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  1. otis252

    48th Scale B-1B Sniper Pod Pylon

    Thanks guys, now what is the best SNIPER Pod for the B1-B. Thanks. Chuck
  2. I recall seeing a resin company that makes the pylon for the B-1B's Sniper Pod, but I can't find their name. Anyone know it it was? Also who would make the best resin Sniper pod for the 48th B-1B? Many thanks. Chuck
  3. If only we could get an updated MV-22 kit or at least a nice resin update set. Maybe someday. Chuck
  4. otis252

    Werner's Wings 35-15 AH-6J FLIR and Mount NOW AVAILABLE

    Looks great, is this the same FLIR that's used on the UH-72 Lakota? Thanks. Chuck
  5. otis252

    1/35 MH-65D Dolphin

    Great start, but the pictures in your Monday 12:41PM post won't download. Thanks. Chuck
  6. otis252

    1/32 Trump MiG-29 Stuff

    Great looking stuff Chris! Do you have an estimate on when it will be available for order? Chuck
  7. otis252

    1/32 Trump MiG-29 Stuff

    Excellent! I'll take 2 sets please. Chuck
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for the 48th scale Sea King sand filter air intakes from either Airwaves or Model Alliance. Got anything else, I'd be interested, especially Model Alliance Decals. I'm in North Georgia, USA and will pay with PayPal or USPS MO. Thanks for looking. Chuck
  9. otis252

    Westland Seaking Aftermarket Question

    Thank you so much for the help, some great information. You're right, the Flightpath set wouldn't be the best move for just the sand filter. Plus, I'd be sent into insanity trying to use it. HA! I'm going to try to find the Airwaves or Model Alliance part or go to a older Sea king. Again, many thanks. I'll be calling on you for more help. Chuck
  10. I've got the 48th scale Hasegawa Har. MK. 3 "Falklands" kit, but I'd like to build it as one of the yellow RAF rescue birds. What after market is available for this kit to get to the version I want to build? In particular the sand filter box in front of the engine air intakes or decals. Is there anything else out there that could be useful? Many thanks for any advice and help. Chuck
  11. otis252

    What's needed to build a 48th Scale EKA-3B

    I've thought about a similar project for awhile myself. I'd like to do an EA-3B but this is confusing. It seems to me that the best starting place is the EA-3B with at least the correct nose and the Steel Beach set with the canoe. Help me figure this out? Chuck
  12. otis252

    B-1 SNIPER pod pylon

    Maybe I'm missing it, where's the 48th scale pylon? Thanks. Chuck
  13. otis252

    GreatModels is back as KITLINX

    Placed my order a week ago and it still shows in "open" status. What concerns me a little is I can't contact them to check on it's status. Tried to send them an emai from their "contact" link on their webpage and you can't send it unless you have a key code, what ever that is. The phone number is a voice mail. Anybody ordered from them before? Thanks. Update-I was contacted by phone by the owner of Kitlinx and was informed that it was their mistake and the gear was out of stock. Even though I didn't get the landing gear, the customer service was excellent. I will give them another chance. Chuck
  14. otis252

    GreatModels is back as KITLINX

    I just ordered 2 sets of the hard to find 32nd scale G-Factor F/A-18 brass landing gear from them. Decent price and we'll see how it goes. Chuck
  15. otis252

    Using Perfect Plastic Putty

    Where can you buy PPP in the USA? Thanks. Chuck