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  1. Hey Heavy, I've got all those sets and I was wondering if they could be used on the KH UH-60L kit, any idea? Chuck
  2. Looks like a great book. Any source in the US to purchase it? Thanks. Chuck
  3. Great looking decals, but where can you get the kit? Chuck
  4. Looks great! But I'll ask my usual question, how about 32nd scale? Phase Hanger Resin has some new A-10C stuff coming, so how about some new decals? Chuck
  5. PM sent on the Kitty Hawk 1/35 SH-60B. Chuck
  6. I'm in search of an Academy CH-53E and a Revell CH-53G, both in 48th scale. Please keep any offers in the USA. Thank you. Chuck
  7. How about a really correct exhaust for the Italeri 32nd F-35. The kit piece and so far all the A?M sets are still really undersized. Thanks for any consideration. Chuck
  8. With what Kitty Hawk is doing with 35th scale helicopters, I'd love to see a new tool AH-64D from them. Chuck
  9. How about a 32nd sheet of new Lakenheath Eagles? Thanks. Chuck
  10. Does the KH MH-60L kit have the stub wing covers to use if you build it without the wings? Thanks. Chuck
  11. Thanks Dave, does that controller connect to anything or does the gunner just hold it? Thanks. Chuck
  12. Great pictures. What is that device stowed on the top of right side of the armor in the gunners cockpit? It's got 2 handles and a bunch of control switches. Thanks. Chuck
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