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  1. It's about time, been waiting on this one for a while. I'll take 2 please. Chuck
  2. Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory also has passed away. Chuck
  3. Michigan ANG 100th anniversary

    Kinda doubtful, no that's not true, I'll never build it. But to support what you do in 32nd scale, I'll certainly buy it. Bring it on! Chuck
  4. Announcing my new venture: KLP Publishing

    I got the First title, Building Brick's Sabre, and it's excellent. Not only a great how to, but a lot of back story of the Aussy Sabre and the pilot. That said, the real good part is the customer service. I, being a computer idiot, had trouble downloading and saving the eBook to a proper place on my computer, Kevin providing me with immediate help, great service! I'll be getting the second title as well. Buy with confidence. Chuck
  5. Forum Help!!!!

    So, if you accidentally click on that blue "death" dot, that's it. You're stuck for life? Chuck
  6. Forum Help!!!!

    Thanks for the replies, but how do I "unmark as read"? I don't want threads from years ago on the first page. Thanks. Chuck
  7. Forum Help!!!!

    I'm sorry, should have told you thank you for the offer of help. My bad. Chuck
  8. Forum Help!!!!

    That did nothing. Please listen to me,never, never click that blue dot. Never. Chuck
  9. Forum Help!!!!

    Please help! I've made the terrible mistake of clicking on that "round thing" to the left of the Jet Modelling thread, now I'm back to topics from 2007-2012!! How in the Hell do I get back to today! And all of the topics are light colored. Thank You. Chuck
  10. Werner's Wings 35-13 AH-1/ UH-1 External Fuel Tank

    Great job Floyd. Dang you, with the turned exhaust, the vac canopy and now the tanks you are forcing me to drag the AH-1W out and go to work.HA! Chuck
  11. No doubt it's the Harrier. Reason, there isn't one done with anything close to Jake's treatment.Period. Chuck
  12. Sounds like this is a great deal for everyone. Looking forward to seeing some of your great decals perhaps being done in 32nd scale. Thanks. Chuck
  13. Afterburner Decals Reborn as Bullseye Model Aviation?

    Don't even mention 32nd scale. You'll never even get an acknowledgement, learned my lesson. Chuck
  14. 1/32 A-10 decals

    Any news on when the links will be turned on? Thanks. Chuck
  15. 1/32 A-10 decals

    Can't wait, turn those links on! I've been looking forward to this sheet for quite awhile. Thanks Jake! Chuck