple project became no so simple as I damaged the skids and this therefore saw me rebuilding the skid mountings from brass tube bent to shape (tedious work). I have now completed this and I am in the finished stages of the kit. I have made the following modifications so far: -Added FOD covers (I closed the fuselage before Flloyd's IPSs were available and to be honest back then I didn't know I needed them). -Some aerials and antennae from pictures. -Removed the "U" shaped aerials from either side of the tailboom. -Added mesh into the vents on the fuselage sides. -Added the light on the port skid mounting. -Rebuilt the TOW launchers into double rather than quad launchers. Hopefully I am correct in what I've done above. Its all from pictures rather than actual knowledge of the subject. Now after coming back to this build I see a few things I did not notice before: 1)Chaff (M-130?) launcher on the tail boom. Was this just on the port side? Does anyone have any good pictures of this? 2)FFAR Pods. I see the kits pods are quite different from the pods in pictures. Firstly the kit pods have a "lip" around the front of the pod. From some brief reading am I correct in saying these are M200 pods and not the M261 which is what I see in pictures? I did consider that I could sand off the "lip" and get an approximation of the M261 however I then realised the arrangement of the tubes on the kit pod is different (rotated 90 degree so the top of the pod has a single rocket rather than a row of three). From looking at pictures of the M200 this seems incorrect also. Did Monogram make a mistake here? Where can I get a pair of 1/48 M-261s? 3)Paint. What was the FS colour of the overall desert/sand aircraft? I have just been working on the decals for my build and now I seem to have produced two subjects so I have to decide which one to build!: Cheers, Ed
  4. Xtradecal also did a sheet which has just popped up on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Xtradecal-1-48-E-E-L...1QQcmdZViewItem Alternatively, I have a spare for sale. Best Regards, Ed
  5. Gary, I'm just about to depart for a weekend away so I can't check in full however: 1)I believe they are GBU-12s on the indigenous dual C/L rack (or can be carried singularly as per the other picture). 2) Some jets were painted like this in the very early 90s for Red Flag (92,92,94 maybe?) and this jet may be either at Red Flag or maybe flying "Deny Flight" over the Balkans which was around that period. I know the jets came back to France (And Waddington on excercise still wearing this camoflage). Cheers, Ed
  6. Gary, Have a look at these pictures (copyright of their respective owners). Some show live magics, some show training (as per US convention these have blue bands) and there are some other weapon load pictures included just for interest: http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/1.jpg http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/2.jpg http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/3.jpg http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/4.jpg http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/5.jpg http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/6.jpg http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/7.jpg http://www.edsaircraft.co.uk/Armed2000N/8.jpg Cheers, Ed
  7. Gary, They are "training" Magic's (Magic d'excercice). This diagram shows the Magic I, II and the training version: http://florent1973.free.fr/FrenchAirWings/...fil_magicII.gif I guess my logic in my first post was based on the fact that if they carry training Magic, then it must be for a reason- namely that they still "use" the live missiles. Cheers, Ed
  8. The picture in your post is one of the development aircraft rather than an operational Mirage 2000N with ASMP but the load is still valid. I think if the 2000N was called upon to deliver the ASMP operationally it may be preferential to not carry any A/A ordnance but rely on the extra speed, agility and endurance to survive the defenses (as per the Mirage IVP when that carried ASMP), however it is certainly valid for the 2000N to carry Magic and they still do so (http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?&aircraftsearch=Dassault%20Mirage%202000N&nr_of_rows=258&first_this_page=15&page_limit=15&sort_order=photo_id+DESC&thumbnails=&engine_version=&nr_pages=18&page=) As for MICA IR (There is also a radar guided version of Mica but this isn't appropriate for a 2000N) I've not yet seen this on a 2000N so I think Magic is still the standard A/A self defence weapon. EDIT- I've just looked through some pictures and I've not seen any AdlA Mirage 2000s with MICA IR except the Mirage 2000 -5F (which also carries the radar MICA) Cheers, Ed
  9. Pat(ricia), Looks like you share a lot in common with your son such as a favourite squadron (going by your avatar) and also the day and month of your birthdays . Spooky! On that note; how is Simon? Please tell him I was asking after him as I used to talk to him quite frequently and for the record we had several perfect trades. Infact I was eyeing the F-8E he sent me just the other day. Cheers, Ed
  10. I just spotted these pictures on an Aviation photography site: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/Mik...odTJ66261-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/Mik...WoodTJ65754.jpg (Credit To the photographer- Mike H) Cheers, Ed
  11. Being really anal...there was also an 11 Sqn T.5 in the same scheme (with yellow stenciling). Cheers, Ed
  12. From: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....ram+Mirage+2000 Cheers, Ed
  13. Here is the exact jet (626, "3-XH" ) in fact: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.sear...p;regsearch=626 Ta, Ed
  14. Jens, The escadrille badge varies from jet to jet- some have one red and one blue, sometimes two of the same colour (and what I assume is the CO's jet with three stripes behind the boar's head). See below: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1194660/L/ http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1201455/L/ Ta, Ed
  15. (Not posted here for ages...) Yep, also agreed. Very dull and I doubt I'll get any of these unless there is a huge amount of resin that escaped unpictured! The only item of any use is the PE sheet which I would buy separately if it was available. I was rather hoping for something like the MPM Gripen or Grand Phoenix Lightning. I also agreed about the 2000D; quite an odd choice of markings without including the correct plastic/resin. Cheers, Ed
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